Cocksmokers 3


120 Mins.
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials.
CONDOMS: No (It’s a Blowjob Tape)
STARS: Heaven Leigh, Tiffany Mynx, Amber Wild, Samantha Wood, Phyllishia Anne, Desiree Cruz, Dominque DeWitt, Ivory Blaze, Camby, Natasha Blake, Rosy Rocket, Kanani, Doomy Moore, Malitia, Snow, Amber Wood.
It’s always a roller coaster with this series. I didn’t care much for the first one, but then gave the second a perfect ten. An upward trend, or just a freak jump caused by the great cast of Cocksmokers 2? This one has Tiffany Mynx on the cover, her pretty face doused in what appears to be four copious loads of fake jizz. We can only hope to see this done with real spooge in the video. Missing from last time is Rob Black himself, holding up the hand drawn cards announcing which ‘cum guzzling slut’ (And we get 17 in this one) is about to get her lips around some man-pork. (Something I thought was pretty fucking hilarious.) Instead, we get a graphic that introduces us to the soon to be slime splattered slut.
First up is oral firecracker Heaven Leigh. She gives a brief description of why she loves sucking dick, then just gets started. As always, Heaven treats the dick in her mouth with special care, using her tongue to lather ever in and dive bombing down on the head so fast she’s likely to get dizzy. As she lies on her back, the lucky stud fucks Heaven’s mouth hard and finally drops a nice load on her lips and cheek. Great way to start a blowjob video.
Amber Wild is a pretty scary sight. Her arms look like one of those Sally Strouthers’ starving kid commercials. Sweetie, take the cock out of your mouth long enough to mix in a Twinkie or thirty now and then. Throw in a not so pretty face, huge fake tits, and a frightened, Fionna Apple on crack look to her eyes and you have makings of a pretty scary blowjob scene. She takes a big load on her face, so I guess fans of facials may like her.
Samantha Wood is a rather fresh faced blonde who is pretty covered in tats. Her oral skills are little rudimentary, and she looks a little bored with the whole experience. She picks up near the end, using a lot of nice eye contact to milk the load from this guy’s prick.
Desiree Cruz is another woman I have never seen before. Her eyes remind me a lot of UK one hit wonder Nicki Lewis, which is a very good thing. Beyond that, she isn’t very pretty and looks like she needs a good shampooing. Her mouth must be good though, because she gets a blast right on the lips.
Phyllishia Anne is one of the few women in this video I actually recognize. Her scene is not very well lit and mostly shot from a really low angle. This chick has a pretty face, why show us only her chin? Once we shift to a more flattering camera shot, things heat up considerably. The rather brief scene ends with a really nice facial, getting her chin, eyes and neck just dripping.
Dominque DeWitt is a cute woman who is appearing in the usual young girl themed vids and you can see why looking at her girl next door face. She works on the dick slowly, giving quite a nice tease performance along the way. Of course, the speed never picks up so it’s a different looking blowjob. Eventually, the guy shoots a load on her pretty mouth all the same.
Ivory Blaze is another well below average looking performer, who nonetheless gets into her work. In full scenes, you can often overcome a not so pretty face, with a hot body and high sexual energy. However, in blowjob tapes, where the face is everything, women like this stand out a bit more. Nothing to complain about in the way this scene is short, or the way she sucks dick. Ivory just isn’t all the pretty, even wearing thick coating of sperm on her chin.
Tiffany Mynx comes rather late in the video, but she makes up for it by taking on four cocks at once. The legendary porn slut attacks every cock like she’s in love with it, and you can’t tell me that isn’t the hottest fucking thing in the world. (Ummm, excuse me, since I’ve been called a shill of Extreme, why wasn’t I invited to this little party?) Quick, name three better on screen cocksuckers than Tiffany? Times up, you can’t. That face, those eyes, that hand action, it’s all to fucking much. The cum starts flying and we get to see Tiffany somewhat bathed in jizz and I’m sure there are plenty more loads on your TV screens. This scene just blows the others away.
Camby, Natasha Blake, Rosy Rocket, Kanani, Doomy Moore, Malitia, Snow and Amber Wood also make appearances in this wall to wall suck-a-thon. The average woman in this video is pretty scary to look at, and that’s not good for a blowjob video. There are a few good looking women and a handful of really hot scenes. Tiffany, Heaven and Dominique all shine. If you love blowjobs and don’t care what a chick looks like sucking dick, then this is strong. It’s also worth a look just for the four shots on Tiff’s mug.

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