Original Sin




82 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas
Vivid – 1998
STARS: Racquel Darrian, Randy Spears, Emily, Ember Haze, Asia Carrera, Derek Lane, Vince Voyeur, Dee, Michael J. Cox, Colt Steele, Claudia Chase.
The backgrounds are different, but the basic layout is the same. As always, I like the �Meet the Girls� segment. It�s a nice bit of work promoting the girls. While you get a number of short scenes in the �Bad Girls� and �Intel Sex Game� areas, they get higher marks for creativity than practicality. Sorry, but working your way through a number of cells to see a two minute cut scene just doesn�t play well on the home set. Maybe if there was a way to just play the sex scenes back to back. That would be cool. The previews, as always, are nice.
Like all the new Vivid DVDs, this one has tons of bonus stuff on side two. Bloopers, trailers and bonus mini scenes abound. Great quantity, good to excellent quality. My only complaint, as before, is that there is no easy way to get to all of it. I�m sure it plays nicely on the PC, but on the home entertainment center, it�s a little distracting.
DVD EXTRA GRADE- B, Solid, and nearly perfect. A few of the bugs get worked out and this will be the standard other DVDs will have to meet for bonus material.
I was all set to do this open on the return of Racquel Daririan and compare how she looks now to how she looked the last time I reviewed her. There is just one small problem. I don�t think I have ever reviewed a Racquel film before. One thing I can say is that she looks as beautiful as ever on the cover. Does she still have the on screen magic that has made her one of the most popular porn stars of the 90�s? I guess it�s up to Paul Thomas to answer that question. One quick note, before the credits even finish, the picture quality on this DVD is fantastic. No way a video looks this crisp.
Racquel opens at a long dining table. She gets up and leaves her friends, but apparently, we don�t need to know why at first. We cut right to Randy Spears having his dick sucked by Emily while cuter than Hell Ember Haze masturbates nearby. After a very quick exchange of oral sex, Emily turns her attention to Ember and really reams her tiny ass with a big dildo. The two women each take an end of the toy and bump butts rather nicely. The sex is plenty hot, but the scene as a whole just seems very choppy. Randy comes back in to finish the job. Judging from the shots of Racquel racing through the streets, I am just guessing that she is going to catch Randy with these two chicks and be not so pleased with his choice of cock warmers. (By the way Randy, lose the mustache bro, it�s not a good move for your grille.) Sure enough, just as he Randy pulls out and sprays all over Emily (so that Ember can lap it up.) Racquel is in the kitchen enjoying a strawberry and breaking out the family gun.
The gunshots launch us into a very strange little plot. Randy seems to be trapped in some form of Purgatory. While he sits at a bar, pouring his heart out to Asia Carrera, people are having sex all around him. Both Emily and Ember have found new boy toys and Derrick Lane has joined the fun with a blonde. (Another Emily I believe.) There is a little too much going on at once here, but Ember is clearly worth the time. Check out the way she takes a big load in her mouth and just keeps on sucking as the jizz run downs her face.
With all the action going on, poor Randy can�t get any. His wife is off having a relationship with Vince Voyeur, and the little nuggets he used to bang are busy with other studs. As she looks through his stuff, all boxed up in his home, Racquel makes good use of a warm bath. She uses the warm water to get things going and then just lets her fingers do the walking. Her nipples are rock hard and when she stands up, we all get to see just how fucking awesome her legs and ass still look. All Randy can do is watch, but when Racquel gets out of the bath, she has more in store for him. Dropping to her knees, she shows surprising enthusiasm for the hard cock she takes into her inviting mouth. More of this would have been nice, since I don�t think I�ve seen her this hot to suck dick before. Just when things start to get good, Randy snaps out of it and we realize it was just a pleasant memory on his part.
Some dialog moves the plot forward, but mainly it takes us to the incredible Dee masturbating on the hood of a truck. After a few minutes of this, Michael J. Cox comes in and gives this lovely latina something a little warmer to munch on. Tremendous blowjob here as Dee squats and sucks his cock deep into her throat. This kind of loving attention earns her a good hard fuck, and it�s as hot as she is. Dee just looks fantastic from every angle, but who could possibly tell me that watching her squat fuck a guy isn�t porn Heaven. Great facial closes out a totally hot scene.
Racquel is still in a teasing mood, rubbing her pussy through her panties while Vince can only watch and want. She finally grants him oral access to her sweet pussy and Vince jumps at the chance. With Randy watching from outside, Racquel does down and gives another nice blowjob. Love the two fisted hand work to go along with the beautiful sight of this covergirl face bobbing knob. No wonder he�s outside eating his heart out. Vince is inside knocking boots with the woman Randy loves, and it sure seems like she is digging the hell out of it. The desktop makes the perfect place for a hot mish fuck, but Racquel looks best bent over that desk, showing off those awesome legs. Her buns get blasted as Vince finally pulls out and rains on her cheeks.
At a card game, Asia Carrera puts her body in the pot, much to the dismay of her husband. She loses of course, which is great, except for the fact that PT keeps cutting ahead to the sex scene, thus taking away from the build up as she strips down. Minor problem, but I figured I would point it out since it takes away from the erotic impact of the three way that occurs after the game. It kind of wrecks that first moment when see her bent over fucking and sucking hubby�s friends. The scene is cut way too short, but we get a really hot facial. It�s always great to see this mug get blasted with a thick load.
The good news is that she goes right into another sex scene. Asia has added a few pounds, but she seems to have also gained some enthusiasm for sucking cock. Nicely shot 69 here with this guy�s cock vanishing in her fist and between her inviting lips. Derrick Lane is the guy laying the wood to Asia and he gives her a nice pumping. Nice to hear her so vocal and check out the way that boobs bounce when things get heated. After seriously pounding her from behind, he sheds his latex and drops a jizz bomb right up her back. Again, the editing is a bit jumpy, but Asia is nice and hot.
Randy is unable to win back the heart of Racquel, and yet when he meets her in the kitchen late at night, things just start to happen. He grabs her in front of the fridge and then uses the butcher block for a little late night nookie. For some reason, the wood seems hard to come by for Randy, but he eventually gets it going and gives his pretty partner a proper pounding. Has Racquel ever looked any better? The one position fuck ends with Randy blowing a good sized nut on her tan, flat belly.
Things get really choppy again and we next seen Claudia Chase fucking herself with a big dildo. It�s a wonder she doesn�t throw a shoulder out before she has time to cum all over the plastic cock and then taste her own juices. Colt Steel comes sliding up between her legs and gets himself a taste. She eagerly swallows his stiff shaft, getting it ready to poke her pussy. For a disconnected sex scene, this one is at least fun to watch. Claudia is a hot talking little fuckbunny with a nice body that gets bent in all sorts of fun and exciting ways. While Colt is using her young body as a sexual playground, Randy shows up and watches them. You see, Colt is married and not to the young chippie he�s banging.
So, does it end happily for Randy? He, he already fucked Racquel, what more do you want? You know, even if this story gets a little confusing at times, as a whole it works. Spears and Carrera do a fine job with the dialog. Racquel looks fantastic and shows more excitement in her scenes that I can ever remember seeing her. Some of the scenes jump around way too much, particularly during the first Asia scene. Dee, Racquel and Asia give the best sexual moments, but Ember and Claudia are nothing to sneeze at either. Technically, this film is quite solid, with great sound a picture. The cast is beautiful, and the sexual heat well above average. There is an interesting story that will have some appeal for couples. For me, I can�t say I have ever enjoyed Racquel more than I did in this movie.


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