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Shay Jordan Interview 2007

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Shay Jordan 2007 (: Fresh faced and almost brand new, Shay Jordan absolutely shined on the floor of the 2007 Adult Entertainment Expo. The Digital Playground contract star was making her first major show appearance and doing her first major interviews, but she handled herself with grace, style and a wonderful sense of humor. By the time I sat down with Shay to do this interview, I was already impressed by her early performances in Sexual Freak: Teagan and Jack's Asian Adventures. I has seen her on screen and had her down as a finalist for the first "The Next Big Thing" award. Once I got to meet this stunningly beautiful woman and talk with her about her aspirations, dreams and her love of sex, it was all over. Three days later Shay was given the Next Big Thing trophy and has spent much of 2007 proving to everyone that I got it right on this one. One of the most stunningly gorgeous women in the industry, Shay is more attractive in person than on screen and as fun and cool as she beautiful. Her sexual performances have gotten better and better and she is definitely one of the top performers in the business. In addition to her beauty, sexual energy and personality, Shay has been given the chance to work behind the camera, filming outstanding behind the scenes for Digital Playground and Handheld Pictures projects. Check out The Next Big Thing in any of the recent movies she has starred in Naked Aces. Sexual Freak 3: Shay Jordan, Virtual Sex With Shay Jordan. Admire her, lust after her, even fall in love with her from afar, but remember guys, Shay is the mother of my future children. Hands off, she's mine!

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Shay Jordan INTERVIEW: Shay Jordan


Can you hear me?

I can hear you, but I'm going to sit closer just because I want to. And it doesn't pick up as well unless I sit really close.

Okay. (She laughs)

I'm at Digital Playground, with Jana Cova, who looks much different this year.

What? I'm not- (She laughs)

They told me you were Jana Cova. Aren't you Jana?

Yes, it's Jana. (She laughs)

You look different, but I like it.


Not to imply that Jana didn't look good last year.

(She laughs)

You look different.

Yeah, I look different.

Who the hell are you, and why am I talking to you?

I'm Shay Jordan.

Shay Jordan, and I know exactly who I'm talking to.


You are one of the hottest women…EVER.

Shay Jordan Ever? Yay! That's good. I thought you were going to say in porn.

No. EVER. Being in porn is a given. That's why I went with ever.

Ever, that's great.

I would say THE hottest, but then, you know, someone's going to say 'What about Elizabeth II' or something. It never stops.

(She laughs) Yeah.

But you are Shay Jordan, not the newest Digital Playground girl, but the newest that we've seen in movies.

Yes. I'm the newest to the industry.

Newest to the industry, that's true. You've been in for how long?

About five or six months now. Less than a year, all-in-all.

And how old are you?


Wow. And for those who are not lucky enough to see me sitting next to you, how tall are you?

5'7, with no heels.

And measurements?

I'm a 34-26-32, maybe?

And I hear rumors that those are natural.

Yes. Very! I'm all natural, everything. (She laughs)

Wow. And we'll take pictures later so you guys can all see. It's hard to talk to her because she's just got that…face.

(She laughs) And I'm wearing a bra, too.

Damn it I told you not to!

I shouldn't have.

You weren't supposed to tell. Did you wear panties though?

Yes. (She laughs)

Shay Jordan That's it. Never mind. Bad reviews for a year.

Awwww. (She laughs) I'll go take them off.

Dark hair, brown eyes, and an interesting ethnic mix look. What are you?

I'm half-Filipino, half-German.

Nice. And in some photos, they really do your make-up and you look very Asian, and in some, you don't. You're very versatile.

Exactly. I can look really different.

Today, you look in-between.

Good! (She laughs)

It's like, 'Is she Asian? Is she Latin?'

I'm not Latin at all.

I know, but this is the industry. They can say, 'Oh, she can do Asian lines, she can do Latin lines.'


Tan a little, and you could do a black line.

(She laughs) Stop! Maybe Puerto Rican.

That's right, a little of everything.

(She laughs)

Okay, so you are Filipino and German. Nice look, by the way.

Thank you.

Now, how did you get to this industry?

I started with nude modeling. I did a couple of photos with some guy in San Diego. At first, it was just supposed to be some modeling of lingerie, but you know how you guys are. Not you, but porn people. (She laughs) He said, 'Why don't you do nude modeling? You can make more money' and I thought, 'Okay, I like my body, why not?' So one thing lead to another. I started out doing just solo, and then girl-girl. Then I decided if I was going to do boy-girl, then I wanted a contract. I was only going to do about five scenes boy-girl, and then go back to girl-girl until I got a contract. So I got my contract, and luckily enough, when I shot my first boy-girl scene with Scott Nails, it was for Digital Playground, and after that, they wanted me.

They're pretty smart. They realized what they had.

(She laughs)

So your first boy-girl was with Scott Nails. He's a fairly good-sized young man.

Shay Jordan (She laughs) Oh yeah.

Was he the largest?

Oh yeah. Every time I had sex with him, I bled.

I believe in the Behind the Scenes for that movie, you commented on how big he was.


So that was the biggest one you had seen to that point?

Yeah. I've only been with younger guys and then girls, so I'm not used to adult men. (She laughs)

How do you feel about much older men?

I like them. More mature, you know?

I don't know about that

. Well, they look more mature. (She laughs)

It's tough to be in this business and be mature.

True! (She laughs)

Okay, before porn, had you been with a few guys, or a lot of guys?

Before porn? No, just a few.

So you were a good girl?


A good girl who started nude modeling.

I only had sex with my boyfriends, and I had boyfriends for two years at a time. The least was about nine months. I'm a relationship-type girl.

So you could probably count all the guys on one hand.

Yes! Exactly.

And then all of a sudden here comes Scott with this torpedo thing.

Right. It was like losing my virginity all over again.

But was he good?

Yeah! Of course. (She laughs)

Shay Jordan Well, you came back for more, so it must have been good.

I came at least four times during one scene.

Your scenes definitely look real. For anybody who hasn't been lucky enough to see you, which of your movies should they check out?

Shay's Sexual Freak 3. Jack's Asian Adventures. Control 4.

That's right Jack's Asian Adventures was hot.

Of course! That's because you love Asians.

Who said that?

(She laughs)

Okay, well, now we have to have this discussion. Robby knows I like Asians and he called and asked me who my favorite Asian girls were. And you were one of the three that I named, which is pretty huge.

(She sighs) It is huge! There's a lot of Asian girls out there, so to be named one of the three is huge.

And you had only done one scene. Nautica Thorn and Mika Tan were the other two, and they've done a lot of scenes.

Right! So that's a very big compliment.

Robby sent me your photo before the press release came out and said, 'You need to look at this.' It was the one of you in the sheer thing with the shorts pulled down. On my weekly radio show, that shot has been the eye candy since it came out.

Really? (She laughs)

They ask me, 'What did she do this week?' and I tell them, 'It doesn't matter.'

(She laughs)

Everyone tuning in should look at the picture. Just to remind everybody, go look at Shay!

Right. (She laughs) Thank you.

Now, do you have a website yet?

Just my MySpace. I don't have my own website yet, but I am working on it.

I'll have to go home and add you right away.

Shay Jordan (She laughs) I do it on my own and I do talk to people.

Look, I've been text messaging you all week, so now you're in trouble.

I know! (She laughs)

What else should we know about? Where do you come from?

Well, I originally came from the Philippines. I was born there. Then I moved to Hawaii, and from Hawaii I moved to San Diego. I stayed there for about 12 years. So, I was raised in San Diego.

That's where I was raised, too.

Really? Where?

North County.

Oh. I lived in Mira Mesa. Not too far.

I grew up in San Marcus. It's a little farm town. Do you live in San Diego still?

I moved to L.A.


I wish I moved to Bel-Air!

I thought all porn girls lived in Bel-Air.

I wish! (She laughs)

You've got to earn that?


Shay Jordan So do you prefer Los Angeles to San Diego?

Where I live, I live a few miles away from Hollywood, and all the crowds and the valley stuff. I like where I live. It's very quiet and very calm, by the mountains. It's over by Malibu.

A few more years, you'll move over the hills and into the valley.

Exactly. (She laughs)

See, you gotta get like Jesse. You gotta pay your dues.


Now, this is your first show, right?

My very first. I'm a virgin!

So, have you been out signing autographs yet, or just doing interviews?

No autographs today.

So you've been doing interviews. What is the dumbest question someone has asked you so far?

I haven't had a dumb question yet.

I'll find one then.


But first, we'll continue with this. Now, you have a couple of movies coming out, so people are going to be coming up to you and knowing that you're Shay Jordan. Most of them will have jacked off to you-some of us, a dozen times since we came to Vegas.

(She laughs)

But that's a different story. It wouldn't be that way if you would just come to the room, dammit!

(She laughs)

But seriously. These people will have pleasured themselves, either with their partners or by themselves, to your image many times. How does that make you feel?

That makes me feel great. I couldn't be happier, really. I had a friend who went out and bought one of my movies and jacked off to it while we were on the phone. I just think it's so hot.

It's good to be your friend

(She laughs)

Why don't you call me every day that I'm working? What do you think I do all day? It's my job! And you know, for you, I'll review your movie every day.

(She laughs) Okay!

That'll be my morning routine.

Next time, I'll call you.

Now, you know that this has been going on for a lot longer than you've been in porn, right?


Shay Jordan You were like the hot girl in school, right?

Well, yeah. I had boyfriends.

Were you in sports?

My boyfriend pretty much locked me down. He didn't want me to be with anybody else, so I pretty much stayed home and kept to myself. I stayed with him all the time, and nobody really talked to me because of him. So, no, I didn't do anything. (She laughs)

Were you a good student?

I was an okay student. It's hard for me to pay attention in school. I get bored easily, so I would always end up falling asleep, or thinking of other stuff, and end up having a whole week worth of homework in a day because I don't do anything in class. (She laughs)

What else should we talk about? Are you ready for a dumb question?

(She laughs) Okay, ready.

If you could have sex with any cartoon character, who would it be and why?

Any cartoon character? One of the Sailor Moon girls. Why? Because they're so freakin' hot with their crazy anime hair. I think anime is really hot. I actually want to do an anime of me.

That would be really hot. Digital Playground could probably do it.

A lot of people tell me I have a cartoon face because of my little baby nose, and I'm like, 'Okay, I want to do cartoons!' (She laughs)

I'm trying to figure out who would look at you and say, 'Cartoon.'

No, real life.

Real life is good.

Yeah! (She laughs)

Do you have tattoos?

I have two little ones.


My lower back and lower pelvic area.

What are they of and what significance do they have?

Shay Jordan The one on my back is a flower and a rose and it has kind of my real name. I got it when I was 14. I was all drunk and rebellious, because I was in the Philippines, and you can do whatever the hell you want over there. I took advantage of that. (She laughs) I did that, and then the front one is a little baby scorpion, because I'm a Scorpio, and proud of it! (She laughs)

So, it's not warning people to stay out?

If you go in here, it's all venom.

I'll risk it.

(She laughs)

You only live once.

It's a good pain, though.

So I hear. You keep promising, but nothing's happened.

(She laughs) It's only been two days!

That's true. But how can I wait any longer? I mean, jeeze!

(She laughs)

What else? You haven't done many scenes. Do you have any favorites to work with? Guys, girls?

I love working with Scott Nails. Not just because he has a big cock, but because he's cocky. He's not all lovey-dovey all the time. We do our scenes great because we have really good chemistry. We're good friends, so it makes it more fun.

Okay. And girls?

I've only worked with two girls. Carly Montana, I really liked working with her.


She's cool. Big ol' booty. (She laughs) But I'm really looking forward to working with my contract sisters. That's what I'm looking forward to!

I just talked to Jesse. She said she's worked with all the contract girls except you. And she thinks Digital is keeping the two of you apart for a reason.


I told her it was because the three of us are going to do a scene.

Oh really.

But I don't really think that's going to happen. But do you think that they're holding you back hoping that the two of you will just tear the hell out of each other one day?

You know, if they keep doing it, we will! So, maybe.

We're thinking maybe Pirates 2 they're going to unleash the two of you together.

(She laughs)

Shay Jordan And she's going to try to tear you up.

She's going to tear me up! I'm not a dominant person. I like to be dominated. I like it when people just pick me up and throw me around, I like it when they put me into positions they want. I love it. I'm not a good dominator.

That's going to be a great scene, then.

Yeah! (She laughs)

Now, are there any guys you've seen that you'd like to work with?

Besides Scott, Mick Blue, actually.

He's sitting right out there.

Yeah, right out there. I love working with him. He's really nice and good. (She laughs)

Is that important to you?

It is, because I actually like to cum in my scenes, and as you've noticed, I do. If the guy is really good and I can get into it, then yeah, I do like it, because if the guy's horrible then I can't cum and it doesn't look good. You can tell.

Okay. How about a wish list? Are there any guys you have not worked with yet?

I don't really know. Since I'm still new, I don't know a lot of names, so I'm not sure right now.

You know, Scott paid Robby to keep you sheltered, so you'd only work with him.

Really? (She laughs)

Scott and Mick both pay Robby. We're just going to put you with these guys again.

I actually haven't worked with Scott in a really long time. Or with Mick.

I just don't have enough money to pay Robby to get on the list.

(She laughs)

I keep trying to bribe him. I just want to be one of the three guys. That'd be good.

One of them, huh? (She laughs)

Does your family know what you do?

I'm sure that they do, but before I even got into porn, I stopped talking to them. I really don't care. They're not helping me, so what can they do? I'm living my own life. (She laughs) I'm getting things that they could never give me.

Now, before you got into porn, had you been with girls at all?

Yes. I had a girlfriend, actually, before I got into porn. We were together for a year and a half. That became very hard because of the industry, of course, so we're trying to be friends. We still live together and stuff.

Do you prefer girls or guys?

Shay Jordan In relationships, I don't know, now that I've been with a girl for a long time, I don't know if I could do it again. Unless we had a boyfriend for like the two of us. (She laughs)

We talked about this the other night.

Well, I'm a girl and I know what I want in relationships. If I'm with a girl, I'm going to want to give her everything. It's just so hard. And guys are just way more laid back. You don't have to worry about them as much.

We're easier. Blow job once a week.

Exactly! Sometimes, you don't even have to do anything. Just touch my titties and jack off once a week. (She laughs)

That works for me. Anything else we should know?

Um, you're the interviewer! (She laughs)

I know, but we've asked you all the standard questions. We have lots of movies to look forward to this year.

I do!

Have you done two guys at once?


In your personal life?


Is that something that you want to do?



No. I would love to do two girls and a guy, or more girls and a guy.


No never.

Except Robby and I on camera, right?

Right, on camera.

The two of us are like one.

Okay, it's like one Scott Nails! (She laughs)

Right. Thanks.

Shay Jordan Just kidding!

It's like one Scott Nails penis, and four of his bodies.

(She laughs) I've seen the penis.

Oh really?

I mean, I've seen Robby's penis.

I've heard it's about the size of this.

I've never seen it erect.

How could it not be erect around you? I mean, mine's erect right now, and I'm just sitting here.

(She laughs) He just showed it to me really fast, and I was like, 'AHHHHH.'

Good reaction, by the way. It's always good to giggle when a guy shows you his penis. No wonder Robby has low self-esteem.

Awww. Robby knows I love him.

Yes, he does. What's something that nobody knows about you yet?

Probably the fact that I'm adopted. People pretty much know everything about me.

There you go. And lovely necklace. I am looking at the necklace, by the way.

Are you sure?

I'll look at the breasts in a minute. But I'm looking at your lovely Digital Playground necklace.


Shay Jordan, Digital Playground contract girl. Are you nominated at AVN for Best Newcomer?

I don't know. I don't think so.

But you were nominated on my site.

And I didn't win.

Well, you didn't lose.

Shay Jordan But I didn't win.

But Naomi did win, and we both agree that Naomi is pretty good.

Oh yeah. I love Naomi. She's great. She's a great performer. I love watching her. She's really professional. She knows what she's doing. She doesn't just come in, she really does a good job.

We expect to see you nominated for a lot more awards.

I hope so!

And believe me, it was close.

(She laughs)

Well, thank you. We expect great things from you. You're absolutely gorgeous, and we'll talk to you again soon.

Okay, thanks! Shay's Movies

NEW: Audio Inerview With Shay Jordan now available! Listen to interview