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OVERALL RATING: A (Cut down from a perfect 10 in its original form.)
71 Mins. (Video Version is 125 Mins)
DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas
Vivid – 1998
THEMES: Co-eds, Prostitutes, Voyeurism, Story.

STARS: Taylor Hayes, Tia Bella, Jenteal, Randi Rage, Katie Gold, Nancy Vee, Leanni Lei, Tina Tyler, Melissa Hill, Chloe, Sharon Mitchell, James Bonn, Billy Glide, Mr. Marcus, Herschel Savage.

MEET THE GIRLS- Nice added feature in Vivid DVDs. Mini-bios of ten V Girls displayed while video runs. About a minture for each girl. I actually like this feature, it shows what you can do with a DVD that you can’t on video. (Besides, this one has Jenteal, Christy and Heather.)
INT TEL SEX GAME- One of the CD-Rom interactive rooms. This one has four choices. The first gives you a short scene with Katie Gold doing anal. The second has the painfully beautiful Jenteal being licked. Nuber three had Heather Hunter riding cock and the fourth brings us Ruby squat fucking. Short scenes, no cumshots, but hey, it’s extra footage.
AWARD WINNING SEX- Three clips of award winning Vivid stuff including Debi Diamond, Shanna McCullough (Complete with facial) and Jenna Jameson with Rocco.
BAD GIRLS ROOM- A dugeon room, perhaps this is supposed to be another interactive deal, but mine does nothing.
PREVIEWS- Trailers for Where the Boys Aren’t 9, Bad Wives and Bobby Sox.
WEB INFO- Short commercial for the Vivid web site. Sexy women seeling us on the site isn’t a bad idea, but it does take a while to get to the URL.
DVD EXTRA GRADE- B- Good stuff unless this is the reason for the drastic cut in the movie.
This was my choice for best video feature of year in 1998, so I don�t expect the DVD review to be anything short of glowing. However, because I have so much dedication to my craft, I am going to watch every frame over again just to make sure. (Anyone belieiving that is the reason for re-watching this should be commited.)
OK, I’ve seen the whole DVD and it’s missing over forty minutes that the video version had. Rather than just go over it step by step, I will let you read the video review and see what a great film this was. The Taylor three was perhaps the hottest scene in the movie and it is removed, as is the Gillis scene. I’d sure like to know why these scenes were pulled from a perfect movie. As is, this is still a great piece of work, I just want the whole thing.
After a few years pumping up Taylor while she made totally kick ass movies with Seymore Butts, it is with great trepidation that I watch her first Vivid movie. Will the homogenization of one of porn�s hottest women be completed? I hope not. If they manage to tarnish my memory of Taylor I may have to go postal on someone and that wouldn�t be a pretty sight. What really amazes me is the polarization of the cast. On the one hand, you have Taylor, Jenteal, Katie Gold, Chloe, Melissa Hill, Tina Tyler and Leanni Lei, all great looking and super hot. On the other, you have Sharon Mitchell, Randi Rage, Nancy Vee and Tia Bella, all of whom are either over the hill, ugly as sin or boring as shit. (Or all three.) I just hope we get a lot of the former and very little of the latter.
I like the story portion of the video from the very beginning. Taylor plays a coed who is more than a little full of herself. She treats poor James Bonn like total shit. He has to do her homework, but can only get close to her in a sexy video she made, and in Bonn�s highly active imagination. The dream sequence begins with everyone but Taylor in black and white and is really nicely shot. When the action begins, Taylor gives what has to be one of the sexiest tease performances ever captured on film before ravaging this lucky guy. One thing that obviously hasn�t changed is the way Taylor sucks cock like her very life depends on getting a guy to cum in less than ten seconds using just her skilled lips and tongue. After a killer blowjob, Taylor makes a production out of putting the condom on his cock. I have to say, this is again, very well done. Now that he is safely belted up, Taylor takes James on a very bumpy ride, grinding down on his cock and fucking him silly. Watch the way she works, it�s more that just fucking, Taylor makes love on film. (Step off the pretentiousness trolley for a second.) (No, I just mean it�s more than just fucking. That vacant look that so many starlets have is missing her. Like she isn�t balancing her checkbook in her mind, or despising her co-stars like certain of them do.) If all the contract girls in porn were this hot, we would all be a lot happier. She goes back to teasing for a while, fingering her ass and driving James, as well as every man watching, absolutely crazy with the desire to jump up on that counter and fuck the shit out of her perfect ass. Instead, Taylor goes down to her knees and waits for a big sticky load all over her face and glasses. (She took them off his face.) Nothing like the girl next door with jizz on her mug to make cramming for exams just a little more bearable.
His real life is nowhere near as exciting as his fantasies, so James takes a trip downtown, hoping to find some action. He is befriended by Herschel Savage, who takes him to an old style massage parlor where he has pick of four women. While he chooses Melissa Hill, Herschel gets comfy with Chloe. I�m going to say it already, mixing two scenes is one of the worst things in porn. Why should we cut away from Chloe just as she�s getting really into her blowjob, to start over with a different, though equally rod stiffening scene? Melissa is doing a great job turning a straight forward, professional fuck into something totally hot to watch. Meanwhile, Chloe and Herschel do a scalding dialog exchange while fucking each other silly. Watch her take his cock slowly into her ass, then ride it to one of the most intense orgasms, real or faked, ever shot on film. If Chloe is faking then forget AVN awards, give the woman the Oscar right now. Melissa takes a shot in the mouth while Chloe catches hers in a coffee mug.
James and Melissa seem to have hit it off, but that doesn�t get him out of the woods with Taylor. She still expects him to clean her room and do her laundry. With his mind on other things, he can�t complete the tasks in time to get out of her room before Taylor arrives with her two dates for the evening. Billy Glide and Mr. Marcus are happy to give teasing Taylor the treatment she�s been begging for. Taylor is such a wild ass fuck bunny here, even screaming as Billy makes her squirt. As he slam fucks her sopping hole, Taylor downs Marcus� cock as if the monster pole were Powers-esque. Size may not matter in summer movie ad campaigns, but it�s clear it means a lot to Taylor. The harder they fuck her with their horse-like cocks, the more the loves it. With her doting admirer still in the closet, Taylor takes twin loads on her gorgeous face. This scene is volcanic, nothing less.
Finding James in the closet, Taylor totally humiliates him, delivering her lines so effectively it actually hurt. Great writing here and equally impressive acting by Ms. Hayes. Beaten down, he runs back to Melissa. They share a very passionate fuck. Melissa is one of the few adult performers who actually acts through her fucking. She is clearly giving more of herself to him and happily licks up another load for our viewing pleasure. Somehow James manages to fuck things up and offend Melissa when he dismisses her feelings.
Chloe tries to console Melissa, taking her to an underground strip club where the lap dances get very personal. While she performs for one of her regulars, Melissa is entertained by Tia Bella. Trouble is, Chloe is head over heels in love with Melissa and when she opens her heart, she too, finds rejection. (This is becoming quite the theme in this movie.) While Chloe vents her anger on innocent doors, Jenteal is making a snack of Tia Bella�s tuna taco. As much as I love Jen, I was really hoping to see a non g/g pairing from her, and having to watch Tia for the first half of this scene didn�t help. It isn�t until the gorgeous blonde lies back and lets us all gander at her striking beauty that things really get at all interesting. (Hey Jen, we were supposed to do an interview, what�s up?) Tia gets some points for taking a good hard strap on fuck, but no way is she in the same league with Jenteal. Not a bad pairing thanks the painfully beautiful blonde.
Confused, James goes to see Herschel, but is sent away. You see, Herschel is busy getting his dick sucked by irresistible Leanni Lei. She is so tiny, he picks her up and nearly tosses her up a ladder to get a taste of her sweet stuff. How can anyone be in the same room with Leanni and not want to see her sweet lips wrapped around his cock? Very nice camera work here, staying back and letting us take in every inch of her body as Herschel put Leanni through a very acrobatic and blistering sex scene. A thick wad on her smiling face ends their coupling in a way that can only be described and wad inspiring.
Entering the story at this late date is James� father, Jamie Gillis. Taylor catches him sneaking around the girls� locker room and quickly teases him right into a three way with she and Katie Gold. After licking Katie�s sweet slit for a while, Gillis is ordered to sit back and watch while Taylor gives her little blonde plaything a serious finger fucking. How he manages to watch these two totally smoking ladies tear into each other without whipping his cock out, is a mystery to me. They had me reaching for the baby oil, and I don�t even like lesbian scenes. Jamie finally takes it out and starts beating, catching the eye of the girls, who finally let him shoot all over Katie�s little ass.
When James shows up looking for Melissa, he finds that she has not shown up. Showing remarkable loyalty, he agrees to try Chloe instead. Big mistake. She is breaking Leanni in and decides to put James in his place. In a scene that has to earn Chloe at least some AVN nominations, she directs a dom/sub scenario between the three of them. Amazing scene that really amounts to nothing more than some dildo fucking between the two women.
Everything is in place for the happy ending. James agrees to go away with Melissa. They set up a meeting at the bus station. All he has to do is get some stuff in his dorm room and his new life will begin. So, what happens? How does it end? Come on, you know me better than that. If you want to find out, you�re going to have to earn it. Suffice it to say, I loved the script and for once, the acting is beyond good, it�s actually nearly flawless. However, before we lose sight of things, had the sex in this movie sucked, the rating would have reflected that deficiency. Taylor�s three scenes are among her best, and that is saying a lot. Melissa Hill and Chloe are simply two of the hottest sexual performers ever. Leanni Lei is cute beyond words and Jenteal is entirely too beautiful. Major award recommendations here for Taylor, Bonn, Chloe, Melissa, PT, script, film, pretty much everything. I’ve heard a lot of praise thrown at �Mobster�s Wife� but this is the best Vivid feature of the year, hands down.

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