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For ten years, X-Art has been disrupting the adult industry with its brand of beautiful artcore erotica. Originally known as BeautyIsDivine, the project served as a showcase for photographer couple Brigham & Colette Field’s increasingly adventurous artistic nudes.

I’ve been a member since 2009. In this long term review, I’ll share my reasons for sticking with X-Art, provide a historical perspective on their evolving style, along with a glimpse of what awaits you behind the login screen. I’ll also point out some of the greatest moments in X-Art history.

The Basics: What’s in a Membership?

X-Art is a content-centric site featuring a clean interface with a decade worth of photos and videos featuring a blend of upcoming adult performers, models and big name pornstars. Fresh updates are irregular but typically drop every two to three days alternating between photo gallery and video. New content is filmed in 4K, with older videos being presented in the best quality available at the time, mostly 1080p.

Content is wide and varied featuring everything from solo glamor shoots to light hardcore group sex and anal. Everything is shot and edited lovingly and the end result is quite beautiful, more on that later.

Recently, X-Art added community features in addition to the vibrant comment threads. Users can create a profile (public or private, your choice) and interact with creators, models and other fans in an in-site social network. It’s a nice way to keep up with X-Art happenings, but likely won’t see much use from the average member.

Users also have access to typical features including a solid search function. A favorites and ratings system makes it easy to bookmark content and X-Art makes it easy to sort content by a variety of filters. Just like sister site Colette, tags are sadly absent which makes it hard to find a specific sex act to enjoy.

That X-Art Style

X-Art is and always will be known for it’s blend of production and sensuality. Field got his start in erotic photography and you can see that attention to detail in just about every frame he and his colleagues lineup.

Beyond that, X-Art has always had this way to get the most out of their models. In part, that comes from casting. Not just anybody can be an X-Art girl. The crew is selective in the process as outlined in a blog post by Colette where she wrote that a girl has to “love sex and herself,” among other traits.

She touches on a real problem. There are models in the porn world who, despite the nature of their work, are not deeply sexual people. Sometimes that shows, and X-Art seeks to shoot only those who truly love their trade. As she stated the girl must “love how we shoot and [be] thrilled with the results.”

You get the impression that everyone is very proud of their work. It extends beyond the scene; you see this pride in interviews, tweets and in behind-the-scenes clips. This isn’t just sex on tape. X-Art creates something greater. There’s real artistry at work here, and that’s awesome.

Memory Lane

X-Art first caught my attention with an adorable nude posted to DeviantArt. The artist and the site were instantly on my watch list. Seven months later, artistic-nude photography site would upload it’s first video. A boy-girl sex scene called Watch Me Cum featuring a cute Czech girl named Katrina. It was beautiful, and I was sold.

The first X-Art Photo I ever saw.

The funny thing about Watch Me Cum is that it actually doesn’t feature a cumshot. It was very short and you could tell that the couple behind the camera were still figuring this out, and might be a little uncomfortable to boot.

Brig continued to expand his boundaries while releasing memorable photo sets like Big Toy Orgasm along with a few more boy-girl clips. Big Toy has long been a favorite of mine. It features Carlie, a gorgeous brunette with girl-next-door looks as she fucks an impossibly big dildo. It’s just like a magic show!

Almost a year after that first film, X-Art had cracked the code on what would become its brand of hardcore. Dramatic lighting merged with expert framing with the release of Love to Fuck starring Monique.

For the next few years, X-Art had all the glitz and glam of classic Penthouse. The artcore site glimmered as the sole beacon of artsy porn in a sea of gonzo. And they flourished.

Monique in Love to Fuck defined X-Art’s approach to hardcore early on

Caprice: The Original X-Art Superstar

As 2010 came to a close, X-Art introduced a new model with the phrase “Caprice is absolutely the most perfect model we have ever shot.” Her perfect-10 looks and smoldering sexuality commanded respect. She quickly became a staple X-Art girl and continues to be a contender for the top-rated model.

Over the course of one year, Caprice starred in 16 X-Art shoots plus additional videos and became known as one of the most powerful girl-girl performers around. Films like Midnight Experience or Once We Kiss embody her sensual style and hint at the success Caprice would enjoy.

Caprice in One We Kiss

Then something amazing happened. With aptly titled Fucking Perfection, X-Art featured one of many firsts, Caprice’s first boy-girl. She would quickly move on to do anal in Backdoor Lover. She would go on to marry fellow performer Marcello while producing a stunning repertoire that ranks amongst the finest XXX I’ve seen.

Caprice on Marcello with Jake, from In the Blind

Stunning Models

According to Colette, X-Art models must be “exceptionally beautiful.” X-Art has been the go-to site to find the most stunning models before they become famous. In addition to Caprice, they’ve featured the likes of Anjelica Abby, Jenna J. Ross, Jillian Janson and Tiffany Thompson to name a few.

One of the most exciting turns however has been the addition of 2016 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Kenna James. This is particularly exciting as she recently shot her first boy/girl scene and continues to shoot hardcore content exclusively for X-Art. Watching her signature move where her eyes roll back is priceless.

Kenna James reacts to James Deen, Jenna J. Ross Assists in XXX Threeway Games

That eye for beautiful casting no doubt has something to do with Colette’s past modelling experience together with former X-Art girl and business partner Francesca’s good taste.

And it’s not just the ladies. From X-Art staffers like Mr. X to industry staples like James Deen, the fellows are among the sharpest in the business. As of late, they’ve even employed the likes of pornstar-turned-chef-turned-pornstar Jean Val Jean. Not bad.

Ever Evolving

Just as X-Art evolved from an artsy photo site, Brig and Colette continue to change. Today, X-Art feels a little more porny than it used to. There’s been a slight uptick on the more hardcore content. It’s still nowhere near Brazzers territory and there’s plenty of that classic X-Art style to go along, but it just seems harder to me..

In part, I think we’re seeing Colette’s influence from her hardcore spinoff, Colette.com. I also think it’s coming from the younger talent base, a generation of starlet that repeatedly professes their love of rough hardcore porn in interviews. No doubt they want to bring some of that into their work.

One of the best examples of new kids roughing it up has got to be Jill Kassidy. Picture a young Texan girl who is fit, beautiful and can fuck like a beast. I’ve fallen in love with her hardcore performances as seen at sites like Brazzers and Naughty America where she transfixes the eye with her raw and lusty scenes.

Put a girl like that at X-Art and what happens? Well, she positively destroys Jean Val Jean. Face fucking, deep throating, pussy gaping. Need I go on? How about New Years Bang where she jumps on Ryan Driller and wildly fucks him until he blasts a load inside her? It certainly isn’t the sort of genteel sex we’ve come to expect.

Jill Kassidy transitions to the downstroke on Ryan Driller

So we’re seeing a bit more variety in X-Art scenes these days. It’s still filmed beautifully. It still has great editing. I like it. If I get to see Jill and her generation’s intensity and passion under the fabulous filmography of X-Art, then I’m game.

Final Thoughts

The continually evolving content of X-Art has been a staple of my pornographic diet for nearly a decade and will likely remain so for many years to come. Their material remains next-level and they feature outstanding models, some of which you’ve never heard of before. I’ve been happy with it for many years. In high quality glam and art porn is your thing, then X-Art could be for you. Prefer something harder? Check my review for the sister-site, Colette.com.

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