Indigo Delta


86 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jonathan Morgan
THEMES: Plot, Rough Sex, Anal Sex.
CONDOMS: Some (Tom/Serenity was the only noted.)
1998 (7/97)
STARS: Serenity, Melissa Hill, Stephanie Swift, Holly Body, Kimi Ji, Alyssa Love, Liza Harper, Katie Gold, Kay London, Rick Masters, Jonathan Morgan, Tony Tedeschi, JJ Michaels, Tom Byron, Steve Hatcher.
I first heard about this movie during an interview with Alyssa Love in January 1998. She listed it as one of her best efforts, so I had to go out and take a look. I was quite impressed with the film when I first watched it, but did not review it at the time. It will be interesting to see how well this feature holds up after a year. Readers be warned, this is a plot driven porn, with a script, dialog and God forbid, some acting as well. Before many of you go running for the hills keep this in mind. In addition to Serenity, Stephanie Swift, Melissa Hill, Alyssa Love and Katie Gold are all blistering sexual performers, so there should be plenty of strokeable material even for those who could care less about following the plot. That said let’s join the story, already in progress.
We being with Serenity, running through the woods. Soft, new age music plays in the background as the credits roll. She settles in beside a pool and spies Tony Tedeschi. With lust in her eyes and that damn flute still playing in the background (Anyone else getting weird ‘Miami Vice’ flashbacks?) she slips off her dress and begins to make nice, sweet, feature film love to him. This is very pretty sex, with a well shot exchange of oral sex obscured (Or enhanced depending on your point of view.) by slow motion. (Not that watching this beautiful face in the vicinity of a cock is ever hard on the eyes.) They have a very pretty sex scene with a rather good facial as an added bonus.
This opening scene was actually something out of a romance novel written by Serenity. We now see her at a book signing where she runs into a totally manic fan, Alyssa Love. The dialog is furious, tight and well delivered. We find out, during another well written dialog piece between Serenity and her agent, Melissa Hill, that she is tired of her romance novels. She wants to write something different and in her world, different means writing a book on a notorious serial killer. Her mind made up, the lovely writer checks into a total fleabag motel where her dreams begin to take on an ominous tone. She dreams of her Alyssa being taken from behind by Jonathan Morgan. Not only does the young cutie not object, she seems quite turned on, happily letting his lick away at her shaved slit. Can you believe the breasts on this woman? Big, perfect and real. My God. Oh yeah, and watching her give head is a treat as well. This young Texas girl was a first class knob gobbling and she literally drools all over Morgan, getting him juiced up to enter her tight body. Taking full advantage of her limber legs, he fucks her on the table, shoving her thighs wide apart to get better strokes. Sitting down, he lets her do the work and Alyssa really fucks back on him hard. Totally hot scene to this point, and Morgan hasn’t even gone in the back door yet. After a brief anal, he drops a good load on her face, rounding out a scene that works on all levels.
In a scene quite reminiscent of ‘Silence of the Lambs’ Serenity finally meets the subject of her book. Tom Byron plays the killer and he does an amazing job with this character. Again, good dialog as the killer tries to work his way into the head of the writer. Their encounter seems to have effected her, but she is determined to stay. A conversation with Hill gets cut short when the pair of meat boys she ordered arrive to fill her with tubesteak. JJ Michaels and Steve Hatcher happily oblige her carnal requests, stripping Melissa down and giving her more than enough meat to munch on. I never get tired of watching Melissa. She is the perfect performer for a film like this, excellent actress and never one to short change us in her sex scenes. Nicely shot three way sex on the stairs here so we get a number of great angles. Especially nice here is when JJ takes Mel from behind and she slurps away on Hatcher’s rod. Great scene capped off with Melissa stroking two cocks right onto her face.
In another long monologue, Byron explains more of his philosophy one serial killers as pop icons (Among other things, the scene is over five minutes long.). Sure, it’s reminiscent of Oliver Stone’s ‘Natural Born Killers’ (Still one of the greatest movies ever made.) but Stone doesn’t end his Mickey Knox interview with a dream sequence in which Serenity joins the killer in his cell for mad monkey love. The opening shot of this scene, from outside the cell as Byron goes down on Serenity, is fantastic. (Giving away your leg thing again Rog.) Abandoning her sweet character, Serenity attacks Tom’s dick like it’s candy before sticking that all too perfect behind up in the air to allow him Nice, high energy scene with some moody lighting, but enough unshadowed shots to keep the ‘coater in me satisfied. Tom fires a big load between her tits, right before he pulls out a knife to end her dream.
The dream doesn’t exactly end however. She simply switches one nightmare for another. Now side by side with Byron, she watches as her mother, Katie Gold takes on two men as part of an orgy. (Remember, this is a dream and it’s fucking with her head. Trust me, it makes sense.) Both the killer and the writer join in the group action which includes Kay London, Holly Body, Kimi Ji, Jonathan Morgan, Steve Hatcher, Liza Harper and Rick Masters. Though group action always leaves me more distracted than aroused, there is some hot sex going on here. Katie is always a treat and gets pounded really hard here. Serenity moves around from body to body, but does not partake in the massive anal action that erupts. There are plenty of poopers getting packed to keep even the most hardened anal fan. The well worn butts of Harper, Gold and Ji are perfect for this sort of thing. Liza does some nice RCA with Masters, riding him like a champ into a hard pounding DP. Facials for Liza and Katie round out a hot group scene. (Though for me, kick out everyone by Katie and Serenity and let the guys have at them.)
In addition to some wicked dreams, Serenity is having problems with her fianc�e. They have a huge fight on the phone and when he shows up to apologize he gets quite a surprise. She is not in the room, but a quick look at her camcorder shows a side of his future bride he never expected. (And one that will shock and delight porn fans.) When the motel cleaning woman, Stephanie Swift, comes in, Serenity immediately becomes a foul talking dominant intent on keeping Steph in her place. She slaps the frightened brunette and verbally humiliates her before stripping and riding her face. Just to make things even more interesting she uses clothes pins on Stephanie’s finger before delivering a blistering finger fuck. I don’t even usually like g/g scenes, but this one is fucking killer. Funny how listening to Serenity talk dirty while making Stephanie fuck herself in the ass with a big dildo is fifty times sexier than hearing a certain male performer do the same thing. (Damn that heterosexual wiring in my dome.) I could have used with fewer breaks to show the viewfinder angle, but still, this is a red hot scene thanks to a pair of women who are totally into their work. (Note to all g/g shooters. You produce stuff this hot and I’ll jump into your camp so fast, your head will spin.)
No discussion of Indigo Delta should ever start with anything other than how brilliant Tom Byron is. He has been one of the top performers in porn for a decade and a half, but we don’t often get to see him act. Martin Brimmer has written some excellent dialog and Tom does a great job with it. In addition to Byron, Serenity deserves much credit for not only moving the story along and providing sexual highlights galore but also for taking on a role that is so un-Serenity-like. Morgan is co-credited with the story and does a very good job balancing his desire to shoot moody, meaningful sex scenes with our need to see hot, hard-core action. Make no mistake, this is not vanilla feature porn. The story is edgy and the sexy is plenty hot. Oh yeah, the sex. Serenity’s scene with Byron is very well shot and hot, but her best work in this movie comes with Swift. Their scene is the best g/g action I have seen in a long time. Melissa Hill also has a hot scene as does Alyssa Love (God, I miss her.) Any time feature porn sex is this hot, we have a winner, and that is exactly what ‘Indigo Delta’ is, the perfect mix of plot, non-sex acting and loads of hot sex as well. (So, with all this praise, why not a perfect 10? The long orgy scene lost some heat and the slow motion scene with Serenity and Tony, though important for the plot, also lost heat. Almost perfect, just not quite.)

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