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Julie Meadows Interview - Julie Meadows' Bio & Movies
Jan 2000

Julie, I know you are short on time, so thank you for taking the time to talk with your fans on the net. I promise to be quick and let you get back to this line of autograph hungry fans. Weíll get right to it, where were you born?

Texarkana, Texas.

How old are you?

Iím twenty five.

Whenís your birthday?

February 3rd, 1974.

Wow, really?

What does that mean?

I just would have guessed that you were twenty, maybe twenty two.

Thank you.

Whatís your secret?

I donít know, I guess I just keep up a youthful appearance.

About how long have you been in the business?

About a year and a half now.

And about how many movies have you made?

I would say we are getting very close to one hundred by now.

Any that stick out in your mind that you want to recommend to fans who maybe havenít seen you in action yet?

ĎStray Catí from Plum Productions was a lot of fun and came out really good. I loved making the new one, ĎUnited Colors of Ass 4í from Video team and I think ĎThe Succubusí is really good.

Your scene in that was great.

That was a wicked, wicked scene, I loved it. Also, I am really proud of all the stuff Iíve done for Elegant Angel, the Wet Spots, Backdoor Passes all that stuff was a lot of fun.

What was your first movie?

My first movie was Ed Powersí Dirty Debutantes number 94.

How did you hook up with Ed?

I went to an agent, World Modeling. A lot of producers get their talent through him. A few people told me that I just had to work with Ed Powers, that he is the guy to do your first scene with. It was good.

Were you a nervous.

I was a little nervous because I didnít know what to expect. I had never met him, but as soon as I got in and talked with him for a bit, I was fine.

When that first scene was over, did you know right away that you wanted to do more or did you go home and have to think about it a little bit?

When it was over, I thought to myself, Ďthis has been a good experience.í I just decided to ride the wave and see what happens. There have been some great scenes and some that werenít so great, but thatís to be expected in anything you do. Things canít go the way you want them to all the time in any business. For the most part, I have a lot of control and thatís important because of what we do.

What were you doing when you made the leap into porn?

I was a dancer.

In Texas?

Yes, I was still in Texas at that time. Before that, I had done a few odd jobs, but the dancing was the first thing I was passionate about. Even though I loved it, I was starting to get a little burned out. Five nights a week is a lot of work.

Are you still dancing now?

No, but I will be back soon. I really needed a break from that.

You have a web site, correct?

Yes, itís www.juliemeadows.com

So everyone can go visit your site and find out all about when you might be on tour and whatís new with you.

And they can write to me there as well.

What were you like growing up?

I was actually really shy. I watched people though. I would be the one at the party over in the corner just observing everyone doing the craziest stuff. I didnít really participate in a lot of things. I was very introspective and a very intense young woman. I was much more intense than any of the other girls I new, but I experimented with this and that.

That doesnít seem to fit with the career youíve chosen.

For some reason, I have been really good at separating my life and leading sort of a dual existence. One the one hand, Iím very experimental and open with myself and on the other hand, I can be very conservative with how I spend my time and who I spend it with.

You choose your friends wisely?

Very. I am very careful about people. Iím young, Iím not unattractive, I know that lots of people would like to get me to do, you know, stuff for them.

That line forms right behind me by the way.

Well of course, youíre different. (She laughs.) Itís flattering, but I have to keep myself in check so Iím not just out there giving myself away all the time.

Do you think the people you grew up with would be surprised to find out that youíve become this totally hot porn star?

I think there are a few who were aware of what I was like might actually have expected it, but at least ninety nine percent of them would be totally shocked. I wore oversized rock T Shirts, leather jackets, black everything. I didnít ever show myself off.

So somewhere in Texas, there are porn customers who are getting a huge shock.

There are guys all over that state singing that J Giles song ĎAngel in the Centerfold.í

Have you heard from anyone you grew up with about your movies?

As a matter of fact, I havenít, but I know one day it is going to happen. Iím going to run into someone I know and they will tell me how they canít believe it.

What about your family, do they know?

They do know. I donít hide anything from my family because Iím not afraid of criticism. I think they were upset by the whole thing, but they didnít tell me. I donít think they want to bring me down that way, and they know that I donít care what they think.

You donít care?

No. I tell them because I love them, and I donít want them to find out from someone else. Ultimately, itís my life and I will do what I want, regardless of what anyone says or thinks. I got to LA and called my mom to tell her I was going to be in an adult movie. She just told me to take care of myself and that was it.

Do you have any favorites to work with? Males? Females?

Well, I donít work with females, but my male favorites are Mark Davis, Ian Daniels, Chris Cannon and many, many more.

Iíve got more to ask you, but I can see by that big guy waving you over that itís time to go. Thank you for taking the time and weíll try and get more done another time.

That would be great, thanks Roger.