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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [9/12]
Female Looks [8/12]
Male Looks [8/12]
Picture Quality [10/12]
Extras [6/12]
Sex [9/12]

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Black Bred

Movie Type: All Sex
173 Mins
Jules Jordan Video


DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Creampies
STARS: Kissa Sina, Kali Roses, Jill Kassidy, Bailey Brooke, Jason Luv, Rob Piper,


For this latest movie, Jules Jordan brings together a couple of different niches. As the title so cleverly reveals, this is a movie that takes interracial sex, mixes it with a creampie movie and the result is pretty hot, if a little specific. Beyond those distinct aspects, this movie is what you would expect from a JJV project. It features great picture quality, really good tease (in some of the scenes), top level talent and a focus on hot sex. The four women are attractive, energetic and make sure to steer the sex towards the promised climax. Kissa Sina continues here great run of hot scenes by taking Jason Luv’s huge dick and thick load into her pussy. Kali Roses gets things started with some fine tease footage. She is a very energetic performer who takes his size well and doesn’t slow down until she has drained his balls completely. Jill Kassidy is the hottest woman in this movie and her scene lives up to that. She does a slow, beautiful tease before getting her pussy thoroughly ravaged and creamed in a very memorable scene. Bailey Brooke rounds things out with another really good scene. She has a great body and a serious sex drive. All four scenes end with cream pies, completing well-shot sex scenes exactly as

Kissa Sina & Jason Luv

Kissing the movie with some bikini tease, Kissa Sina shakes her hips and shows off her curves. Jason Luv is enjoying the sun and the show. Kissa makes her way over to him and grabs his huge cock through his shorts. It grows quickly as she mounts and dry humps him while they kiss. They go inside so she can give his monster pole the attention it deserves. It barely fits into her mouth, but that doesn’t slow Kissa down one bit. She sucks him off and then leads him upstairs to the bed for another BJ. He pushes her feet up over her head and fucks that pussy, Kissa is out of breath quickly, but encourages him to go deeper. Jason’s huge dick makes Kissa’s pussy lips grip it as he deep strokes her from behind. She definitely likes take big dicks and her thighs are visibly quivering as she drops her pussy down on him in reverse cowgirl. While she rides, Kissa starts begging him to cum in her pussy. Jason flips her over and gives her what she wants. Giving her sloppy pussy a few final strokes Jason squeezes his load out around his dick and leaves Kissa quite a mess.

Kali Roses & Rob Piper

Blonde Kali Roses gets into some serious ass shaking as she twerks on the stairs. This girl has a really sweet look but also is heavily inked on her back and across the backs of her thighs. Rob Piper likes what he sees and whips out his cock. Now it is Kali’s turn to like what she sees. She wraps her pretty lips around his long dick and sucks it like a champ. Great looking oral that also shows off her body as she strips and exposes even more body art. She works her mouth down to his lap and starts working on that huge cock. Rob eats her while Kali’s feet are way up over her head and she seems more than ready for anything when he is done. She is very aggressive about pushing back against his dick in doggy. To make sure she gets it all, Kali gets on top and thrusts her hips hard. I love how they take turns during the cowgirl. Kali rides for a while and then Rob holds her still and pumps up into her pussy. Kali has a really nice body, especially when she is on her back with her legs spread wide to show them off. She finishes back on top with Rob holding her still while he pumps his cream into her tight teen twat. Kali plays with the load and sucks every last drop off of his big dick.

Jill Kassidy & Jason Luv

Lovely Jill Kassidy poses in front of the mirror in her lingerie and fishnet stockings. There are some great shots of her ass as she wiggles her hips and gets us all in the mood to see her fucked. Jason Luv joins her outside and gives her what she craves, a massive black cock. It is huge in her mouth and she looks up at him with adoration as she does her best to swallow it. Moving the action inside, she continues to give very loud, quite enthusiastic head. He eat her pussy and then fills it with more cock than she seems able to take. Somehow she gets her legs up and her body opens up to take that monster dick. After stopping briefly to suck him again, Jill gets on top. Her ass is perfectly displayed as she rides and moans excitedly with Jason’s dick pounding her insides. She spins around for reverse cowgirl which is just a perfect way to check out her fantastic body. Doggy work as well with Jill smiling back at Jason as he fucks her hard. Jill grabs his cock in both and sucks like she is about to drain him dry, but instead spreads her legs one more time while he pumps away, finally filling her with cream. The hottest girl in the movie gives a really great scene.

Bailey Brooke & Rob Piper

Bikini blonde Bailey Brooke suns her buns out by the pool. I know I just called Jill the hottest girl in the movie, but Bailey doesn’t take a backseat to anyone. Rob Piper likes what he sees and the two are kissing in no time. He helps oil up her buns and then we get to watch some nice tease footage in the water. Her ass gets a lot of attention and deservedly so. It’s quite shapely. She gets on all fours and shakes that ass as she starts sucking his big cock. Rob spins her around fairly quickly and has that pretty ass backing right up on him. Sticking with the theme, Bailey rides the dick, shaking her cheeks invitingly. Whenever he is fucking her, Bailey has her fingers working her clit until she can hardly stand it. We know they are leading up to a creampie, but they really do seem to have great chemistry together as their bodies stay tightly pressed together. He has her on her back, but when it is time to nut, Rob has Bailey on top and working her hips until her tight pink pussy milks a big load of black ball batter into her womb. With her motor still running, Bailey wiggles her hips and lets the cum drip from her freshly fucked slit.

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