California Cocksuckers 3


85 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Chuck Martino
Sin City
THEMES: Oral Sex,
CONDOMS: None (It’s a blowjob video.)
1999 (11/98)
STARS: Charlie, Shelby Myne, Renee Larue, Mia Smiles, Sydnee Steele, Doomy Moore, Julie Meadows, Blondie Anderson, Karsorn Swan, Shaena.
Another oral sex video, another ten starlets on their knees, another ten mouths stuffed with prick, another ten lovely faces smeared with cum, don’t you think we would get sick of this sort of thing? Fuck no! Even with all the blowjob tapes hitting the market, I still can’t enough really well done blowjob scenes. When they are shot right and delivered by a pretty woman who knows what she is doing (and doesn’t treat cum like it’s battery acid.) then there are few things finer in porn, or the world, than a great blowjob. Naturally, a great blowjob video is one of my favorite things in all of porn. A quick glance at the cast tells me there are some new faces and a couple of rising faves, so this should be fun.
The first suck comes from porn vet Charlie who is sporting a new lighter hair color and seems to have a bigger dick than the old Mr. Charlie used to sport. A change in hubby only policy? A new guy? A trick of the eyes? Don’t ask me, I just like watching her pretty face stuffed with dick. Along with the new look, Charlie seems to have found a new love for cock, as I have never seen her suck with this much joy in her eyes before. (Maybe this new guy with the full sized penis has awakened something in the lovely lady.) Fantastic hand action as she takes the tip in her mouth and jerks like mad. The facial loses focus for a minute, but it is still nice to see that gorgeous face get popped on. If this is the new Charlie, then clear the way to the Rog Top Ten.
Mia Smiles is a very cute Asian girl who is already on my ‘ones to watch’ list. She has her pretty lips wrapped around a white cock and is going to town outdoors, working her hands and tongue all over his shaft. Nice shot of her from behind, with her legs spread as she stands to suck his cock. (A blowjob video with a little shot for leg lovers, nice touch.) She’s actually and average sucker, but that face is so perfect that the scene is well above average even if the guy seems to dry heave his pop shot.
Another sexy faced Asian, Karsorn Swan is up next and could her eyes be any sexier? I always enjoy some hot talk during a scene and Karsorn takes time out in between sucks to tell us how good it tastes. Excellent hand action as she does that jerk/suck thing I love so much. Again, we get a shot of her from behind, standing with her legs spread as she sucks cock. It’s not the best angle to see oral sex, but the dangling tittie and leg appeal is hard to resist. Very tight shot as she jerks him right into her mouth and finally takes a load across the bridge of her nose and in her mouth. So pretty, so sticky, so nasty, so fucking hot.
Sydnee Steele is a brunette paired with a sick that starts out so small it disappears in her hand. Even when hard, Sydnee has no problem at all swallowing it to the root. For most of this scene, she has the dick totally hidden in her hand and for some reason she seems to be looking to the camera with a confused expression on her face. Compared to the other scenes so far in this video, this one is just a little flat with a rather weak popshot.
Julie Meadows is so incredibly cute that putting her in a heavily shadowed blowjob scene is nearly criminal. Much of her charm is lost by the blue back lighting that all but obscures her face. The lighting gets better from different angles, but this is just an unfortunate face to hide behind the ‘artsy’ look. (There are a few faces in this video that would benefit from less clear shots, but Julie is not one of them.) Her smile and sexy twinkle in the eyes still comes through and I love the way she rubs the cum into her lips, but this scene should have been a lot better.
Shelby Myne has the benefit of outdoor lighting and looks very hot in her bikini top and little skirt. She does a little bit of talking before her blowjob which is something missing from a lot of blowjob scenes in this series, but the fun really starts when she crouches and starts worshipping the pork pole. Though only moderately good looking, Shelby gives really good head and breaks up her lap stirring blowjob with some sexy coos and moans. The high angle shot of her bobbing her head rapidly is fantastic and Shelby delivers probably the best knob bob of the tape. The facial is also one of the best and we don’t cut away as soon as her face gets blasted. Very nicely done.
Renee Larue is new to me, and not all that good looking, but it’s hard to resist a woman who is working this hard to suck and stroke a cock off in her mouth. She’s paired with a very big tool and Renee drools all over it while giving it a solid two hand stroke job. After some dick slapping, she starts cooing some hot talk as well. This woman should teach some courses in dick sucking to the pretty-but-boring set. We would all be much happier if she did. Outstanding blowjob topped with a nice facial that Renee gulps down like candy.
Blondie Anderson is a cute blonde (Natch) who looks ultimately corruptible. In another well lit, outdoor blowjob, she slowly sucks the cock before her. With her pretty lips wrapped around the swollen head, she is tantalizingly slow in she strokes. Lots of very nice eye contact here, and the shots of her tits look great. The pop shot seems to come as a surprise, but she takes it right on the face. Blondie is on my ones to watch list from this point on.
Doomy Moore and Shaena also add their oral skills to the mix and Doomy’s scene is actually pretty hot. This fourth tape in the California Cocksuckers series is pretty good. The Julie Meadows lighting problem robbed us of what would have been an even hotter scene, but for the most part, this one is technically solid. Charlie, Mia, Karsorn and Blondie are all women I love to watch suck dick and all do well here. Shelby and Renee may actually be the most impressive cocksuckers in the tape and make it worth watching all on their own. Decent facials, no annoying special effects are the good points. (Along with the nice leg shots.) A lack of dirty dialog is about the only weakness in this strong oral effort.

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