Dirty Dreamers 3



121 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Craig Daze
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Anal Sex, Step-Incest, Hookers.
CONDOMS: Some Noted
1999 (11/98)
STARS: Caroline Pierce, Coral Sands, Phyllisha Anne, Tabitha Stevens, Alexandra Nice, Obsession, Cheyenne Silver, Torri.
So far, I have really enjoyed Craig Daze�s Dirty Dreamers series. He tends to feature hot women and keeps the focus right where it belongs, on the lovely young ladies. Horny fantasies abound and as before, volume three features fine young hotties. This time, Cheyenne Silver, Alexandra Nice and Caroline Pierce are just a few of the names to watch as their dirty dreams unfold.
The first segment features Cheyenne Silver and Torri as sexy, bikini clad ring girls for a box match between Sean Michaels and another guy. White the guys battle it out in the ring, (and this is pretty well shot actually) the girls sit nearby speculating about the size of the tool Sean has in his trunks. When he takes one on the chin, Sean is knocked cold, but don�t feel too bad for him. In his stupor, Sean shares the skills of both the blonde Torri and the incredibly hot Cheyenne. They work on his cock with their mouths, making sure his dick is nice and hard what is bound to come next. Now, just a slight problem from my end, there is a little bit of the digital look to this scene. I know it�s a dream, but please, don�t use anything that blocks a clear view of women this hot sucking dick. Both women look great, but Cheyenne steals the show, working her mouth double time to keep Sean�s dick happy and ready to fuck. He keeps them in the corner and goes back and forth between two inviting pussies. While taking Cheyenne from behind, Sean works a thin, metal vibe into her ass. Come on Sean, that thing can�t possibly warm her up for your cock. (Funny, the condom is tossed aside for the anal sex here.) Cheyenne has a super tight ass, but with some work, he is able to stroke in and out of that butthole, bringing sexy moans from this incredible young lady. Love the way they use the ropes to get her into a modified piledriver position. After hogging all the assfucking for herself, Cheyenne shares the facial with her blond friend, but it is clear who the real knockout in this scene is.
Coral Sands pops by her mother�s house, only to find no one home. She must be in town for a while, since she is carrying a suitcase. Of course, mixed in with the clothes and toiletries are a host of smut vids, some sex toys and a gallon or so of lube. Coral barely gets it all put away before mom comes back. Since this is porn, her mother is actually step-mom Johnni Black. It�s clear Johnni has the hots for her new hubby�s child and her lust only grows when she discovers the treasures Coral has in the drawers. Her mind wanders and she visualizes herself catching and punishing the bad college co-ed. Johnni turns Coral over her knee and starts spanking her sexy ass. This gets them both heated up and Johnni can�t help but strip off her stepdaughter�s clothes and play with her big titties. Coral is very cute and tries to play innocent, but she is so into lesbian sex that the two just fall into a super hot rhythm in to time at all. The blonde takes charge and has her way with Coral�s pussy, using an array of toys on it. Never fear, little Coral will have her turn, and uses a strap on to fuck her step mother from behind. As someone who is not a huge fan of g/g scenes, I have to admit, this one is so fucking hot it hurts. They use all sorts of toys, including a super huge vibrator that Johnni uses to fuck Coral�s ass with. Never one to be outdone when it comes to handling size, Ms. Black takes such the anal pounding from Coral that one wonders if she will ever be able to enjoy anal sex with her husband again. White hot scene between two very twat hungry sluts.
Alexandra Nice looks stunning as she pedals her wares on the street. It�s no surprise when a limo stops to pick her up. In the back seat, as Mr. Marcus and Dave Hardman feast on her super fine Euro-rack, limo driver Obsession watches in the mirror. Alex takes both men with total joy and relative ease as the driver loses herself in a fantasy world. She works her way into the threesome, making it a two on two interracial coupling. Alexandra does an amazing job swallowing Marcus’ fat cock as Obsession drops her sexy black ass down into the lucky lap of Hardman. It�s interesting to watch the side by side action. As Marcus fucks Alex slowly, Obsession is just working her hips triple time on Dave. This is one girl who knows how to work it. As they synchronize a bit during the reverse cowgirl, Alex shows that she can fuck with just as much passion and energy as her new friend. Everyone switches partners for the anal and Alex fucks just as hard with a dick in her butt as in her pussy. Seeing how well she can RCA Dave, Marcus moves in and starts fucking her pussy as well. You really have to love a woman who is so enthusiastic about being filled with hard dick. Not to be outdone by the Euro-slut, Obsession also takes both cocks into her tight little body. After all this hot anal action, both women happily take loads on their pretty faces. Another winner.
Tice Bune is a mail carrier with a very choice route. Ultra cute Caroline Pierce likes to sunbathe topless, making it very hard for Tice to deliver the packages. It�s so distracting in fact, that he stumbles knocks himself cold on the brick walkway. He comes to only to find a trail of letters leading to a nice secluded place in the backyard where Caroline is waiting for a special delivery. Tice is more than happy to show the young, bikini clad brunette some new tricks. (Love the chain hooked up to her nipple piercing.) After licking and playing with her pussy, Tice moves right in and fucks her little slit. Caroline just loves to fuck, however she keeps begging to have it in her mouth. Hey, when a girl asks to suck your cock, what are you supposed to do? Ms. Pierce knows her way around a cock, and uses her tongue stud to perfection on the head of his prick. Back to the fucking where Caroline shows she is quite the excitable little fuckbunny, riding his dick like she�s down to her last E Ticket. Nice popshot to close things out as Tice actually fires it right past her mouth and into her hair.
Tabitha Stevens is a married executive who has to turn down a post work cocktail with co-worker Andre Madness. It doesn�t stop her from fantasizing about him coming back in for some after hours fucking. As it turns out, Andre went out without her and picked up an eager young hottie, Phyllisha Anne and has her back at the office. Tabitha can hear over the intercom as Phyllisha delivers an awesome blowjob to his massive cock. This only fuels her fantasies and Tabitha starts playing with her pussy while listening to the action. Eventually, Tabitha works herself into the action, watching as Phyllisha keeps right on sucking dick. Showing that she won�t be outdone by someone from the secretarial pool, Tabitha gets down and shares a hot pork meal with the other girl. Very nicely captured blowjob here. Tabitha gets fucked first, which makes sense since it�s her fantasy. Though she clearly enjoys the dick, the blonde executive shares her good fortune. Even when she demands to have dick back in her pussy, she laps away at Phyllisha�s slit. I love the shot of Tabitha bent over, wiggling her ass as he slams away from behind, quite beautiful. Phyllisha take the anal duty, and riding that monster with her butthole is quite an accomplishment, not to mention a bone stiffening sight. This little slutlet knows how to work her ass and gives us quite a hot scene. Still, it�s Tabitha�s asshole that is the target of the cumshot, sharing a load with Phyllisha�s face. Another hot scene, pure filth and totally wonderful.
Another winner from Craig Daze. Every scene has something special about it. Cheyenne Silver taking Sean in the ass is a fantastic way to start a movie. Johnni Black and Coral Sands find a way to make a g/g scene something that I couldn�t take my eyes off. The fantasy setups are pretty fresh, but mostly, it�s about the sex. Well shot and often white hot, it�s the sex that drives Dirty Dreamers 3. Alexandra Nice taking Mr. Marcus to his balls is a pretty awesome sight. It isn�t often I do a close where I don�t point out which scene to avoid, but I can honestly say this one is worth watching start to finish.


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