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Romance Done Tastefully Thanks to Wicked Sensual Collection

March 14th has been dubbed as “Steak &BJ Day.” If you are a guy lucky enough to already know that, more power to you brother. May your day be as special as the lady you share it with. For the rest of the population, celebrating this new holiday may take a little finesse and coaxing. Getting that special lady to cook you a nice slab of meat is one thing. Getting her to lovingly service your meat might be an even bigger challenge.

Rog Podcasts: 2016 AVN Awards Voting: Part Nine

For part nine of the 2016 AVN Nominations podcast we start off with some listener feedback and major announcement. Two great reader questions have us looking deeper at the Best New Starlet category and exploring the criteria used when considering things like Best New Series. The 2016 AVN Awards Pick the Winners Contest is announced.

Football Fun

Week three of the NFL season is almost in the books as I write this. That means that we are right in the heart of football season. That means that almost every fan still has hope that their team might have a shot. It also means that fantasy owners in every league I am playing in are already throwing in the towel, blowing up their team and planning for next year.

10 XXX Parodies I Want to See Made

Over the past several years, there has been an avalanche of XXX rated parodies. Everything from classic sitcoms to game shows have been given the porn parody treatment. Some have been great, others completely forgettable.

Cam Girls are the New Porn Stars

Over the past several years, the adult film industry has undergone massive changes. Internet piracy, economic collapse and a glut of product has eroded traditional income streams. Fans, exposed to more porn that ever before have become increasingly jaded by the generic material available to them. Through this decline, one segment of the industry has managed to not only survive, but thrive; live web cam shows.

Time to Play! 2015 Football Pick Em Pool

It is time once again for the football pool. This is different from the fantasy football leagues we run. We still do those of course, but this is more of a sports betting thing. Each week, readers, industry insiders and performers pick the winners in NFL games based on point spreads and we get to keep track of who is the best of the bunch at picking winners.

Reader List: Best Natural Breasts in Porn History

Recently I posed my list of the 50 Best Natural Racks in Porn History (Best Natural Breasts in Porn History). The feedback has been great, but as such lists do, mine has left some readers wondering how I left their favorite home-grown boobs off the list. Well, here’s your chance. This one is all for you. Add your favorites here.

Best All-Natural Breasts in XXX History

Breasts. Oh how we love breasts. Big ones, small ones, bouncing, shaking, wiggling, jiggling, boobies just seem to make the world a better place. Porn fans are especially fond of a great set. From magazines to movies to web sites, boobs, especially big ones, really capture our attention. So much so that countless DVD lines and websites have been devoted to pendulous puppies.

Seven Things That Killed Porn

For this week, I went with something a little more serious. This week’s list takes a look at the major contributing factors to the downfall of the adult film industry. It has been a long road from the heyday of the early 2000’s to now. What killed porn? Who sank the XXX Titanic? Take a look at this list and see if you agree.

The 20 Most Underrated Stars in Adult Movies Part 2

The early response to my first list (The 20 Most Underrates Pornstars in Adult Movies has been really cool. Lots of positive vibes and love for the women listed. A few dissenting opinions and of course, a lot of names that people feel I overlooked. To that end, I have added a second list that is open for public editing.

The 20 Most Underrated Stars in Adult Movies

We all have our favorites; be it a favorite food, band or vacation spot. Some favorites are common. Then there are those personal favorites are uniquely our own. That goes for XXX stars as well. For every Jenna Jameson, Ginger Lynn, Tera Patrick or Asa Akira, there are those performers who strike a special chord with particular fans. Girls who fly under the radar without ever reaching the heights that we think they should.

2013 NCAA Contest Winners

March madness is long over, but the cheers you hear echoing in the empty gym just might be from the winners of the 2013 NCAA Bracket Challenge. This year’s contest featured a field of returning players as well as several new entries. It was highlighted by a surprising tournament that offered several interesting brackets. Best of all, it included some fantastic prizes care of Miss Aurora Snow. (

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