Greatest Scenes of All Time: Jenna Jameson & Brittany Andrews in Flashpoint

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Patrick Parker

Greatest Scenes of All Time: Jenna Jameson & Brittany Andrews in Flashpoint

The year is 1997. Just three years into her career, Jenna Jameson had already racked up several awards including an AVN for the iconic Jenna Loves Rocco and was already redefining what it meant to be a pornstar. Everything Jenna touched was simply hot. It should come as no surprise that director Brad Armstrong chose Jenna to star in his Backdraft inspired tale about sexy firefighters: Flashpoint.

Flashpoint’s final scene sees Jenna Jameson and Brittany Andrews engaged in what was hailed by fans as the “best lesbian scene ever.” It opens in a fancy restaurant. Jenna wants to bill, but it’s clear that Brittany would like dessert. Within minutes, the two find themselves in the ladies’ room. You can guess what follows.

As a repressed computer-science major in the early 2000s, I held a negative opinion on pornography and scarcely entertained the thought of viewing such “filth”. But on one fateful night, I was perusing a file sharing service called Kazaa and happened upon something new. Instead of a new Nine Inch Nails track I was looking for, I was confronted with a video entitled “best lesbian scene ever” – in all caps no less. I don’t know why, but I clicked it. And I’m glad I did.

It’s the pace that made Flashpoint’s finale work. Passionate kissing gradually evolves into some of the finest cunnilingus captured on film. Jenna’s lust drives the short 15 minute scene from sex act to impassioned sex act and just the right balance of dirty talk for my virgin ears.

I had never seen anything like this before. I was captivated. I was hooked. Had it not been for this film along with Andrew Blake’s Aria, I doubt I would have gotten into porn at all. Not as a fan, and certainly not as a a would be champion and supporter of this uncanny art.

It feels a little strange to look at Armstrong’s vision with a critical eye today. This is one of the scenes I’ve always come back to as a means of winding down, as a way to remind myself of the joy and magic of porno.

Is it as good as I recall? Yes and no. From a sexual standpoint, Flashpoint remains one of, if not the hottest lesbian scenes that I have ever witnessed. Further, you get to see Jenna Jameson in her prime. But it isn’t perfect. Armstrong chose to loop a ridiculous porno-kitche muzak track through the entire sex scene. Can I just hear some moans please? And then there’s the weird choppy cuts from sex to plot that were and are so common. It makes the whole thing feel like you’re watching two different movies.

So maybe Flashpoint wasn’t the pinnacle of ‘90s pornography, but it is to me. Somehow this simple showcase of sexuality had such an impact that I’ve spent the past 15 years watching Jenna fuck Brittany. I’ll probably spend the next 15 years doing the same, and that sounds good to me.

Patrick Parker has been writing about pornography since 2008 with an emphasis on production value, glamcore and art-porn. Follow him on twitter @ArtfulPorn

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