India Summer in Blacks on India from

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India Summer in Blacks on India from

35 Mins
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Threesome, Cuckold, BBC, Big Cock
STARS: India Summer, Charlie Mac & Flash Brown


After years of being a brunette, India Summer has gone blonde and is every bit as stunning as always. She and Charlie Mac try and remember the first time they fucked, but she can’t help but stare at his cock. Always the size queen, India wants a surprise friend to drop by. While they are waiting, she reacquaints her mouth is Charlie’s bid dick. Slapping the hard shaft while she loudly slurps on the head, India wastes no time reminding the audience why she is such a favorite. Flash Brown shows up and India crawls over to get that huge dick in her mouth. She looks up at him with lust in those beautiful eyes and she loudly devours his meat. When India crawls back over to Charlie, Flash follows and slides his dick into her from behind. They get into a really good rhythm with one big dick at each end of this beautiful lady. Moving up to the bed, India mounts and ride with every bit as much energy as we would hope for. Flash takes her shoes off and gets India ready to get pounded right into the mattress. First he puts his mouth on that pussy and has her squirming around and clawing at the sheets. India repays him with a hand-heavy blowjob while Charlie moves back around behind to fuck some more. Finally riding Flash, India faces the camera and bucks her hips while still expertly sucking cock. She looks fantastic with her legs pushed back over her head taking every inch of black dick. Flash gives her a nice load for her face and while it drips down her cheeks, Charlie takes her in doggy one more time. He surprises her with some ass eating right before he shoots a thick wad on her tongue. Brunette or Blonde, India Summer is one of the hottest women in porn and this is a must see scene.

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