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Julie Meadows Interview - Julie Meadows' Bio & Movies
See Rog's previous interview with Julie: January 2000

I'm here with Julie Meadows. This is the first interview we have done in a long time.

Did we do one before?

Years ago and it was very short.

Well let's spend some more time this time.

We shall. We're at the VCA booth. How long have you been a contract girl for VCA?

Two years now.

How many movies are you shooting for them?

Six a year, so twelve so far.

How long have you been in the business?

Four years.

And about how many movies have you done?

Around a hundred and fifty.

That's not many for four years. You were working a lot in the beginning.

I did a lot of gonzo and then I started doing features. I seem to get along better with that.

Do you like the slower pace, or are you attracted to the dialog and acting aspects?

I like all of it. Bigger crews, more of a teamwork experience. I love quality more than quantity.

You did some quality gonzo work though.

There are some great gonzo companies, but I really like the features.

What would you say is your best feature?

Sinful Rella, Jane Hamilton directed that and it was really good.

What about a gonzo title?

Internal Affairs 2 for Elegant Angel was my favorite.

Is that the only internal cumshot you've done?

Yes, that's the only one. It was cool and very intimate. I was doing the scene with my boyfriend and it was great.

How did you get into the business?

I was dancing in Dallas, met a director and six months later I moved to LA.

How did the VCA contract come about?

I got the lead for LA Unforgiven and went in for the box cover shoot. They liked the way I photographed and offered me the contract.

Do you still dance?

Yes I do.

You have a web site right?

Yes, www.juliemeadows.com

People can find your dance schedule there I imagine?

Yes they can.

How often are you out dancing?

Usually just one week a month. I don't like to travel too much or I get burned out and don't enjoy it.

What were you like growing up?

I was very shy. I was a wall flower. I always knew where the parties were, but I didn't talk much.

How does a quiet girl from Texas become a stripper and then a porn star?

That is the way it works. A lot of entertainers were quiet and oddballs growing up. I just blossomed late.

Do you have any favorite guys to work with?

I love Nick Manning, Steve Hatcher, Chris Cannon, Cheyne Collins, Dillon Day, Randy Spears, those are my favorite guys.

Those are all the feature guys. You are working with a whole different crop of male talent now.

I guess you're right, I am.

What about girls?

I don't work with girls.



It's pretty rare for a performer to go this long without working with girls.

There are like four of us. Tera Patrick, Jasmin St. Claire and Midori. None of us do girls.

You shouldn't do something that you're not into.

That's the way I feel about it.

Are you up for any awards this year?

I am up for Best Actress for "Sex World 2003"

That was a great movie by the way. People should check that one out. Also "The Lost Heinie" was another one of yours that people should see.

I love those. I have nothing against gonzo, but I love the effort it takes to make a good feature. Gonzo is so easy and sometimes I do miss that part of it.

Have you had a chance to write or direct your own projects?

I don't think that directing is my thing, but I do write.

Will we see you in some movies that you've written for yourself?

No, the writing thing isn't for the business, it's just a side hobby that I've picked up for me.

What else do you like to do?

I love to read. I'm not on the set very often these days, so I read all the time. I read on the road, I read at home, I read while I travel.

You are ruining the stereotype of a porn girl you know.

I know, sorry.

You also have a toy contract with LVNI, how did that come about?

That was through VCA. Russ suggested it.

What kind of toys do you have?

I have three different kinds of dildos, a pocket vibrator and a vibrating cock ring.

Have they done any moldings of you yet?

Not yet. We are talking about it so it should happen eventually.

This doesn't really apply to you, but I'll ask it because I've asked all of the LVNI girls. If you could strap on a toy and do any of your fellow LVNI girls, who would it be?

Chloe is my best friend so I guess if I were going to give pleasure to any of them, it would be her.

Maybe you would rather give it to one of your contract guys.

Michael or Ron, yeah.

Have you worked with Ron before?

Yes I have.

How was it?

It was great. We laughed so much. He is such a funny guy, he had me laughing the whole time. I got to work with a legend, I loved it.

I think that about covers it.

Thank you Rog.

Thank you Julie, good luck.