Hot Bods And Tail Pipe 7




128 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Stoney Curtis

Seymore Butts Home Movies

THEMES: Multiple Women

CONDOMS: None Noted.


STARS: Sana Fey, T.J. Hart, Taylor Moore, Charlise LaMour, Devin Shire, Maren, Karsorn Swan, Natasha Blake, Rayne, Bridget.


I always get excited when I see the cast lists for Hot Bods vids, because they are packed with fresh new faces and as advertised, smokin’ bods. On the other hand, I am not nearly as excited to see multiple women in every scene as a lot of guys are. Sometimes, when you get a really sexy woman, like Karsorn Swan or Sana Fey, it’s so much hotter to just focus on them and not split up the action. On the other hand, if you like more than one mouth working on a cock in any given scene, this series always gives you exactly what you want. Once again, we will see hot cars and at least two hot babes in every scene.

Charlise LaMour and Bridget all hook up in the first scene with Chris Cannon. Stoney and Chris pick up the girls out in front of the new Hustler store and take them for a ride. Bridget wants to drive, but Charlise has to agree to service Chris first. No problem there, she spreads her legs and gives him a good taste of her sweet pussy. Chris is so enjoying his backseat blowjob, that he asks Stoney to find someplace to continue. He has Bridget swing by the home of Rayne, a sexy stripper. She keeps her head in his lap for the whole ride, which is a treat if you enjoy blowjobs in moving cars. (And, I do.) The action moves indoors where Rayne joins the party and it becomes a four way fuck. The tattooed stripper works on Bridget while Chris keeps right on going with Charlise. Rayne is way to covered in ink for me to find her anything but totally disgusting. When all three girls fight over Chris’ cock, it’s pretty damn sexy, I must admit. Even Rayne shows that she can fuck like a total dick crazed slut and that makes the scene well worth watching. Taking turns with each woman, Chris does some super hard assfucking. These chicks are all anal sluts and yell that at each other while the bone bangs the butt. This is serious fucking anal action. Decent shared facial closes out a scene that is a strokers’ paradise.

Herschel Savage gets to try and tame the trio of Taylor Moore, Sana Fey and T.J. Hart. The set up seems to drag more than a little bit, but all three women look fantastic. They start playing with each other while Stoney films. Where Herschel is at this point, I can’t imagine. There he is, watching as the girls make a meal out of Sana Fey’s sweet red snapper. Taylor even gives her a generous ass licking before stuffing three fingers into her new best pal. Once Sana has cum a few times, Herschel moves in to finish off the other two. T.J. and Sana do a great double blowjob, lick up opposite sides of his dick and meeting at the head for deep tongue kisses. With three hot pussies, and only one cock, the girls have to make use of a big double dildo. T.J. looks ready to fuck Herschel into a coma, but that’s nothing compared to what Taylor does to Sana’s ass. Herschel does his best to give each girl a shot of cock. Sana takes full advantage in a stunning RCA fuck that stuffs her ass full. Another very hot scene.

Pat Myne gets to have some real fun with Natasha Blake and one of my new faves, Karsorn Swan. He finds them shopping for lingerie and takes them right home. (Only in the movies.) Nice contrast between these two women. Natahsa is a tattooed, pierced white girl, while Karsorn is a cute Asian girl with newly lightened hair and inflated boobs. (I prefered both in their natural state.) Pat takes them both upstairs where he covers their body in chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Messy, but fun and it sure gets everyone’s juices flowing. After fucking Karsorn for a bit, Pat gets a really nice double blowjob. No doubt, my little Asian hottie looks like she loves cock. What a sexy little thing. The girls share, but all my attention is on my girl. She is a hot little cocksucker. Natasha gets fucked and even does her first anal, but this is an example of a scene that is brought down by a less attractive second girl. I would much rather have just seen Karsorn getting fucked one on one.

Dave Hardman gets to share porn vet Devin Shire with little foreign slut Maren. The older brunette certainly has a thing or two to teach her young friend. Devin shows off the oral skills that have served her well as a porn star and star fucker over the years. I like Maren quite a bit, but I have to say if I had the choice, I would probably do like Dave and fuck Devin’s pussy first. Even after that long fuck, she narrates the action as Maren piston fucks Dave’s cock. He starts switching back and forth, but the scene takes a major leap in heat every time Ms. Shire gets a cock into her hot hole. Maren catches up with some smoking anal sex. Dave slams her tiny hole before pulling out and managing a rather meager shot onto her lips. Hot scene, but more of Devin would have been nice.

The sex is very hot in this volume. Sana Fey, Karsorn Swan, Taylor Moore and Devin Shire are particularly sexy. As I said, there are scenes where I really wish were one on one. However, Hot Bods promises multiple women in every scene and it delivers. Lots of hard anal action and plenty of cute faces blasted in cum. Not the best in the series, but certainly worth a look.

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