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Jana Cova Interview 2007

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Jana Cova 2007 (: For a second year in a row, Digital Playground contract star Jana Cova sat down with me and really brightened my day. This year we talked about her possible roles in the upcoming Pirates 2, which if the new Digital Playground girls she has worked with and even explored her limited backdoor experience. You'll have to read the interview to find out all the details and then head over to www.ClubJanaCova.com to see just what kind of anal trouble this lovely Czech blonde likes to get into.

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INTERVIEW: Jana Cova 2007

Now rolling! I'm going to get close so I can hear Jana Cova.


Second year we've done this at Digital Playground. (Jan. 2006 Interview with Jana)


What did you do this year?

What did I do this year? Well, uh, you mean in movies?


Okay, so I was shooting Island Fever 4, and it was good. I had to have sex with Jesse. (she laughs) Which is always good. And with Teagan! And the Virtual Sex with Jana Cova, Hot Rod for Sinners, First Line, and some of the Jacks' Playground Series, too.

Now in the Virtual Sex with Jana Cova, who was the lucky person with the toy?

Oh, that was a girl. She was a model. She used to be a model. She's not modeling anymore, and she was wearing a strap-on.

Was she good with the strap-on?

She was! She was.



But she's not a porn girl, she's a regular model?

Well, no. She was a porn model.

A porn model. Jana Cova

Mmm-hm. She was good at it, but I think guys are better than strap-ons.

Do you like guys better than girls, just not on camera?

Mmm, I like both, because it's different. But in my private life, yeah, I prefer guys.

Okay. Now, you said you worked with Jesse. She was just here talking about how much she loved working with you.

(she giggles)

Now, you also worked with Teagan.


How are the two of them different?

Uh, I would say that Jesse is more aggressive, you know? She just grabs me and fucks me hard. And Teagan, she's more playful.

But you like both?

Yes, I like both.

Now, I'm going to put you on the spot. If you could only choose one…

Only choose one? Oh, that would be hard! I would say, Jesse.

Because you like the aggression.


But you'd rather have the choice, right?

Both! (she laughs)

But if I twist your arm, you're going to go with the aggressive one. Alright, well, that's good.

Yeah. (she laughs)

How about the two new Digital Playground contract girls? Have you worked with Lacie Heart or Katsumi yet?

No, no, not yet. But I think they both are very beautiful. I always thought of Katsumi as having the most beautiful face. And Lacie is just a sweetheart. I'm looking forward to working with them. And with Shay! I didn't work with Shay.

You didn't work with Shay either?


So there's three new contract girls.

Yeah, three new! (she laughs)

Wow, so we look forward to that. You've worked with Sophia?

Yes, I did! Jana Cova

Okay, so now there's three. How is she different from Teagan and Jesse?

Um, she's more easy-going, you know? Like…I don't know how to describe Sophia. She can be aggressive, she can be nice, I don't know. It depends on if she wakes up in a good mood, she's nice. If she's pissed, she's aggressive. But I like working with her, too.

It's not bad to be pissed.

Yeah, it's not bad.

Do you ever try to make her angry?

No, no, no, no, no. (she laughs)

Alright. Do you have a website?

Yes, I do have a website. It's www.ClubJanaCova.com.

And what will people see there?

They can see me doing live shows every Saturday. And they can read my diary, see exclusive photo shoots and video.

What do you do in your live show?

Just about everything. (she laughs)

Do you sit and chat with members?


Do you masturbate?

Then I masturbate. I start just doing anal, and my camera guy, he starts playing with me. And the guys like that. (she laughs)

So, there's a little boy-girl interplay there?

Just a little bit! Just his hands, you know.

Now, is this someone you have a relationship with?


And for people who don't know that, that's why you don't do boys on camera, because of relationships.

It's not just because I have a relationship. I don't know. I can just enjoy the girl-girl stuff on camera a lot better than boy-girl stuff.

Well, girls are prettier. Jana Cova

Yeah! (she laughs)

So, on your new website, there is a little bit of hand interaction.


Yeah, alright. Now, in general, who's better with toys, guys or girls?

Girls. When I'm with guys, I don't use toys. I don't have to. (she giggles)

Should guys in general work on their toy skills, or just go with what they have?

Just go with what they have. (she giggles)

Okay, because girls need the toys.

Yeah, yeah.

Alright, what else to talk about?

I don't know.

Other than Digital Playground contract girls, if they came to you tomorrow and said, 'Jana, you're going to cast your next movie,' then there are no contracts.


'And you can pick any girl in the industry?'

That's easy.

Who would it be?

Sandy Westgate. She's hot. (she giggles)

Yeah, I think you said that last year, too.

Yeah, I know! She's still hot for me. (she laughs)

Is she listening?

(she laughs)

She needs to come to Digital Playground.

I know!

And go to Bora-Bora and have sex with you on the beach.

I know! I know, she's very hot. I never was a fan of big boobs, you know, implants? But she's got a beautiful face.

She's gorgeous.

Yes! She is. Jana Cova

Now, you shot Island Fever 4, how long were you cleaning sand out of different places in your body?

Oh, like two weeks! (she laughs) I know! It was always my fantasy to have sex on the beach, you know? But it's not like that at all. Because when I did that scene with Jesse, we had sand between our teeth and just everywhere.

I grew up near the beach.

Oh, really? (she laughs)

And whenever anyone says, 'I'd love to have sex on the beach…'

Uh-huh. (she laughs)

You know, no!

(she laughs)

You have to do it once. Everyone has to do it once.


And then you go, 'You know, I'm not going to again.'

Yeah. And I felt so bad for guys, you know, Scott Nails and Evan Stone, because they had to fuck the girls on the sand for like two hours, you know?

It's not easy to walk on the sand.


It's really not easy to thrust on the sand.

Yeah! (she laughs) I know.

And if you do have sex on the beach, bring a lot of baby wipes, because you don't want sand on in any place that's going to go in any place.

(she laughs) I know, I know.

Did they have lots of stuff to keep your hands clean?

Well, not really.


I know!

It's a good thing it was a good scene, right?

But we always throw big bottles of water, so we could clean ourselves. (she laughs)

Okay. Now, you got Pirates 2 coming out, and apparently the cast is a big secret.


Are you in it?

I hope I am! (she laughs)

So you don't even know yet if you're in it. I would imagine you're probably all going to be in it.

Yeah, I think so. I think so. But we don't know what roles we'll be. I just want to be the good pirate. The good, European pirate. (she laughs)

You don't want to be a bad pirate?


Why not?

I don't know, I have blonde hair, I should be a good pirate.

Janine had dark hair, because Janine was a bad pirate.

Yeah, I know. She was great!

Do you think you could be a good bad pirate?

I think I can, yeah.

But you'd rather be the hero.


Well, who do you think, out of all the Digital girls, would be the best bad pirate?

Best bad pirate? I know that Jesse would be a bad pirate, I think she would be good at it.

They could turn her from good to bad. Jana Cova

Yeah, yeah. Because she's a little evil! (she giggles)

She certainly had sex like she was evil in that movie!

I know! (she laughs)

Now, what else can we talk about? This is your second time signing here.


Haven't met the fans though yet, right?


Just doing interviews?


Do you think it will be a different fan reaction this year, since you've had more movies for them to see?

I don't know, I hope so. That's why I'm doing it, to get more fans.

What is the nicest thing a fan has ever said to you?

That it was nice to see a beauty with class.

What's the silliest thing someone's ever complimented you on?

I don't think anyone's ever said something silly. It's always polite.

So no one's said, 'You have a beautiful neck?'

Oh, no.

What do you get the most compliments on?

On my eyes, and on my ass.

It's kind of tough to see both at the same time, though.

(she laughs) I know!

I can see your eyes, and they're beautiful. But I'm not going to look at your ass, because once I do, the interview will be over. I'll just keep staring at your ass all day.

(she laughs)

Okay, so you get a lot of compliments on your eyes. For those who cannot see this interview, obviously, how tall are you?

I'm 5'2. I'm short.

Short, blonde, very curvy. And you have an accent! For those who weren't here last year, where are you from?

I'm from Czech Republic.

You speak wonderful English. Jana Cova

Thank you.

And you have a great accent.

Thank you!

So, do you do any other accents?

I can, yeah.

Could you be a British pirate?

I don't think so, I don't think I could be British. I could be Russian. (she laughs)

No one in the audience would know the difference. You could use your regular voice and say you're Russian, and we'd all go, 'Oh, she's Russian.'

I know! (she laughs)

But you don't do any other voices?


Now, it's audio, we can make up voices.

I don't know if I could do voices.

Do you sing?

No, I cannot sing.


I used to, when I was younger. But then my voice turned into, you know, when people drink a lot.

You drink a lot?

No, I don't! But my voice is like that! (she laughs)

You just matured into your voice. So you don't drink a lot, or you don't drink at all?

Uh, well, I do drink, but only wine. I really like wine.

What's your favorite kind of wine?

Pinot Grigio.

What else do you like to do, besides working on your website, making movies and flying off to Bora-Bora?

I like to cook. It's relaxing for me. And I like to play with my dog, shopping, hanging out with my friends and family.

If you were going to cook a special meal for someone you really wanted to impress, what would you cook for him or her? Jana Cova

I would cook chicken breast, mushrooms, tomatoes.

That's a good, healthy meal.

Yeah! (she laughs)

So if I ever come to your house and you cook that for me, I'll know it's because I'm special.

Right. (she laughs)

Do you ever like to have men cook for you?

I do. Yeah, I do.

Only if they're good, right?

Yeah, only if it's good. (she laughs)

So if we do macaroni and cheese?

No, no!

You'd rather do the cooking?


Okay, well, what else should we talk about? Any question that you've never been asked that you always think we should ask?

I don't think so. I think everybody asks all the questions.

What's the dumbest question we always ask you?

What's my fantasy. Sexual fantasies.

I just assume that they're about me.

(she giggles) Yeah! Yeah!

I don't want you to tell me. How about, do you like sex?

Oh, I love sex. I do.

Would you perform on camera if you didn't? Would you be able to fake it?

Fake it? What do you mean?

Fake the excitement. Jana Cova


Let's say you didn't like the performer you're with. Would you not want to do the scene, or would you just get through it?

I'd probably wouldn't want to do it, because I know it's easy for girls to fake it, but I don't like to fake it, you know? Sometimes you have to, but no, I wouldn't do it.

Okay, so you'd rather find the right person and get the real thing going.


Okay, well, I think that's about it. I think we're good.

Yay! (she giggles)

We should go to ClubJanaCova.com and see you, and the mystery hands and toys, and fun. Now, one thing you said was that you started to do anal. Only on your website?

Well, I did it on my website before. In my last movie, I believe it was Sexual Freak Jana Cova, I did DP with toys. It was good.

Do you like anal sex?

Yeah, when I relax, I like it.

And apparently you have the butt for it.

(she laughs) Jana Cova

We'll take pictures and show everyone. Now, you say eyes and butt, you get the most compliments on. What do you wish people would compliment you on?

More? Oh, gosh, probably my stomach, because I work out so much but nobody can see.

Well, that's the problem. We'll take a picture of your stomach, because people should know she's more than just pretty eyes and a great butt. She has nice legs, and a nice stomach and everything. She's got it all. She's Jana Cova, go visit her at clubjanacova.com. Thank you so much.

Thank you!


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