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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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POV Wars

POV Wars
180 Mins
POV Train
DIRECTOR: Buzz Aziani
THEMES: POV, Multiple partners, MILFs, Big Tits
STARS: Raquel Sultra, Jewels Jade, Ashton Blake,

This is a really interesting concept for a porn site/flick. Obviously from the title, it a POV movie. It features two women, both taking on five guys in individual POV fucks. So it’s kind of like a gang bang movie, but not exactly. It’s one guy after another and that has its own appeal. Because the guys are amateurs and the cameras are hand held, there are some shaky moments to be sure. That is part of the appeal though. It’s raw around the edges and real in that way. Sexually, there is some decent heat. The women go about the action differently. Raquel Sultra strips down once and goes from guy to guy with hardly time to wipe the cum from her face or body. It’s an interesting big of action, but not really my speed. Jewels Jade actually dressed in between each guy. That means we get to see her in clothes and stripping out as each new guy gets hard and heavy. Something about that makes it really hot. Given Jewels’ appearance in the current news cycle, this movie probably scores more interest than it would have otherwise garnered. Ashton Blake is a tattooed MILF who wears glasses and plays up the office slut angle pretty nicely. It is an interesting concept with some potential and a bit of head if you like Jewels, Ashton or Raquel. I found myself entertained enough to give this site a look and wait for other DVDs.

Raquel Sultra

First out of the gate is blonde Raquel Sultra. She has a really deep voice and super huge bolt ons. In fact, I am starting to wonder if this movie is even more out of the box than I thought it was going to be. No mention of anything of that nature so we will just move along. The first guy is Brian and he comes in to find Raquel naked and ready. She uses a big vibrator to get that pussy nice and wet. It makes it easy to slide right in while he looks down at her big tits. They don’t even shake as he bangs her. After just a few strokes he pulls out and shoots all over her. The second guy comes in and he gets head. After a few unremarkable moments she mounts up and starts fucking him. The idea of one guy after another is interesting and has some raw appeal as she takes dick number three into her mouth. He takes a break and watches her rub her pussy on her knees. There are some close up shots before he goes back in to fuck her from behind. This leads to a pop on her thin ass. Turning right around she starts sucking another dick. He flips her onto her back and fucks her into a near creampie that leaves her meaty lips all covered in cum. The next one starts out pretty small grows in her mouth until he is ready to bang her from behind. He ends up shooting a pretty big load on her face. The concept here is interesting enough that I want to see what happens with a female lead I’m more interested in.

Jewels Jade

With huge tits and lips to match. Jewels Jade is up next. She has already done this POV thing before and is back for another round with different guys. After a short interview, Brad comes in and wants to ask Jewels a few questions. We discover that she was married at twenty to the first guy she ever slept with. The busty brunette has come a long way since then. She takes out her tits and then gets to work on his cock. Jewels is anxious to get some dick in her mouth and compliments him as she sucks him hard. Once he is ready, she turns around and gets taken from behind. Jewels likes talking while he strokes harder and harder into her. There are two cameras here and the light balance isn’t close so when they cut from one to another it is very distracting. He fucks her in mish and pulls out for a facial. I know this is raw and that is part of the appeal, but the lighting issue is really distracting. In between guys she gets dressed again so dude number two gets to check her out before she strips down. This time through he has her pose and flex. Jewels is in really good shape and more than ready for round tow. This time around she gives head for quite a while, rubbing her pussy while she does. The lighting is still off, but the action is good enough to overcome it. She gets on top and rubs her pussy on him before bouncing up and down. The camera is really focused on her tits during this portion so fans of huge fake tits will love this part. After another facial she dresses back up for the next dude. I really like the fact that she gets naked for each new guy. Not sure why I like it, but it’s cool. The BJ is short this time, but she is very eager to start fucking. The mish shots are very energetic and she is quick to grab his dick to milk it for a facial finish. The best shots during the next segment come when she takes it from behind. Jewels is very energetic and her ass looks really good here. It takes this guy a really long time to cum in her mouth, but Jewels works hard, earns the load and then plays with it. I wanted to see this with a girl I liked a bit and this one was pretty hot I must confess.

Ashton Blake

Last up is Ashton Blake. She is an inked up MILF who comes to play dressed like a slutty office manager. Her record for most guys in a day five so she is going to tie that mark in this scene. During the initial interview she says that she does find that size matters, likes the color white and has no nickname for her vagina. The playful woman has some serious nipple piercings, even more ink on her back and one hell of a big rack. She also has a clit piercing that makes for a good thing to play with as he warms her up before fucking her. First he gives her mouth a try and then finds his way between her big tits. Ashton keeps her glasses on and expertly uses her knockers to keep him happy. When she gets on top the camera is close to her boobs you can’t see anything else. He doesn’t last all that long, but no worries, there are plenty more guys where he came from. Ashton dresses again so she can flirt with the next guy as well. She likes teasing the head of his cock with her lips before popping it into her mouth. The next guy gets some good head and then condoms up before letting her get on top to ride his dick. The POV shots of her working her hips and taking his meat are pretty sweet. He takes the rubber off to leave a load in her cleavage. The next guy has a pretty big dick (for this movie) and blurs himself out of any shot that would show his face. He seems to know how to work it, getting some pretty moans from Ashton as he takes her from behind. After an extended suck job, he gives her a big load in her mouth. The next guy has her undress slowly so he can admire her body and squeeze those big tits. The head is so good for the next guy that he stops her before they fuck to have her lick and suck his cock a bit longer. When she does finally get up there, Ashton rocks her hips and spreads her lips for the camera. She smiles as she eats and wears his load.

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