Angela White & Markus Dupree from Serendipity for

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Angela White & Markus Dupree from Serendipity for

SOURCE DVD: Sexual Encounters 2
46 Mins
THEMES: One Night Stand, Big Breasts, Natural Breasts, Squirting
STARS: Angela White & Markus Dupree


(Nominated for Best B/G Scene) Angela White stars with Markus Dupree in this award nominated scene. Her blind date doesn’t work out, but as luck would have it, she runs into Markus instead. They hit it off quickly and before you can look up who co-starred with John Cusack in the mainstream movie Serendipity (Kate Beckensale) they are back at home with his tongue up her ass. Angela gets on her knees with her perfect breasts swaying as she inhales his cock to the root. She ends up begging him to put his dick into her from behind. As he does, we get some nice as shots as well as more of her bouncing boobs. They give us some shots of her kneeling again while he fucks her breasts and her mouth. Great looking stuff and it shows more of Angela’s unmatched sexual energy. They move to the bed where she gets slammed hard enough for her feet to end up behind her head. In addition to being beautiful and hot as hell, Angela is also wonderfully flexible. They have great chemistry together and whether she is on top or getting slammed from behind, Angela looks amazing. They finish with Angela on her knees looking up with her tongue out while he unloads a big load on her pretty face.

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