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The Pipeline: July 2003

THE PIPELINE: JULY 2003 Greetings my friends and welcome to another addition of the Pipeline. As I write this and as many of you read it, July 4th is rapidly approaching. It’s time for another Happy Birthday America, time to celebrate freedom, light off some fireworks, consume massive amounts of food that isn’t good […]

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The Pipeline: June 2003

THE PIPELINE: JUNE 2003 The summer is in full swing and that means that school is out for a whole new crop of would be porn stars. With the ink barely dry on their diplomas, young women are lining up to shed their clothes, bare their assets and get a head start paying for […]

The Pipeline: April 2003

THE PIPELINE: APRIL 2003 As most of you read this, spring is in full bloom. My April column is usually the time when I save up all of my really good pretend news for a good April Fools joke. Given the current state of world affairs, this probably isn’t the time for quips about […]

The Pipeline: March 2003

THE PIPELINE: MARCH 2003 Can you feel it my friends? Can you feel winter slowly releasing its grip on us? If you try you almost smell Spring coming. If the winter thaw is coming a bit early to your part of the world, it might just be caused by the whirlwind of activity coming […]

The Pipeline: February 2003

THE PIPELINE: FEBRUARY 2003 Welcome once again my friends, to another month, another year of Valentine’s Day celebration. I hope you’ve all picked out something pretty, sweet or sparkly for the woman in your life. (Or at least bought some nice new gloves for your ‘business’ hand.) Since this is a month for love and […]

The Pipeline: January 2003

THE PIPELINE: JANUARY 2003 Welcome to 2003 my friends. I trust you all had a wonderful holiday season filled with laughter, love, family, friends, giving and joy. With the world locked in the icy chill of winter, I sit here in SoCal, under sunny skies and feeling the chill that can only mean the mercury […]

The Pipeline: December 2002

THE PIPELINE: DECEMBER 2002 It’s amazing to me how quickly a year flies by. We are already to the final Pipeline of 2002. 11 down, only this one to go. It seems like only yesterday we were putting the wraps on 2001. This hasn’t been a banner year for big time porn feuds, major contact […]

The Pipeline: November 2002

THE PIPELINE: NOVEMBER 2002 We’ve made it through another October and that means that award season is just around the corner. This is when critics all over the world of porn are scrambling through their notes, piles of screeners and helpful suggestions from PR people to pick the very best from the year in smut. […]

The Pipeline: October 2002

THE PIPELINE: OCTOBER 2002 I really don’t think that there is a better month for porn that October. No, not because this is when movies must be submitted to AVN for Award consideration. No, not because the 17th of this month marks my own 35th birthday. I think that October is the perfect month for […]

The Pipeline: September 2002

THE PIPELINE: SEPTEMBER 2002 Greetings once again my friends and welcome to the back to school edition of the Pipeline. As summer comes to a close with the final long weekend of the season, I bring you news from the world of porn. With more movement than a Pedro Martinez slider, the world of smut […]

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