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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Movie Type: All Sex
113 Mins
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Manuel Ferrara
THEMES: Big Cocks, Big Asses, Big Tits, Natural Tits, Anal Sex
STARS: Abella Danger, Keisha Grey, AJ Applegate, Cassidy Banks, Manuel Ferrara


This Manuel Ferrara movie is up for an AVN Award and one look at the cast and you’re probably going to figure out why. OK, there are lots of reasons, but when you start with two of the best asses in the biz and add two spectacular natural racks then combine them with Manuel and his dick, you have making for something special. The title kind of screams big boob movie and there is some very hot footage to back that up. However, bounce is also a booty movie with lots of hot cheek action. Basically it is a celebration of all things bouncing on four of the best bods in XXX. We start with Keisha Grey who could probably be in the movie for either her boobs or her butt, but this time seems to be showing off the beautiful sweater puppies. Abella Danger brings a serious ass to the table. Manuel enjoys it and they show it off perfectly. The anal sex in this scene is top notch and proves just how hot Abella can be. Switching back to boobs, we get Cassidy Banks. Her rack is fantastic and her sexual energy in this scene is as good as it has ever been. The finale features hot anal action from AJ Applegate. She has one of the best asses in XXX and get seriously worked. The sex in this movie is pretty fantastic and the tease features bounce footage of gorgeous asses and spectacular boobs. Great work overall

Keisha Grey & Manuel Ferrara

The tease footage on this scene is already noticeably different than we are used to seeing from JJV productions. It is eclectic with Keisha Grey appearing in a number of different outfits. We see her playing the cello, swimming naked and bouncing around in front of a wind machine. Manuel ends the tease footage by grabbing both of her boobs and sucking them. Keisha has great natural boobs for sure. He eats her pussy and then feeds her his giant dick. Keisha sucks it loudly, taking quite a bit into her hungry mouth. Nice looking head here as she gets herself ready to mount up and ride hard. Sticking her ass out of the camera, Keisha gets really loud as her pussy opens up for his big meat. They roll her into spoon to give us a great view and she smiles when his hands grip her throat. In between positions she sucks his cock and balls, keeping everything nice and wet. Sticking to the title, she fucks him hard enough to bounce up and down, making her glorious rack steal our attention. Manuel dishes up plenty of dick and finishes with a load on her face. Keisha Grey never fails to impress.

Abella Danger & Manuel Ferrara

Abella Danger offers a totally different kind of bounce in her tease footage. Manuel has her squeeze that spectacular ass into some yoga pants, bounce on an exercise ball with her booty and even has her bounce on a mini trampoline. No matter how you look at it, her ass is amazing and the tease footage absolutely rocks. Manuel comes in and it is Abella who goes on the attack first. She sucks his cock, taking it deep. When she can’t swallow it all, she shoves her fingers to the back of her throat to get things extra wet. Her pussy is even wetter and he slides right into her when she mounts him. This is fantastic footage, especially if you like her ass and who doesn’t? He spins her around and takes her from behind, Abella has her tennis shoes and socks still on for those who like this look. They move to spoon and she opens up her fantastic ass for deep penetration. I love the way she pushes back and the shots showing off the curve of her butt are truly gorgeous. As much as I love Abella’s body, it is her sexual energy that gets me every time. They fuck each other until they have both worked up a sweat and she sucks down a big load from his big cock. Great eye candy and hot anal sex make this one a must-see for Abella Danger fans.

Cassidy Banks & Manuel Ferrara

Cassidy Banks has the assets to star in a movie called Bounce for sure. She has fantastica natural breasts that are heavily featured in the tease. She also looks gorgeous in this scene. I love her makeup and the way she plays to the camera. Of course the bouncing breasts are hard to ignore so enjoy the hell out of them. Waiting on the bed, she is happy to see Manuel and even happier to feel his mouth on her breasts. He slides down between her legs and locks his mouth onto her clit. Looking up at him, she kneels on the bed and fills her mouth with his big cock. She does her best to suck his cock, but the swaying breasts steal some of the oral thunder. With a rack like that, there just has to be some tit fucking. Cassidy slides his meat between here boobs and slowly works them up and down. Switching views, we get a screen full of her ass as she rides his dick. Cassidy has a cute little butt and picks up steam as she gets used to the size of his prick. Manuel rolls her over and goes balls deep into her. After some more tit fucking he sprays her face and tits. Cassidy poses with his load all over her rack. Very nice scene here.

AJ Applegate & Manuel Ferrara

After some nice boob bounce, we return to a fantastic ass when AJ Applegate dons a bikini and does a sexy car wash. She soaps up the ride and then her glorious glutes during some really hot tease footage. Manuel joins her in the bedroom and gives her ass plenty of attention. She spins around and gets to work on his cock. AJ has a beautiful face and sucks like she truly loves putting on a great show. She gets down and licks his balls and ass before going back in for some rather deep oral action. AJ limbs on top and bucks her hips, taking every inch he as to offer. When the camera moves behind her, we get a lovely shot of her ass. The energy and the butt shot together are all we need to make this a fantastic segment. He flips her over, spreads her thighs and fucks that tight butthole. They quickly fall into a great anal rhythm, with AJ showing off her skills and Manuel getting deep into that backdoor. They finish with an interesting popshot. AJ gets on her knees for the usual facial. She sucks his balls and instead of pulling off when he shoots, she keeps sucking so his load shoots up and lands on her face. The result is something a little different and a well-covered face. Nice finale from a woman who still manages to rock it every time.

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