OVERALL RATING: B (But something you need to see on DVD)
78 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Michael Ninn
VCA Pictures – 1995
THEMES: Future Sex
STARS: Sunset Thomas, Tyffany Million, Juli Ashton, Jon Dough, Jeanna Fine, Emerald Estrada, Lacy Rose, Barbara Doll, Tasha Blades, Jordan Lee, Colt Stee;e, Tom Byron, Brick Majors, Cal Jammer, Zach Adams, Vince Voyeur, Ritchie Razor with Veronica Hart, Mike Horner, Kelly Nichols, Jonathan Morgan, Debi Diamond and Jeffrey Wallach.
DVD EXTRA GRADE- D-, No stills, no trailers, nothing much. Nice to see partial filmographys on the cast, but that�s about it. For such an impressive movie on DVD, you would think they would have taken advantage of this opportunity better. (Director�s Commentary perhaps?)
JUMP TO A SCENE- 10 Still frame chapter searches.
THE CAST-Still shots of Sunset, Juli, Tyffany and Jeanna with lists of their VCA titles.
VCA TITLES-Single screen with a couple of shots of other VCA DVD titles.
Since Latex and Shock are the crown jewels of the VCA DVD family, I will be breaking from usual DVD review format. Generally, if I have already reviewed, I just add comments and mention the DVD qualities. For this movie, I am going to write a totally new review without even checking out the old one. We can see how this new format effects my feelings about the movie, as well as seeing if my tastes have changed at all over the past couple of years. (Yeah, and it helps that you reviewed Shock but not Latex)
Even as �Latex� opens, it is impossible to overlook two things. First, that the DVD format, with much sharper picture, brings things to this movie that video just didn�t. Secondly, it�s clear from the beginning that Michael Ninn is not trying to make your average fuck film. His visual style seems to be equal parts George Orwell, Stanley Kubrick and Trent Reznor. With computer created sets, stunning camera work and an unforgettable mood, Ninn creates a future dream world in which anything seems possible. The story revolves around Malcolm Stevens (Jon Dough) a psychiatric patient, locked up in a high tech loony bin. Dough has the ability to read the thoughts of others and project them. He has made an apparent escape, taking one of the examining doctors with him. Tracking him down is of the utmost importance. An example of his visions, give us the first sex scene. Stevens fixated on a billboard outside his cell that shows a suburban housewife, Sunset Thomas, donning latex kitchen gloves. In a squeaky clean kitchen, she is becomes so enthralled by the gloves that she just can�t keep her hands off her sweet little pussy. Sunset looks simply fantastic here, a walking wet dream, and her solo action is as technically interesting as it is sexually stimulating. When her husband comes home from work, the overheated housewife decides to give her man a happy homecoming. Nice to see so much attention paid to her incredible legs at the start of this scene. My God, what a hottie Sunset is. Much of the super high tech cutting and visual style takes a back seat to the sexual action, though there is still a bit too much of it for my taste. (I have often said that porn�s great directors need to be dragged from the room the second the sex starts and let a top gonzo director take over.) Sunset�s natural skills take over the second she gets a dick in her mouth and we are treated to wonderful blowjob. As he starts fucking her on the tabletop, I am stunned at how sharp this picture is. The detail in the table, the floor and their bodies is incredible. As good as this scene looked on video, it is much sharper on dvd. Oh yeah, and the two position table top fuck isn�t half bad either. Ever ready to please the raincoaters, Sunset takes it in the ass and gets a big load on her outstretched tongue. (Sadly, the shot is in slo-mo.)
Things get a little too fetish oriented for me next, as Dough is mounted by a woman in white face make up, thigh high boots and a hood. The super quick cuts, haunting background music and wonderfully filmatic feel to the scene is at once, technically brilliant and sexually limp. I�ve never enjoyed X-rated music videos so while the film lover in me is blown away by how much effort Ninn puts in here, the porn fan in me is dying to see what this scene would look like if it were just left alone.
Delving back into his case, we see a face off between Stevens and an examining doctor played by Tyffany Million. He tries to convince her that he can see the deepest, darkest secrets in her soul. Their dialog is very tight and well acted by both Dough and Million. At the end of their often heated exchange, he lay a hand on her, thus reflecting her sexual secrets back onto her. We see the conservative doc now decked out in black, completely dominant. At least she starts out dominant, but quickly has a finger in her ass and is on the way to the fucking of her life. Tyf gets bent over, gagged, spanked and even manages to milk a drop from her huge breasts. After making her beg, the guy blindfolds her and then enjoys the open, desperate mouth of this super slut. When Tyffany was at her best, as she is here, she was a dick starved slut, perfect for porn. Even with a visual style that is still to heavy on the tech side for me, the heat in this scene is incredible. She gets fucked hard from behind then even harder in mish, with the camera in tight for some close ups of her snug slit gripping and dripping as she gets drilled. Of course, what dark secret would be complete without anal sex. Watching her ass get fucked, it�s rather amazing to see what a small pussy Tyffany has, just a few inches from top to bottom and seemingly nearly as tight as her ass. The cumshot this time ends up on her shiny black gloves and Tyffany licks them clean, providing fetish guys with plenty to freeze frame and enjoy. (and no slo motion here, just a nice pop and great post shot cum play.)
After this meeting, it seems that the doc was turned and may have helped Stephens escape. We find out more about Malcom�s inner workings. He describes a protector, Kato. She understands him and is always there for him. We learn also that his visions are not black and white like most human dreams, but come to him in vivid colors. This leads us to a four way lesbian scene with women in matching, bright pastel latex micro dresses. It�s short and very cool looking, but without much sexual appeal. When Stephens joins in the vision, he must do so as someone else. (Explanation provided, but you have to find some of this out on your own.) This extension of the four way lesbian scene is somewhat hotter than the beginning, but it is still too much tech, not enough to heat for my tastes. Another impressive looking scene that is certainly not your standard whack off material.
Still studying Stephens� warped mind, we follow him to a psychic TV show where he is interviewed by Juli Ashton. She doesn�t believe in his powers, but their interview is going along pretty well. Dough shares a great scene with Jeanna Fine, outlining the problems that such a power can cause in an intimate relationship. (Any of you REALLY want your S.O. to see the darkest fantasies in your mind?) She is not afraid to give it a try, but just might have to rethink that decision when her fantasy jumps her between two hard cock for the fuck of her life. Juli looks fantastic Cal Jammer and Tom Byron get to sample her tasty flesh and skilled tongue. No complaints about Juli here, but once again, much of the potential heat is overwhelmed by the style. Still, there is no mistaking how hot Juli looks smacking herself in the face with a cock or taking Tom�s big prick in her tight ass. After fucking her raw, the guys unload on her face and Juli laps up every last drop. Take that and sit on it Rosie.
Stephens is back in that suburban kitchen with a latex clad Thomas, relating a story of a woman who used to live down the hall from him. It�s another long monologue that Dough handles brilliantly. At the end, Sunset tries to ease some of his pain the only way she knows how. Providing him with the tasty treat between her legs is a good start, but again, as soon as she gets those red lips around his cock, the steam starts to rise. There is a lot less style and more sex to this scene, and thank goodness for that. Great shots of her riding his cock reverse, that I�m sure will really appeal to the guys getting off on her little black latex outfit. (Too bad the script calls for Stephens to be someone else during his own sexual fantasies, Dough is really missing out one super fine fuck.) She gets bent over, fucked silly and ends up with a load of cream on her wonderful tits. This is easily the best scene of the movie.
We move to Malcom�s trail which showcases some great computer graphics and is too bizarre to even begin to describe. However, it does get us to Jeanna Fine in between the cocks of Vince Voyeur and some long haired fellow. Showing off her awesome skills, Jeanna swallows Vince to root time and time again while the other guy pounds her pussy. The scene is interspersed with ultra rapid cuts of various other scenes, including Sunset covered in fake cum. Once that is over and Jeanna gets all the attention, things are volcanic. While everyone is busy watching Ms. Fine get a royal DP, Malcolm and Kato just drive off. Nice double facial to close out a scene with stunning deep throat and anal action. Jeanna Fine is a fucking Goddess.
The final sequences are even more strange, but I will leave it to you to figure out the final meaning. �Latex� is a perfect example of a movie that leaves me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is impossible to overlook the technical aspects of the film. The computer graphics, set designs, camera work and visual style are simply stunning. The DVD format only makes these aspects even stronger. As such, this is a must for anyone new to porn on DVD or for anyone who thinks that no on in porn is capable of making a movie like this. For me, it still comes up short sexually. Too many fancy tricks getting in the way of the likes of Sunset, Juli and Jeanna. While it’s good enough sexually, it fails to be a great X rated film simply because their isn’t enough unfettered sex. Juli’s DP, Tyf’s anal, Jeanna’s deep throat and every second Sunset has a cock in her mouth, hand, pussy or ass, are all worth watching. The script is also rather tight and well acted. Now, if Ninn could have resisted the urge to hamper the sex, we would have had a ten.

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