YNOT Network Returns, Offers Updated Social Network for Webcam Models and Adult Professionals

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YNOT Network Returns, Offers Updated Social Network for Webcam Models and Adult Professionals

AUSTIN, TX (July 6, 2018) – YNOT is pleased to announce the return of YNOT Network. The newly revamped website provides adult industry webcam models, website developers, marketers and business owners with an industry-only, private social network for talking business and building valuable professional relationships.

“It’s fun to relaunch ynotnetwork.com, which is really an iconic domain with a big place in the online adult entertainment history books,” says Jay Kopita, co-owner of YNOT. “Before there was a Facebook, before there was an Instagram, a Twitter or even a Google, YNOT Network gave adult industry professionals a place to network online. We’re pleased to continue that tradition.”

The first version of YNOT Network was launched in 1996, when YNOT founder and former owner Rick Moby built a community for adult website developers, or “webmasters” as they were commonly known at the time. The site welcomed visitors with the following description:

“The YNOT Adult Network is a project dedicated to some of the finest adult sites on the Internet. The main objective of the network is to bring the premier adult sites, who have worked hard & paid their dues, together into one organization where they can share ideas, build traffic, increase sales, and ultimately help each other grow.”

Nearly 22 years later, YNOT still provides B2B services for adult online businesses through its various websites. It’s a remarkable run of stability for any company in such a dynamic line of business. In those 22 years, the entire industry has undergone several complete transformations while many iconic industry brands that dominated in 1996 have diminished, disappeared or even went bankrupt.

YNOT’s flagship website remains YNOT.com, one of the industry’s most popular and trusted sources for valuable business news and information. While that site had also maintained business forums throughout the years, its primary focus has always been news. According to Kopita, it made sense to remove the forums from YNOT.com and build a better networking tool on YNOT Network.

“Most industry people, myself included, network on the major mainstream social networks like Facebook, and we don’t expect that to change anytime soon,” admits Kopita. “But mainstream companies aren’t really fond of our industry, and increasingly restrictive rules make it difficult sometimes to get things done on these platforms. That’s why we think it makes sense for the industry to support fellow adult companies that provide industry-friendly platforms and services.”

The new YNOT Network offers similar tools as major social networks. The site takes over the YNOT message boards of course, but also includes functionality such as live chatrooms, a member’s directory, and free classified ads. Members can create a profile, build friends lists, send private messages to other members, create and share picture albums or videos, or even post resumes and look for work.

Adult industry professionals who want to gain access to YNOT Network will need a free YNOT ID account. YNOT ID lets users create one single username and password that can then be used to access most YNOT websites, including YNOT.com, YNOT Cam, YNOT Awards, YNOT Shoot Me, and of course YNOT Network. Those who already have their YNOT ID setup should simply log intoYNOTID.com and select the option to activate YNOT Network.

“We’re looking forward to seeing YNOT Network again grow into a vibrant community of adult webcam models, professionals and insiders,” says Kopita. “We built this site for all of you, and if our 22-year history hasn’t made it clear, we’re committed to this industry and its stability and growth. Join us.”

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