Dirty Dreamers 2



128 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Craig Daze
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Fantasies, Anal Sex, Jail Sex
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Tracy Love, Teri Star, Eve, Amber, Alexandra Nice, Roxanne Hall, Torri.
I reviewed and greatly enjoyed Craig Daze’s first DD video and from the looks of the cast, I should be in for a treat this time around. Roxanne Hall, Alexandra Silk and Teri Star are all quite hot, and Torri is one of those too-cute coed types. Still, my secret shame is loving the way Tracy Love sucks cock like it’s a breathing tube and gets fucked like a Spanish Fly buzzed homecoming queen in the back of a van with the entire football team. So long as Daze uses his talented cast in the right way and keeps the focus on the women, I don’t see how this crop of dirty dreamers can be any less dazzling than the first.
The first scenario will look familiar to many of us. Tice Bune sits at his computer, surfing the web and exchanging instant messages with some unseen woman on the other end. We know this must be a dream, because in reality, the chick on the other computer is actually some beer swilling dude typing out dirty thoughts at light speed. Since this is porn, and pure fantasy, he closes his eyes and is visited by Alexandra Nice. (Yeah, she’s sitting behind her monitor just waiting for a hot stud.) Thankfully, we get the fantasy version and not the reality and that means a hot, lingerie clad Euro-babe who lives for cock. We don’t get to hear much of her accent since her mouth is instantly filled with dick. Considering how good she looks this way, I don’t see a thing wrong with the lack of conversation. He returns the favor for a minute or two before sliding his cock into her open fuckhole. Very nicely shot and Alex pulls her legs out wide, which I totally dig. This is a long, hard single position fuck for several minutes until Alex mounts Tice and really goes to town. A pop shot up into her mouth leaves Tice with jizz running down his shaft. Still, he has enough in the tank to stay hard and let her give us some wicked hot RCA. Her little Eruo-colon gets packed tighter than Barbara Walters’ make up case. This time he drips his load into her mouth and damn if Alex doesn’t just swallow it down. Every time I see this woman she moves up a notch or two on my list.
Tracy Love is not classically beautiful, but there is a gleam in her eyes whenever she is near a hard cock that is just irresistible. Her scene begins with no set up. Instead we see her on a TV screen with a big cock in her mouth. As Amber watches, Tracy beckons her to join them. The early mistake here is that Amber is not that appealing, so when we cut away from Tracy to this masturbating brunette, it is s step down. It gets even worse, from my point of view at least, when the scene becomes a three way. I know, two mouths are better than one, but Tracy is such a dick crazed little slut, she is all I need in a scene. Adding a less than average looking woman who has below average sexual heat just doesn’t work for me. Not that there is anything wrong with the scene, they move quickly to some side by side doggy which is well shot and hot. However, as the stud plows Amber, I find myself just counting the seconds until the goes back to the cropped blonde butt slut. There is a great shot of Tracy on her hands and knees, with her thighs pushed together, that makes her pussy looks so puffy and inviting. I swear, I’d ride that till we were both raw. He soon finds Tracy’s ass is as tight and hot as her pussy and starts mish fucking that butthole. Great anal and Ms. Love jerks a big load onto her face. I just think the scene would have been better (and cheaper) as a one on one.
Teri Star is locked up in jail for something and ends up getting a late night visit from one of the guards. With just a flashlight shining on her face, she is asked to suck him off through the bars. This strange lighting makes it hard to see sometimes, but it adds to the fantasy aspect as she desperately works to bring him off. At last, he shoots a big load all over her ass. The fun isn’t over for Teri however. She lies dreaming of three guards coming back into her cell for a strip search. This time the lighting is bright and Teri is as cock hungry as anyone you will ever see in porn. She is on her knees sucking a trio of cocks and doing a damn fine job of it. The guys toss her around, fucking at both ends of the horny blonde. There are a few visual effects used, which I never like, but thankfully they are few and far between. Great shots of Teri bouncing hard on cock while bobbing her head double time. Don’t we just live filthy little slutlets like her? When she spreads her sweet thighs, Teri shows that jailhouse sodomy isn’t just for the guys anymore, taking her assfucking like a true porn tramp. Her hand works constantly on her clit as the guys take turns fucking Teri in her cute little ass. The only way to finish off this hot three on one is for the sexy jailbird to take three blasts of hot cum on her slutty face, and that is just what happens. After the first two drop loads, Teri fucks the third guy with cum running down her face until he finishes her off. Holy shit, this is hot stuff.
When Torri takes her lunch in the park, she has no idea that it will become more than a sandwich and bottled water. When she hears some moaning, the pretty blonde is shocked to see Frank Towers slapping the upturned ass of Euro-chick Eve. This sight gets her hot and she plays with her pussy as Frank keeps beating his brunette babe on the behind. She joins the two when Eve is busy sucking dick and Torri instantly steals all the thunder from her average at best Euro-partner. At least Eve stays out of the way and lets us watch Torri give a major tongue job to Frank’s head. After a nicely shot double blowjob, he bends the blonde stranger over the back of his couch and starts fucking her pretty pink hole. Eventually he is going to have to stop and fuck the other girl, but it’s clear he loves Torri’s pussy, staying in it a long time and just pounding it raw. Eve also gets her slit stuffed, but gets to do the riding as Torri applies a vibe to her clit for added fun. Not to be outdone, Torri does some serious lap riding herself, getting that butt bouncing as she rides the bologna pony. Only Eve takes it in the ass, but they share the facial cumshot equally.
Roxanne Hall is the final dreamer, and wow is her mind dirty. When she sees a couple of black men pass her on the road, she envisions herself taking them both, right in the center of the road. With Santino Lee and Sean Michaels, Roxanne has a cock for each hand and keeps her mouth busy moving between them. Still, she can handle all they have and then some. Great shots of Roxanne taking Sean to the balls in her pussy while she works really hard get Santino to maintain his erection. The guys take turns fucking her pussy while Roxanne keeps her mouth full at all times. (Except when she is talking dirty in that irresistible accent.) They naturally zero in on her fine ass, with Sean taking her from behind and shoving his bone right up her pretty butt. They spin her around for some RCA and before she can say ‘pass the tea and crumpets’ Roxanne has a cock in her pussy as well. Great DP action and Roxanne is such an active fuck how can you not love this scene? The two guys manage enough cum between them to make it visible on her face, but just barely.
There were a few moments when I thought I was going to have to rag on the effects. However, considering this is supposed to be a dreamer/fantasy vid, they were needed for atmosphere and for the most part don’t get in the way of the action. The two three ways do suffer from uneven talent. Tracy Love and Torri are much hotter than their co-stars here and the scenes, while good, get dragged down when the action is not focused on them. Roxanne Hall is brilliant, a total anal slut, and Alexandra Nice continues her rise up my list of personal faves. Teri Star does a great mini-gang bang in jail, proving that she was born for porn. Very solid effort that makes good use of most of the cast. A very worthwhile effort from Daze.


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