Brazzers: The Parodies 6

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [8/12]
Female Looks [8/12]
Male Looks [8/12]
Picture Quality [11/12]
Extras [8/12]
Plot Acting [7/12]
Sex [9/12]

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Brazzers: The Parodies 6

Movie Type: All Sex
156 Mins
THEMES: Parodies, Costume Sex, Comic Book Sex, Superheroes, Super heroines
STARS: Riley Reid, Brooklyn Blue, Zara Duose, Nicole Aniston, Patty Michova, Abby Cross, Mia Milan


Apparently everyone still loves a porn parody. Of course now we are just watching single scene adventures instead of full movies. That genre seems to be pretty dried up despite some people still trying to keep it on life support come award time. Not that I’m opinionated about dropping that needless category or anything. This collection from Brazzers is to be sci-fi and comic book related. It starts with a very hot Harley Quinn fuck and runs through a couple of XMen and Star Trek romps. The production values are good and most of them are pretty well developed. They are great parody scenes and make me wish people would take the time to develop full movies. The opener features Riley Reid as Harley Quinn. She is locked up, but gets the upper hand on her doctor (played by the recently departed Bill Bailey). The result is a smoking hot scene that shows off Riley’s body and her sexual skills perfectly. Nothing else in the movie rises to this level, but there are still some good scenes to be had. Danny D, dishes out the dick to a couple of hotties in a Star Trek scene that is quite a lot of fun. He comes back twice more, once fucking Princess Leia and also banging Phychocke. Star Trek, X Men and Star Wars in one movie? Danny D is keeping the fans happy. Nicole Aniston shines in another X Men scene. The three way action has great make up and costume design as well as hot sex. This is a pretty nice collection of scenes especially for fans of comic book and sci-fi porn parodies. Riley Reid’s Harley Quinn is the best of the lot, but there is plenty to enjoy beyond that.

Riley Reid & Bill Bailey

In this Brazzers parody scene, Riley Reid plays the awesomely sexy and totally insane Harley Quinn. Bill Bailey is a new doctor at Arkham who somehow has never heard for the former doctor turned psychopath. He goes into her cell when he shouldn’t and ends up in a straight jacket while she torments him. He could easily end up beaten to death by her iconic bat (Which was where exactly?) but this is porn and Harley just wants some cock. She teases him, bending over in those tight shorts and really making great use of her hot, petite body. Taking his cock out, she sucks it, bobbing that cute head on him and making her multi-colored pigtails shake. Riley is always cute, an incredibly energetic cock sucker and hot as hell. She brings all of that to the fantasy play of crazy Harley manically sucking the poor doc’s throbbing boner. Standing up, she squats on his face, making him eat her ass while she grinds on him. Moving quickly down to his cock, Riley pumps her pussy on him. She is still partially in costume, keeping the fantasy appeal very high. Turning to face him, she pumps her hips hard and damn her ass looks so fucking good like this. Wow, this is hot eye candy overload. For such a tiny girl, Riley takes big hard cock about as well as any spinner in porn. Stopping right in the middle of the fucking, she sucks his cock and warns him that he better have a big load saved up for her. Setting him free, she bends over against the wall and he isn’t about to try and run. I’m not sure if he scared of her or just can’t stop fucking that sexy pussy. Either way, he gives Riley a serious dicking. He stops occasionally to lick her pussy or her ass while Riley continues to encourage him loudly. Scooping her up for some face to face standing action, Billy bounces Riley on his while she continues to look like a walking wet dream. They turn her around and he holds her up by the thighs to show her off from head to toe. He finally gives her that big load she wants and as Riley sucks out every drop, she screams for more. Don’t get too comfortable with this happy ending though, Harley Quinn has something in store for this dirty doctor.

Zara Durose, Brooklyn Blue & Danny D

Danny D has taken the helm of the Starship Enterprise. His mission is to explore new pussy and boldly fuck where no man has fucked before. He enlists the assistance of Zara Durose to help him learn the ins and outs of the self pleasure devises available to him. When that proves to be a bust, she offers to relieve the tension in his captain’s log herself. The lovely redhead enjoys sucking his huge shaft with both hands and then pops it into her mouth for some stunning oral footage. Things must have gone well because he is pulling up his pants when a warming comes over the com of an alien life form on board. As luck would have it, Brooklyn Blue just needs human seed to take back to her planet. Danny is happy to give it to her, so long as she takes it the old fashioned way. He takes her from behind while she keeps Zara happy with an active tongue. Both women share the big cock, covering with four hands and two mouths as they greedily fight for position. Zara rides it in a way that she needs to be mindful of because her hip action might just case the seed to end up her slit instead of that of the space slut. He manages to control himself enough to fuck them both with his huge cock until he shoots all over Zara’s tits and Brooklyn’s face.

Nicole Aniston, Xander Corvus & Charles Dera

The next parody comes with some a seriously well done fight sequence. Wolverine (Charles Dera) takes on Cyclops (Xander Corvus), the latter of whom is actually Mystique (Nicole Aniston). The fight is well choreographed and edited. Eventually the real Cyclops shows up and teams with Wolverine to fuck rather than fight the busty blue hottie. She is in heat and can’t wait to get a cock between her blue lips. With two to choose from, she stays happily bobbing that head as they move her around into some fun, acrobatic positions. She rides so hard that the makeup doesn’t stand a chance in the long run. All that energetic fucking has it smeared off and Nicole looking like she is in mid shape shift. The first cumshot hits her chin and stays there for several minutes while the action continues and she ends up with another big load on her face. Fun action and a great comic book fantasy scene for people into X Men smut.

Patty Michova & Danny D

If you liked the last X Men parody then get ready for Magneto (Danny D) vs. Psylocke (Patty Michova). The tease footage is really hot and it is clear that Patty has the frame of a comic book heroine. She and Danny battle it out for a few seconds, but we all know what she really wants. Taking his massive cock in her hand, she strokes and sucks it to full mast and can barely fit her lips around it. Patty gets on her knees and turns her cock sucking skills up a notch to really make him happy. They move to the stairs and stay in costume as he rails her from behind. The boob shots are really good as they sway and swing with each stroke. If you like big tits then watching her ride in reverse cowgirl. Her impressive rack is all over the place as she works her hips at full speed. Danny pulls out and shoots an enormous load all over her face and chest to close out the action.

Abby Cross & Danny D

The final parody is a Star Wars sends up with Princess Lay (Abby Cross) captured by Boba Nut (Boba Fuck in the text scroll. Come on, why not Boner Fett?) With Abby in full Leia slave costume, the bounty hunter has her do a sexy dance that leads to a blowjob. Danny’s huge cock barely fits into her mouth, but Abby really goes crazy trying to get it down her throat. That costume really shows off her body, but it is Abby’s sexual energy that really gets things going. When she bends over and takes him deep into her pussy you can almost hear the Star Wars fans collectively moaning in delight. She climbs on top and bucks her hips, driving that tight shaved pussy up and down the full length of his pole. He shoots his load all over her chest and face. Great looking scene with tremendous fantasy appeal for Star Wars fans.

BONUS: Bonus Scene (Mila Milan), Photo Gallery, Trailers, Web Access

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