Seriously Anal


97 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Compilation
Digital Playground – 1999
STARS: Kaitlyn Ashley, Kim Kataine, Candi Cash, Davia Ardell, Crystal Gold, Jon Dough, Shawn Ricks, Jay Ashley, Max Hardcore, Alex Sanders, Tony Montana.
Pretty much just the photo gallery and slide show, but the quality is tremendous. These are some super high quality, full screen, hard-core shots. More of Kaitlyn would have been great, but as is, this is one of the best photo galleries I�ve ever seen.
DVD EXTRA GRADE- C Nice photos and the slide show rules, but beyond that, there isn�t much here.
It�s kind of funny to see Ona Zee�s name on this anal compilation. She has made her mark doing couples porn of late. On the other hand, she was quite the willing butt banger when she was performing. From the looks of the cast, we won�t be seeing a beauty contest here, but instead will get to watch some tight asses plugged. Some of the most exciting anal sluts of the nineties are on hand as are plenty of studs ready for a first class rectal rodeo.
Candi Cash is up first, as a lollipop sucking girl who wants to show off for Max Hardcore. Kiddie porn fantasies like this are bad enough, but Candi is just damn ugly. At least when he puts her over his knee, we don�t have to look at that mug. It�s no wonder this woman only worked for Max. Between her hard looks and his rough treatment, her career was understandably limited and brief. That aside, there is some decent anal action here, as Max shoves his tiny dick into Candi�s little butt pretty hard. (Let�s see you try that with an adult sized unit.) This one is for anal aficionados only. My recommendation? Save your load for later.
Kim Kataine was never a beauty either, but she is a step up from Candi, and this is an early scene, where she actually looks pretty fresh faced. Her pookie is sure tasty looking, so it�s no wonder that Shawn spends so much time lapping at her lips. In return, Kim worships his cock with her lips. She opens wide and gently strokes him into her mouth, milking his rod to full attention. Getting down and dirty, the blonde licks Shawn�s asshole for a very long time before he finally starts to fuck her hot little box. He lets her be on top to start, and Kim takes full advantage, grinding her hips and bouncing up and down, slamming her pussy down on his rod. Wonderful reverse cowgirl shots here, from far enough back to let us enjoy her long, strong legs as she rides the A train. The anal sex is as hard here as in the last scene, but this time, it�s a much hotter woman being sodomized. (And no one is trying to make her look like a little girl.) After having her ass blasted, Kim happily takes a load all over her face, closing out a very hot scene.
Another blonde, Crystal Gold looks pretty hot in her maid�s uniform. Tony Montana is already making a meal of her muff when we join them in progress. (Someone powder the top of Tony�s head, the glare is blinding.) I don�t know who is holding the camera for this, but he needs to take off the fucking roller blades. I nearly puked from the wobbling camera work before things really get going. Melissa Monet is off to the side, directing the action as Tony sucks the shaved lips the top-heavy blonde until she grinds and screams her way to a shuddering climax. Liking what she sees, Melissa orders her maid to return the favor and take Tony�s cock into her mouth. The way Crystal fucks Tony�s ass with her finger, I can only imagine he is going to turn the tables on her pretty good. After a very short vag, Tony does go backdoor on Crystal. Great long strokes into her ass, that leads to a sticky wad dropped right into Crystal�s mouth.
Now for the moment this critic has been waiting for, the one and only Kaitlyn Ashley. She takes on not one, but two cocks in her scene. Jay Ashley and Jon Dough are the lucky fuckers who get to sample the fruits of the hottest women in the history of porn. (So says Rog in his never to be humble tone.) Too bad the picture quality is a little shaky here, because from the very start, Ms. Ashley is absolutely on fire. She works Dough�s prick with her mouth like it�s her favorite snack while Jay munches on her meaty pussy lips. Once the fucking begins, it is clear that these two studs could fuck until they were totally drained and she would still be going strong. Dough really gives her a serious fuck, pounding his prick deep into her pussy while Kaitlyn sucks away on Jay�s head. The guys bend her over and fuck the totally hot blonde at both ends, filling her pussy and throat with hard meat. This serves as a warm up for the actual DP that Kaitlyn takes like no one else can. It�s a short two hole fuck, but it ends with a pair of big loads fired first at her face and then on her big tits. Kaitlyn Ashley is a porn goddess.
Davia Ardell has a hard act to follow, but when it comes to assfucking, this filthy blonde has some skills of her own. She gets right to work, sucking Alex Sanders, using her thick lips, taking his dick all the way in with ease. Davia may not be all that pretty, but this little slut can suck some serious dick. Alex gives her all he has, but it�s clear from the start, she can take a lot more cock than the locked one can deliver. Her petite frame fits nicely in his harms for a hot standing fuck. Whatever he�s dishing out, it must be good, because Davia just can�t help but scream with joy as he pokes her puss from behind. She is no less fond of having her pooper poked. Alex slam fucks that little asshole Great anal footage here, making it clear that Davia is a first class ass slut. With a final blast across her chin, Alex closes out the movie in fine style.
With so many softer, couples oriented movies making it to DVD, this is one for the raincoaters. The five scenes all focus on butt busting action, and on this level it delivers. Kaitlyn Ashley is the highlight, and since I have never seen this three way before, you know this disc is going to find a place in the Rog library. Even for those of you who are not in love with the hottest women in porn history, the scene works brilliantly. Some of the other women are hot as well. Davia just knows how to fuck and suck with the best of them. No story, decent quality, but this is all about watching booties get busted.

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