Jenna Ink


73 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong
THEMES: Fantasies.
CONDOMS: None Noted.
1996 (6/96)
STARS: Jenna Jameson, Missy, Alex Dane, Kia, Felecia, Alex Sanders, Brad Armstrong, Sean Ryder, Mickey G.
Even though she has never cracked my personal top ten, there is not doubt that Jenna Jameson is the most widely known porn star of the nineties. I have to admit, most of her movies I have reviewed have been pretty good, and this one boasts of being her only on screen anal, so that is something to look forward to. In addition to that moment, I am quite anxious to get a look at any scene Alex Dane has ever done. With these things before of me, I can think of no reason why I should waste any more time boring you with the open.
We start off with no dialog, just Jenna, naked save for a pair of angel wings and Alex Sanders with his mouth firmly stuck to her pussy. One thing that can’t be denied, Jenna knows how to suck dick on camera. She takes it deep and uses a ton of hand motion. (Memo to Jenna, if you would kindly demonstrate this skill during an interview, I am fairly certain a top ten berth is within reach.) Alex seems a bit too laid back during the blowjob and doesn’t show much more enthusiasm as he takes Jenna from behind. (Maybe the wings are getting in the way.) Were it not for some energy from Jenna (and oh is she vocal) this scene would seem just a bit too mechanical for my tastes. Her body looks great, but there seems to be a spark missing. The facial looks good and Jenna won’t stop stroking until she ever drop of his cum in her mouth or running down her chin. Hat’s off for that.
The plot or theme of this video kicks in at this point. You see, Jenna is a tattoo artist and these fantasy sequences are based on the art the is creating. Next, we travel back to the old west, where Alex Dane, dressed as an Indian Maiden, falls into the arms of her Clint Eastwood attired lover, Micky G. (Don’t you love how Alex can be any ethnicity the producers need?) No matter how she’s dressed, Alex looks good and once she gets her mouth around a cock, it’s time to toss the remote aside, sit back and enjoy the lovely sight. The extreme close ups are interesting, but I do prefer shots where we see her incredible eye as she sucks hose. Very nice shots of the oral and then great close up of the insertion into her shaved pussy lips. This is a very pretty scene, as Armstrong’s generally are, with some shadows, fire and a generous helping of super close ups lest one think this is a soft-core feature. Since it’s the old west and to avoid the problems that could arise from a mixed baby, Micky starts fucking his squaw in the ass before shooting his load on her butt. Damn Alex Dane is smoking.
The next fantasy sequence is the sort that Armstrong has since made his trademark, a glossy, pretty, all-girl scene. Of course, since Felecia holds no interest to me whatsoever, it kind of offsets watching hot women like Jenna and Missy. I’ve never understood how this average looking, sexually dull woman has had such a long career just lapping labes. The fuzzy borders around this scene, coupled with Felecia’s presence pretty much overshadows the hot vibrator action from the two blondes. Linger here if this is your thing, it does nothing for me.
Kia anchors an oriental fantasy sequence and for me, this is only slightly better than watching Felecia. That may be an exaggeration, especially since she seems to be rather fond of having a pair of guys pawing at her big tits. By the time she has both dicks going in her mouth, I have to take back my above statement. She is doing a very nice job slobbing knob. (Though I still think she is a dime store Asia Carerra.) The guys toss her to the ground and start enjoying all of her hot holes. (Fetishists alert. Check out the thigh high boots she’s got on.) There are some nice shots here, especially as Kia gets nailed from behind. She has a pretty nice, big, round ass. Unlike the real Asia, Kia isn’t afraid to get a big blast on her face and get a very nice facial here followed by a second. Now, that is how you glaze a donut baby.
We finally get to see Jenna in another b/g scene, this time with a military theme. I’m not sure I buy Jenna as a front line grunt, but she looks hot in her shorts and too tight T shirt. Brad Armstrong starts groping at those funbags like the enemy is coming fast to take his head off and this is his last shot at ecstasy. As she generally does, Jenna attacks his cock with her mouth as if it were the key to life and the cum inside were her road to salvation. This is by far the best footage in this whole movie. After this great blowjob, the two engage in rough, raw sex. Great standing doggy and Jenna has never seemed to want to fuck as badly as she does here. Nothing quite like a busty blonde who squat fucks until her thighs start quivering to make a critic remember why he started watching porn in the first place. After Brad dropped his load onto her pussy I was about to scream that the only anal Jenna gets her is some finger fucking, but she has a round two in mind. She breaks out the fat, silver vibe and we cut to a shot with it shoved half way up that uncharted ass. Brad goes into her pussy and it’s not a gentle, toy assisted DP, that’s for sure. Jenna isn’t going to give Mila a run for her money, but that ass does get filled with metal and she does still look hot. This time his load goes right where it belongs, straight onto Jenna’s outstretched tongue. Who cares if she won’t do anal, as long as Jenna keeps eating cum, like everyone’s dream date.
If Jenna taking it in the ass was the reason you picked up this video, you may be quite disappointed. She does take the vibe, and this is the best scene of the tape, but it’s just not the same is it? Her final scene is still very well done and worth a look. The opening scene was good, but not one for her highlight reel. Jenna’s third effort, the g/g/g scene just bored me. Felecia does that to me lately. Kia does a pretty decent three way, and while I still don’t think I’ll look for more movies from this Asian lady, I won’t run from them either. Quite frankly, I loved the Alex Dane scene. She looks great (this is pre boobjob) and fucks like a superstar. Her scene was pretty and more importantly it was fucking hot. This is a solid effort, with enough hot sex to push it into the recommended category, but just barely. More Jenna and Alex, less Felecia, Kia and Blake-esque prettiness would be a good thing.

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