Chocolate Covered Cherry Poppers 5



111 Mins.
THEMES: Black Women, Interracial Sex, Anal Sex, College Girls.
STARS: Honey Love, Monique, Cherry Lee, Henessy.
By now, the formula for any ‘Cherry Popper’ video should be clear. Take women from whatever race or nationality the sub-title requires, put them on a college campus, dress them like high schoolers, make them virgins, introduce them to aggressive guys who want to break them in and viola, you have pud-stroking porn. In this line of CP vids, it’s young black coeds who are the subjects of our voyeuristic fantasies. With the incredibly hot Monique leading the way, this video may have white boys everywhere flocking to African Studies classes in hopes of adding some cream to a hot chocolate sundae.
Before we get to Monique, we get Honey Love, a decent looking woman with a nice smile and thick body. She gets a ride back to her sorority with Tony Eveready and he wants a blowjob in return. After saying she doesn’t do that sort of thing, Honey drops right to her knees and re-defines the term “good girl” by pro sucking his dick. Funny, her ‘mommy’ told her not to suck dick, but I guess getting tattooed is perfectly acceptable. That bit over, we can enjoy watching Honey swallow his cock to the root with room to spare. Damn, this girl could suck the geek right of Steve Forbes. Her shy girl routine is actually pretty funny given the way she not only sucks him raw, but also the fact that her tongue, nipple and clit are pierced. Yeah, lots of virgins get themselves stabbed through the sex organs. As he fingers her shaved slit and asshole, Honey does some more talking and acts totally unprepared for her impending de-virginization. (Which happens with a condom.) With no pain and no resistance, she takes his cock and is soon groaning away while he slam fucks her. The easy entry anal is pretty funny, but hey, as long as we watch her take it in the ass, who cares? Lots of close up shots as Tony gives her a hard ass pounding and Honey loves every sphincter stretching inch. By the time he’s done with her, she will be known as the biggest whore in her sorority and Honey doesn’t seem to mind a bit. Tony finally rewards her with a mouth full of cum that she just licks up like spilled ice cream.
Monique gets a ride from classmate Steve Hatcher that we just know is going to turn into something a whole lot better than he deserves. Insisting that the only way she can really study psychology is to experience all there it sexually, Hatcher goes down on her. (What, she has to fuck ugly ass white guys to diagnose paranoid schizophrenia?) Again, she is supposed to be a first timer, but Monique growls and moans like a woman who lives to have her pussy finger fucked raw. Steve is one lucky fucking guy to feel those thick, soft lips wrapped around his cock. She bobs her head double time, fucking his cock with her mouth and looking just fantastic the whole time. Their first position for fucking is perhaps the best at showing off Monique’s awesome ass. As she rides cowgirl, that butt sticks right into our faces and looks good enough to just spank all day. They go right from that to anal in RCA with Monique trumpeting that she is now “an anal slut.” Perhaps she is, but I’m sure no one is going to hold that against this pint sized little prick port. If you’re a fan of interracial anal sex, and who among us isn’t, this is a great scene, filled with close up shots of her tight black butt gripping his pale shaft. The anal is hot, but watching her get blasted on the lips with cum is something we can all enjoy. Monique is just hot, no question.
Cherry Lee is standing around in her skirt and white top reading Freud when Santino Lee starts chatting her up. He offers to show her around town, but has to stop by his place first. This quickly become an opportunity for Santino to go under that skirt and start munching that shaved chocolate muffin. Cherry is pretty good looking with a very inviting slit that squeezes tightly around his fingers as he bangs her. She works on his cock like it’s nothing and to be honest, it looks like a toy when she plays with it. Once he starts fucking her, Santino does something I hate, he just won’t fucking shut up. It makes it harder to enjoy watching him fuck her in the ass when all I hear is his voice. She does manage a few “I’m an ass-fuck slut”s, but still, someone gag this guy. He finally finishes her off with a shot across her cheek.
The final chocolate cherry belongs to Henessy, who stops by for a sorority initiation who ends up at the wrong house. Steve Hatcher is happy to help her prepare for her initiation by getting very fresh with this innocent acting cutie. She has to beg him to keep it as secret so the whole school won’t know she loves having four fingers shoved up her slit. Her cocksucking skills need a little polish, but the ease with which Henessy gulps down the pork pole seems to indicate that before checking into the local college, she was quite the little street sucking slut. Hatcher turns considerate and allows her to get on top for her first time, but watching Henessy drop her weight down and start slapping her ass into his lap, you just know she’s done this a time or two thousand. As before, the vaginal fucking doesn’t last long before he pops her cherry ass. She isn’t as vocal or active as the others, but Henessy doesn’t seem to be in pain during the anal, just bored silly. He ends up stroking a wad onto her cheek.
Four scenes of black college girls getting their cherries popped, two of them interracial. I’d say if you like black women and anal sex then you will certainly get your fill in this vid. Monique is clearly the one to watch and the only one I would say is super smoking. She is worth the whole tape. Honey and Cherry are not as pretty, but fuck pretty well. Solid technical aspects, one super hot babe, tons of anal and some facials. That’s pretty much what we need. Throw in some better than average hot talk and you have a video well worth watching.

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