Cuckold Honeymoon 7

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Cuckold Honeymoon 7

Cuckold Honeymoon 7
129 Mins
VIP Media/Venus Girls
DIRECTOR: Jersey Black
THEMES: Cuckold, Face sitting, Cum Swapping, Bondage, Brides, Cum Spitting
STARS: Jenna Ivory, Mikayla Cox

This is a very specific movie for a particular audience. Jersey Black knows his way around cuckold and femdom flicks. It is on the level that that is finds its biggest success. Both women, Jenna Ivory and Mikayla Cox take charge of their scenes. The action includes cuckolding, bondage, verbal humiliation, face sitting, cum swapping and much more. The second main source of fantasy fun in this flick comes from the bridal angle. Jenna does a couple of scenes in some bridal gear to take the white thing to the next level with some newlywed cuckold action. She is cute and energetic about the action with a big ass for face sitting. Mikayla is a leggy brunette who embraces her role as her cuckold’s tormentor. Both women give the core audience what they want. If you love cuckold porn with a special bridal nod, this the movie you need to grab.

Jenna Ivory (Wedding Night)

Bride Jenna Ivory enters a room with her new husband who is excited about their wedding night. She knocks him out with a book and he wakes up bound and gagged while she is sucking another man’s cock just inches away. Not exactly what he had planned, but she seems to be loving it. She is still in her bridal looking lingerie and mocks him in between oral strokes. Jenna spits in his face, makes him cry and just keeps sucking and stroking on the other guy’s dick. The hot talk is great. That makes the glitch in my DVD all the worse. At this point in the disc, the soundtrack starts over. So instead of hearing Jenna trash talk him, we go back to the start. I just turned down the sound to give you guys the scoop on the rest of the action. Jenna keeps sucking the guy off until he cums and then she spits his load (Looks enhanced or fake) all over his face.

Jenna Ivory (Face Sitting)

For round two, Jenna has her guy in stocks. She spits on him and goes after a guy on the mat. She chokes him out and sits on his face. From the looks of things she is also doing plenty of trash talking while she rubs her big cheeks on the guy’s face. Face sitting fans will enjoy the multiple positions. Jenna sits and then stands, backing her booty up onto his face. She lets hubby out and stretches out on him while she keeps working on the other guy.
Jenna Ivory (Bride #2)

She is back in her lingerie, this time over her hubby with the dude fucking her from behind. My sound is still off so I can’t tell what she is saying, but she is talking a lot. They take a break and reposition so she can suck cock just inches above his face. This makes it easy for her spit and slobber on his face while handling the strange cock. Sitting on his chest, Jenna rubs her pussy while stroking the hard dick. She doesn’t let him cum on hobby’s’ face though. Not directly anyway, choosing instead to take the load in her hand and then rub it all over her new groom for extra humiliation.

Mikayla Cox (Outdoor)

Bikini clad MILF Mikayla Cox brings her cuck in a wagon. He has a gift bag covering his face and an extra dick on hand to suck. No idea what they are saying, but she starts sucking and that’s what really matters. Mikayla is wearing sunglasses as she works her lips up and down the dick. They get into some standing doggy with some underneath shots that show close ups of the action. She sucks him off again, takes the load in her hand and puts it through the hole in his bag/mask to feed it to her cuckold.

Mikayla Cox (Indoors)

Mikayla is back, this time in a POV scene. She is talking a bit, but the sound is still off so it’s just the visuals for me. After a few minutes of BJ, she mounts up and starts riding his cock. He flips her over and fucks her in mish, ending with no cumshot.

Mikayla Cox (Stripper)

Taking a turn-on the stripper pole, Mikayla She teases the guy watching, but has her cuck in a black body suit. Mounting him, she sucks the other dude right near him. Using her cuck like furniture, she grinds on him while staying comfortable with a dick in her mouth. I am sure that the audio would add a lot to the action as she bends over and takes the guy from behind. There are some nice leg shots to go along with footage of her big fake boobs. I am sure that the hot talk adds to the fun as she fucks on top of her hapless cuckold. They move to the couch where she fucks him in reverse cowgirl until he stands up and feeds her a load. Mikayla spits it into her cuck’s mouth.

Mikayla Cox (Cock Cage)

Bringing her cuck into the bedroom, Mikayla has him locked up this time around. He is there just to watch of course. Her mouth is full of another cock in seconds. She straddles him this time, letting her lover fuck her from behind while her cuck can only look on helplessly, inches from the action. They pay him no mind, working Mikayla into whatever position they want and fucking right on top of him. This time she takes his load all over her face and then rubs it onto her cuck’s face as icing on the cake.

Mikayla Cox (Bondage)

Cruel Mikayla goes at it again. This time her cuck is in street clothes, but bound and gagged while she sucks dick like a champ. They fuck really close again, with Mikayla bent over the couch and her body pressed against her cuck while she gets railed. He struggles while she moans. There is some decent sex here in addition to the cuckold action. Mikayla rides the dick like she loves it. Another cumshot in the mouth and she smears it all over his face.

Mikayla Cox (Blindfold)

The sound is back so the dialog for this one comes through. Mikayla has her husband blindfolded on their honeymoon. She calls in her number one and gags hubby who continually objects as his new bride gets felt up from behind. Moaning loudly around the cock, she makes sure that hubby can hear even if he can’t see. They fuck on his lap and end with a big creampie. You know where it’s going to end up, all over his face.

Mikayla (Blindfold #2)

Outside again in her bikini, Mikayla calls her number one over and sucks his cock next to blindfolded hubby. There are some really nice shots her as she looks up into the camera and blows him. They fuck over him again with Mikayla taking it from behind and showing off her long legs. She turns around just in time for another hot facial that naturally gets rubbed all over his struggling face.

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