L.a. Meat


DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer
OGV/GenXXX – 1998 (5/98)
STARS: Corey, Shawn Young, Angelica, Helena, Ashley, Analysa, Dee, Mark Davis, Rich, Zack..
FEATURE- Takes you to 9 full motion chatper stops.
SLIDE SHOW- More than fifty shots, some hard, many nudes. Almost all of these are really high quality. Good quantity to go along with quality.
CREDITS- Movie and DVD credits. (Nice)
DVD EXTRA GRADE B- Nice menus with a decent metal tune in the background. Like the number and quality of the still shots and the full motion chapter stops are nice.
Vince Vouyer has found the sort of movie he is comfortable with. They are primarily the kind of wall to wall tapes that everyone loves these days with just a touch of gonzo thrown in for fun. He starts out checking the mail box for any inquiries from new hotties. His usual assistant, Shawn is gone for the week, so the incredibly lovely Dee is fillig in. I honestly hope that means we will get to see this incredible ball of perfection in front of the camera. I also see from the box shots that Jessica Darlin makes an appearnace. (To be honest, she is the reason this disc is in my player right now.) They get the mail home and open it up. (And for those of you who wonder if gonzo vids are really totally spontaneous, you might want to note the fact that all the mail is already ripped open when she takes itout of the box.) Based on the mail, Vince seems ready to shoot a movie.
The first girl he brings in for an auddition is sexy Analysa, which is the name used by the delicious Jessica Darlin. Damn, she is so fucking cute it’s almost unbelievable. Vince and Jessica do a really nice interview here with plenty of time spent admiring her perfect, head to toe body. This is a really good segment because it shows something that I have known since I interviewed Jessica, that she is quite charming and has the ability to make every cock in her viscinity hard just from talking and shaking her perfect real tits. Vince can’t do a full scene with her because he couldn’t get a cameraman, but that doesn’t stop him from whipping his hard cock out and letting Jessica do what she does best, devour house. This close up first person view is as close as most of will ever get to being blown by Jessica. (Unless she makes good on all the teasing she did in her interivew when I see her again at CES.) Tremendous hand action and nice eye contact from Jess here. She seems to enjoy teasing as much I enjoyed watching her take the full cum shot into her closed mouth. (She spits some back onto his dick before swallowing the rest.)
Back at the office, Vince is enjoying Dee’s real tits as she opens the mail. There are some shots of a very busty brunette named Angelica. Vince has her come in with her boyfriend Rich for an audition. She will only with Rich which is too bad for Vince, but we still get to enjoy watching her. Vince does another nice interview, playfully chatting with Angelica and slowly coaxing her out of her top. Since she won’t work with anyone but Rich, this also becomes a tryout for him. Angelica. Considering his girl is still chatting with Vince, we have to be impressed at how this guy keeps his wood. A couple of stars in the making perhaps. Memo to Ed Powers. How does it feel to watch Vince do your stuff ten times better than you ever could? (Which is not to say this is Deb like, I was just pointing out the fact, that it is possible to have a good rap with the women without sounding like a schmuck.) Angelica does for some serious hand action, bringing her guy off into her fist and licking it all up like a greedily little cum slut.
Corey is an eighteen year old brunette, with long legs, cool short hair and an infectious smile. She too, has real tits, which everyone seems to love these days, and who can blame them. Corey can’t get too far without giggling, but sh does manage to declare that she “Loves giving head.” Gee, that works out nicely. She likes giving it, he likes getting it. (Where’s my pad and pencil? Vince, get me in touch with girl, I need to interview her.) Again, we get a close up, first person blowjob from a very cute young woman. (Eighteen! For goodness sake.) Corey manages to get most of Vince into her mouth and her hand technique is quite refined. All that fine technique pays off as she strokes and sucks Vince into her mouth hard and fast until Vince manages a rather meager pop shot on her chin and in her open mouth.
All three girls have all made it to the big Labor Day party and let me tell you, that is one healthy helping of female flesh. Choosing would be the hard part, but since Angelica will only play with Rich, that would leave one for Vince and one for me. Oh wait, his sexy assistant Shawn has come along as well, with Mark Davis. No problem, there is still one left over for me. No wait, I’m not there. I wasn’t invited. Shit, back to reviewing. Davis moves right in on Corey, setting in motion the sexual hijinxs that hang heavy in the air. With the help of Shwan, they explore her Catwoman tattoo which is just above the totally shaved lips she has between her legs. I’d ask why, but what’s the point? Mark moves below that tat to get a tates of Corey’s sweet slit. (And it took me a while, but Corey looks like Melissa Hill, big time.) Not wanting the youngster to get all the attention, Shawn moves in, frees Mark’s cock and……..what? walks away? Bad form my dear, bad form indeed. Meanwhile, Corey is dripping spit down her body. Why? who the fuck cares, before I can think of something witty to say, the eighteen year old has Mark’s dick in her face and is ready to begin feeding. Just like with Vince, Corey shows a whole lot of skill, handling that sizeable meat with no problem at all. Their sexy show has all the people watching really feeling the heat, but they allow Coery her moment to shine.
Mark takes her down to the lower deck, bends her over and starts filling that shaved slit with cock as Shawn looks on, nearly as turned as most of us likely are. For such a young woman, Corey sure knows how to fuck. (And I’m sure a number of her classmates can attest to the fact that it took years of practice.) For such a tight looking pussy, Corey’s sure can take some size. The reverse cowgirl looks great, except for the fact that the tat is in full view, a constant reminder of that most distrubing of all porn trends. Overdone ink aside, watching Corey ride cock is a treat. This girl can fuck and watching them has Shawn overheating nearby. So much so that she moves in while Mark is fucking Corey in a swing, so that Mark can suck her bit, beautiful tits. He finally pulls out and leaves enough jizz on her chin to make young Coery look like a Cinibun with extra glaze.
Inspired by Corey, Rich and Angelica decide to burst her on screen cherry by the pool. This guy is pretty well put together and makes an attractive match with his busty girlfriend. She gets to work sucking his cock hard in no time as Vince leans back and enjoys the wonders of Jessica’s hot mouth. Vince, why do you have such a pained look on your face? You have your dick in Jessica’s mouth for fuck’s sake, it’s O freaking K to smile man. The whole deuling blowjobs scene is very well shot with Jessica really giving Vince a great handjob. Right in the middle, Shawn starts talking with Angelica. I was a little upset at the loss of rhythm here, but it is just such a natural thing as she sucks a little, talks a little, then goes back. Very nice stuff. As the women face the camera and mount their respective ponies, Jessica’s body just far outshines the bigger brunette’s. Smaller tits aside, Jessica has firmer (and real) boobs, a flatter stomach, and thighs to die for. Angelica and Rich finally get too hot in the sun and head inside, leaving Vince alone with Jessica’s bent at the wasit body to enjoy. The other couple never did make it inside, but they did find some shade and Angelica seems detirmined to raise the temperature rather rapidly. She fucks him nice and hard, workin
g a big load out onto her chin and between her big tits.
Vince still has unfinished business with Jessica and he wants her all to himself. He has her put on a nice little pair of shorts so he can just stare at the awesome globes of her ass while getting a hot, helping handjob from Shawn. (and when are we finally going to see this woman go all out?) Jessia looks like she just loves the way he fucks her from behind and lets out these totally sexy little cries of lust that are as hot to listen to as the scene is to watch. To thank him for the good fuck, Jessica delivers another wet, hand heavy blowjob while Shawn gives Vince a big tittie to such on. Not finished, Vince lays her down and starts fucking Jessica while Randy West sits nearby jerking off. (You never know who is going to drop by one of these little swaryes.) Shawn likes masturbating as well ans joins Randy, wanking herself as well. (Shit, I wanted to beat off the first time I saw Jessica as well, but I figured she’d call the cops.) Finally, Vince moves around to fuck that perfect ass. By now we all know what a total anal slut Jessica is, and even inthis early work she shows the form and heat that has made her a huge star. Her ass gets stuffed full and fucked raw before Vince slips out turns her into a beautiful, X rated, got-milk add.
Ashley is along for the final little tease. She is in the desert, showing off her body for the first time on video. It’s a very nice body and Ashley enjoys putting her hands all over it. It’s good, really pretty stuf actually, but after what we’ve seen so far, it just doesn’t cut the mustard. You know, we never did see Dee, but somehow I don’t think this hurt the product much. I really liked Vince doing the interviews ahead of time and then bringing the girls back. That way we got to see each of them twice and since he has a good sense of how to keep the interviews interesting, they really helped make the video. The other thing that makes this one work is Jessica Darlin. She is stunning to look at, interesting to listen to and scortching to watch fuck. Her blowjob with Vince is so good, it’s no wonder he kept her to himself later. Corey is also quite the hottie. The eighteen year hold has a sexy body and loves to fuck. Busty Angelica makes for a mighty fine third choice, assuring us few dull moments. Keep making movies like this Vince, with hot sex, a dash of gonzo and just enough personality and I’ll keep telling people they absolutely should not miss your movies.

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