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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Naturally Stacked Stories

220 Mins
DIRECTOR: Stills by Alan
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Big Tits, Sex in Water, French Maid, Mind Control
STARS: August Ames, Lana Rhoades, Angela White, Keisha Grey, Jalena Jensen, April O’Neil, Darce Dolce,


This is an outstanding movie if you like hot women, lesbian sex and amazing natural breasts. It has all three of those things from start to finish. The cast is beautiful and stacked. They are also totally into fun with other busty babes. There are some really good set ups there that offer plenty of variety. We have sweet romantic exploration, professional coercion and even black magic. Angela White stars in two scenes and given the title, she is understandably the big draw. In her first scene, she plays a woman powerful enough to get what she wants. Luring her assistant into a hot tryst with the promise of fame and fortune, Angela plays it perfectly. The breast play between she and Keisha Grey is beautiful and the added fun of the bubble bath creates a great atmosphere. In the second scene she becomes the prey as Jalena Jensen puts a spell on her old friend to bring her back to the lesbian side of the fence. It works and the result is a super busty tryst that you won’t forget. Darce Dolce and April O’Neil hook up with a little costume fantasy play. April is hired to be a sexy French maid but ends up in bed with Darce despite some initial resistance. The cover shot is the opening scene and it is pretty spectacular. August Ames and Lana Rhoades are old friends who explore first time lesbian sex. First time for Lana at least. Both women are gorgeous and built so perfectly it’s almost too much good stuff in one place at one time. If you like hot lesbian sex and fantastic natural breasts then this is the movie you have been waiting for.

August Ames & Lana Rhoades

Lifelong friends August Ames and Lana Rhoades get together for their weekly game of chess. They usually play on the phone since Lana left for school, but this time they get do it face to face. It is the first time they have seen each other since August discovered the joys of lesbian sex and she quickly hits her old friend up for news on the same sex attraction front in college. Slow on the uptake at first, Lana eventually figures that there would be no one better to share this with than her best friend. Keeping with the title of the movie, August goes right after Lana’s newly bigger boobs and starts sucking. The girls kiss, touch and giggle, exploring one another and providing incredible eye candy. Great natural boobs aside, August and Lana are two gorgeous women and wow does this scene look good. August leads the way, showing Lana all kinds of new tricks as the pretty brunette grinds and wiggles on her face. All warmed up now, Lana gets between August’s legs and starts licking. Her eyes are stunning and she seems to take to this new activity quite naturally. The women rub pussies and the camera lingers on their incredible breasts while they lovemaking intensifies. This is well set up scene with gorgeous eye candy and great heat.

Angela White & Keisha Grey

Being beautiful and powerful has its perks. Angela White shows us that in this next scene with Keisha Grey. Keisha is her assistant and when Angela calls her into the bathroom to watch her back, the younger girl is hesitant. Angela starts talking to Keisha about her potential as a model. Of course she needs to see more of her body to make sure. Keisha slips out of her dress and joins her boss in the tub. Catching on quickly Keisha understands that she needs to do whatever her boss wants if she wants to get ahead. Angela has her gently wash and caress her big perfect breasts. Taking things very slowly, Angela compliments Keisha on her skin, her body, her jawline and finally moves in to kiss her. The slow burn really works here, especially if you’re looking for great girl on girl breast play. Knowing she has Keisha where she wants her, Angela sucks on her boobs like they are made of candy. This enthusiastic breast play sets the stage for Keisha to return in kind. Watching this hot girl play with Angela’s momentous melons is the stuff of lesbianic legend. All this good stuff and they haven’t even gone down on each other yet. Once that starts, the actions hits new heights. Keisha does a nice job, but Angela steals the show, vigorously fingering herself while eating out her young assistant. I love the water play here as well. They splash a big while grinding on one another and then Angela uses is to gently tease Keisha as she fingers her. In the end this about fantastic breast play and beautiful lesbian sex and it hits home runs on both fronts.

April O’Neil & Darce Dolce

April O’Neil is thrilled to get a “French Maid” gig and rushes off to work. She shows up and finds the door unlocked. Getting changed, she finds it strange that someone would hire a sexy costumed maid and then not be there to watch. Of course Darce Dolce is home, she is just laying back watching April get changed. She lets April start cleaning before revealing herself and instantly showing the sexy young maid what really needs cleaning. (Not to give it away, but it’s her pussy.) April tries to resist, but Darce just kind of charges over her until they are in bed and the lovely maid is cleaning all of her dirty parts. Rubbing breasts together, Darce and April put on a great show. I love the way April keeps playing shy every step of the way. Darce knows how to work her through every step of the way, giving as much pleasure as she demands from her rent a maid. The boob play and bouncing footage are spot on as usual and by the time April dips her tongue into Darce, she is full blown lesbian and loving every lick of it. I have always had a big porno crush on April so I really enjoyed this one.

Angela White & Jalena Jensen

When Angela White is distraught over being cheated on, she turns to her good friend. Jalena Jensen. Jalena listens to her friend, but has an ulterior motive. With some help from witchcraft, she puts a spell on her beautiful, busty friend. She uses a doll to drive Angela crazy. This footage is nicely shoot, funny and really sexy as the gorgeous Aussie is driven inexplicable mad by invisible hands and a tongue on her erogenous zones. Warmed up and out of control. Angela is barely able to verbalize her resistance. It isn’t right, she is still married, and she should wait. Eventually Jalena’s hands on mouth on Angela’s breasts are too much and her resistance melts away. I love the way she play it, but eventually the tremendous eye candy and breast play just steal the spotlight. There are stunning shots of Angela on top of Jalena with her breasts hanging down in her face. It’s just super-hot and fits the tone of the movie perfectly. The breast play is exquisite as you would imagine from two such wonderfully equipped women. They finish up by rubbing their amazing natural wonders together. Is it the magic or just the overwhelming allure of big natural breasts?

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