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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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She Will Cheat: Asian Chicks Love Black Dicks

157 Mins
THEMES: Cheating, Asian Women, Hot Wives, Black Cock, Interracial Sex,
STARS: Mia Li, Lana Violet, Saya Song, Jovan Jordan, Nat Turnher, Sean Michaels, Jack Blaque


Most DVDs these days fit into at least one niche. This this shows up and delivers on two niches. It’s a cheating wife movie and it’s also an IR flick In fact, it’s a specific interracial movie featuring hot Asian wives cheating with hung black studs. For some people it might be a little too fine a point, but I love this movie. The scenes are well paced with nice set up to hit the niche appeal on the head The cast is really attractive with a couple of strong stand outs. Sexually the movie works. There is plenty of energy, lots of fantasy appeal, eye candy and just a hint of naughty cheating fun. Individually the women really shine. Mia Li confronts her husband’s deadbeat friend who is living in their place rent free. Jovan ends up finding a way to earn his keep by giving her some of the huge cock. It’s a really good opening scene. Lana Violet is married to a very jealous guy who ends up pushing his wife into the arms of a handsome stranger. I have always enjoyed Lana and her last few movies show that she is better than ever. That face, that body and oh does she have great energy. My favorite scene comes from one of my all-time favorite ladies, Saya Song. She is bored and uses a dating app to score some BBC. This super cute woman gives some really killer head and closes the movie perfectly. Going four for four, this DVD is fun and hot from start to finish. Let’s see some more.

Mia Li & Jovan Jordan

Mia Li has had it. Her husband’s friend Jovan has been mooching off of them for too long. When her husband refuses to do anything about it, she marches out to the guest house to put her foot down. She gets quite a surprise when he tells her that hubby has been flirting with women at work. Her anger quickly turns from Jovan to her husband and Mia can’t help but notice his bulge. Since hubby is mentally banging chicks at work, she might as well do the real thing. Porn logic folks, gotta love it. She is very happy with his big fat cock and sucks it lovingly as they move to the bed. He reaches behind her and fingers her pussy, making moan loudly while slurping his monster boner. Flipping her around into 69, Jovan has her facing the camera where we get a great view of all the fun. Whatever he’s doing with her tongue has her toes curling her mouth too busy moaning to suck for a while. She climbs up on top of him and starts riding in reverse cowgirl, bouncing and struggling to fit every inch of that fat pole into her tight hole. Once she gets going on top of that thing, Mia does nothing but sing his praises for as she happily bounces. The spoon shoots look really good and their energy makes the scene fun to watch. The neglected wife bends over and pushes her round ass back to swallow up his dick like they were made for each other. They finish up in spoon as he shoots all over her pussy just in time for her husband to call and check up on them.

Lana Violet & Nat Turnher

When Nat’s car breaks down, he knocks on Lana Violet’s door and asks to borrow her phone. She gives it to him but just as he is about to dial out, her husband calls in. That sets off his jealousy and Lana is so angry that decides to give him something to be jealous about. They flirt a bit and then the magic begins. They undress quickly and she drops to her knees. His cock is way too wide for her mouth, so she lets him jam it back there and make her gag while she moans around his meat. They get on the couch and she stretches her body out so she can get her lips nearly to the base. Lana is very hot and really working hard this time around. Hopping right into his lap, she grabs his dick and slips it into her pussy. Lana bucks her hips hard and squeals in delight as he hits her spots. He rolls her into spoon and they keep right on going. She shows a tremendous amount of energy and is quite vocal in her praise of his style and size. When she turns around to face the camera, we get a great view of Lana’s body which is pretty damn fine. Even better though is the energy with which she rides that big cock. Nat flips her over and fucks her from behind while she is flat on the couch and loving every inch. He pulls out and shoots all over her willing face. Once again, Lana shines by taking more dick than one would imagine possible into her petite body.

Saya Song & Jack Blaque

Married only a year, beautiful Saya Song is feeling the itch and tries out a new app for hooking up with other committed folk. Feeling very naughty, she gives a total stranger her address and waits. Waiting by the pool in a bikini, Saya looks smoking hot. Jack comes by and they hit it off. To the bedroom where it’s time to get some cheat on. Saya falls to her knees and pulls out his cock, loving the size and pushing it instantly to the back of her throat. She does some very impressive deep throat on that thing with more than a dash of gagging. They move to the bed where she gets on all fours and keeps right on sucking. This girl is one of the most enthusiastic oral artists in the business. If you like women with great oral skills who really seem to love sucking cock then you will love her. Jack pulls her up on top and her tight pussy swallows up every inch of his dick. She is having a lot of fun riding and as she faces the camera, shows off her tight bod while screaming about how big his dick is. They move to doggy where she rubs her clit and gets off in a very loud manner. Jack pounds harder and Says loves it. When they are in spoon she smiles at him in a way that is as sexy as any of the sloppy BJ or sexy body shots. Something about the look on her face is just blisteringly hot. The second round of head is fucking amazing with Saya attacking his cock with her mouth and hands. It looks like she might just get him off this way, but they have one more thing to do. On her back with her legs spread she is really loving it when hubby calls. The cheating wife says a few words to her man and then goes back to begging for Jack’s cream. He jerks off all over her neatly trimmed bush and lets her rub it into her skin.

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