Peeping Tom 2


91 Mins.
OGV – 1998
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Voyeurism.
STARS: Midori, Tatiana, Cherokee, Naoimi, Papillion, Mercedes, Ursula, Morgan Fairlane, Devin, Sean Michaels, Frank Towers, Santino Lee, Peter North, Byron Long, Sean Rider.
FEATURE- 6 Chapter selections of sorts. No flowing feature to speak of.
PHOTOS- 70 plus fair to excellent quality pictures. Lots of hard core, mixed in with some soft.
CREDITS- Cast and list of who did what.
Obviously, the point of this video is to show couples having sex from the point of view of a peeper who lurks nearby. As such, there are some cool shots through fences or bushes that might not otherwise find their way into a porn shoot. The first such couple is Frank Towers and a blonde, Ursela, who find the heat too much to bear. They move together to the pool where the real fun begins. With the camera rolling, Frank peels off her bikini bottoms and gets a taste of her in the cool water. To say this woman is only somewhat interested in her scene would be an understatement. She’s not at all hard to look at, but she seems to be sleepwalking through the sex. The use of the floating raft is rather fresh, points for that. He puts a big, sticky wad right down on her outstretched tongue, but still, the woman seems like there is just some place else she would rather be
We move indoors, where our peeper spies Papillion and Santino Lee getting ready to go somewhere. He decides that liking her ass is more important than whatever else they had planned that day and the fun begins. Personally, I have never found Papillion to be remotely attractive, but Santino can think of nothing finer than going down and licking her sweet box. You know, it’s that damn tattoo on her pussy. It has to be, because she is really not that bad looking overall. He carries her into the other room and lies back, knowing that her mouth is going to do the rest. Once she gets him hard, Papillion gets on top of Santino and starts riding his cock while he fingers her ass. When he finds it ready, he flips her over and buggers her bum from behind. Thankfully brief, this scene ends with a load shot onto her waiting, studded tongue. I still don’t think Papillion has it going on, but the scene is well shot and that has to count for something.
Sean Rider gets a taste of both worlds as he watches porno with Mercedes and Midori. While they get warmed up, we watch what is getting them so hot. First, Devin dives down to give Peter North a wide eyed blowjob that will get a rise out of your for sure. This sweet faced brunette not only goes down deep, but looks spectacular with her lips around his fat shaft. Hell, she doesn’t even flinch when the North geyser explodes into her mouth. She licks it all up with that same, smoldering look in her gorgeous eyes.
As things heat up for Sean and the girls, ultra gorgeous Naomi works on Byron Long’s long, fat pussy pleaser. What a face this woman has. Even if it weren’t filled with cock, it would be a rod stiffening sight just to see her smile. Watching her suck his balls and stroke his shaft is nothing short of an orgasm waiting to happen. By the time she’s done sucking on it, that pole looks big enough to split her in two, but she shows no fear, spreading her thighs and letting him pummel her with that battering ram. She does take it slower when she’s on top, dropping down only about half way and making love to him nice and slow. Good doggy footage her, as Byron works her from all fours, down flat on the lounge chair where he fucks her steadily for a long while. The facial is nothing short of excellent since he has a big load and since Naoimi has one of he prettiest semen targets ever. He leaves her with dual streams of dick dew dangling from her beautiful face.
The girls make a move for Sean’s cock as they watch Morgan Fairlane kneel on her kitchen floor and swallow Santino’s cock o the root as if it were nothing. She grinds her pussy on his leg as she shows off those amazing oral skills. (Hello, Morgan, wanna give me a first hand demo please?) Taking her into his arms. Santino drops Morgan down on his cock and they pound each other right in the middle of the kitchen. Great standing fuck here, mostly because we get a great view of her long legs wrapped around his body. When he tires of that, Santino just bends her over the kitchen sink and fucks the living shit out of Morgan from behind. When he is ready to explode, she gets back on her knees and sucks his balls while he strokes out a big load into her open mouth. I think I love Morgan almost as much as she loves sucking cock.
By now, Sean is hard and Midori takes the lead, getting her tongue down on that shaft and showing Mercedes how it’s done. Midori is another woman who is almost too beautiful for words. What I wouldn’t give to do a scene with this perfect porn princess. Mercedes is no slouch either, but come on, with Midori around how could you possibly split your attention? I’d say the video is now forgotten as Sean gets his dick into Midori as uses his tongue to keep Mercedes happy. While letting her friend take a ride, Midori goes in and finds a strap on dick. With it, she turns Mercedes fuck into a wicked DP. Funny, we so often see white women fucking other women with black strap ons. Here Midori uses a white cock to fuck Mercedes. (Would that make this an interracial scene? Black woman fucking white woman, but with a white dick? Hmmm) Though most of his load is dribbled onto his fist, Sean manages to fire a volley or two onto Midori’s face and both girls are sure to lick up every drop they can find. Midori rocks.
For the finale, another Sean, this time Michaels, gets a couple of hot women, Tatiana and Cherokee to take a dip with him. He starts on Tatiana, sucking her beautiful pussy until it drips with desire for his long rod. He fucks her long and deep, bouncing his balls on her ass before pulling out to let her suck herself off his shaft. Into the picture comes Cherokee, with a strap on already in place. She sits on the couch, taking Tatiana in her lap while Sean comes in from behind and fills that tight asshole with prick. Scorching DP footage here as the little cutie gets slam fucked in both her hot holes. While letting her rest, Sean nails Cherokee for a while before pulling out and firing his load, mostly onto Tatiana.
Very nice work on this tape. The picture quality is brilliant and he camerawork stands out big time. That is not to say that the sex is not hot, I just like to lead off with strong picture quality whenever I can. While Ursula and Papillion got this tape off to a very slow start, it smoked from that point on. Naoimi, Midori and Cherokee are all so beautiful it almost hurts to watch them. Morgan Fairlane gives some of the best deep throat in all of porn, Devin, though not as deep, is nearly as impressive in her white hot oral scene with Peter. Finally, Tatiana is what she always is, hot, hot hot. Very nice work.

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