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Roger T. Pipe

It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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157 Mins
DIRECTOR: Stills by Alan
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Blackmail, Blondes
STARS: Hillary Scott, Samantha Rone, Abigail Mac, Celeste Star, Lexi Belle, Charlotte Stokely


This movie is good for a lot of reasons. Chief among them is the return to XXX of Hillary Scott. The blonde adult entertainment legend has been out of the biz for a while, but is as hot as ever here. She plays the lead in this all-girl feature about a beautiful scientist, a mysterious message and a Government cover-up of whatever might be out there. Hillary stars in the first three scenes in the movie. First she celebrates her amazing discovery by loving up her girlfriend Samantha Rone. This is a good scene with plenty of sexual head and enough leggy blonde eye candy for anyone. The second scene of the movie is my favorite and probably the hottest girl/girl scene I have seen all year. Hillary and Samantha are at it again, but this time corrupt Government bitch Abigail Mac is in control. It is kinky, a little bit mean as Abigail revels in humiliating Samantha by fucking her beautiful girlfriend and making her do her bidding. All three women play their roles perfectly and I can’t praise this one enough. Hillary comes back for one more scene. This time she hooks up with Celeste Star after Samantha has been hauled off to jail. Once again, the lanky blonde shines as she plays with another pretty girl. Lexi Belle and Charlotte Stokely star in the final scene that seems to have nothing to do with the story so far. It is still pretty good, featuring a pair of very cute women doing what they love best. That scene works, but this movie is really the Hillary Scott show. She is back, beautiful and makes this all-girl movie very worth watching.

Hillary Scott & Samantha Rone

Hillary Scott is very focused on her work. That doesn’t make Samantha Rone too happy, but it is worth it when Hillary discovers a message from outer space. It is a very big deal so naturally they have to celebrate by getting naked in bed. Hillary works her way down between Samantha’s long legs and has her girlfriend singing her praises in no time. She is clearly rocking some serious tongue game and adds some intense pussy rubbing before letting Samantha take her turn. Hillary looks really good these days and leans back while Samantha munches out. They rub clits for a while and Samantha puts on a little squirting display. The best shot of the scene comes when they are sitting side by side fingering each other. If you like pretty blondes together, this will definitely get you going. Hillary looks especially hot and her girlfriend is clearly used to that good loving. It is good to see Hillary back and even better to see her looking so fucking hot.

Hillary Scott, Samantha Rone & Abigail Mac

The next morning, Hillary and Samantha have their doors kicked in by the NSA. Led by Abigail Mac, they are here to make sure what they discovered doesn’t get out to the public. After taking Hillary’s laptop and threatening to shut them both out of the discovery, Abigail picks up on an opportunity for fun. Hillary begs to be kept on as part of the discovery team and offers to do anything, much to the chagrin of her girlfriend. Abigail loves tormenting Samantha while ordering Hillary to eat her out. The dynamic is very sexy and everyone plays their parts perfectly. Samantha has to do as she is told and goes down on her girl while the horny brunette takes what she wants. She makes them kiss after cumming on Hillary’s face and then gets in between the two blonde lovers. Abagail rides Samantha’s face while Hillary is ordered to get her girlfriend off. The corrupt Government official is not totally selfish though. She licks both girls and takes great care to make Samantha cum in her mouth. The dirty talk and overall vibe of the scene make it super-hot and the eye candy put out by these three pretty women ain’t too bad either. This is one of the best girl/girl scenes I have seen all year.

Hillary Scott & Celeste Star

With her research stolen and her girlfriend locked up, Hillary is a mess. She gets a strange text and then a visit from Celeste Star. The mysterious brunette knows a lot about the situation, but there is even more to her than what meets the eye. There is hope, plus there is the chance for Hillary to have hot sex with a really sexy non-robot. Since Hillary has been so stressed, Celeste’s programmed loving is just what the doctor ordered. It starts with a lot of breast play as the sexy brunette licks, sucks and pinches Hillary’s nipples just right. Working down between those long legs, Celeste eats the meat folds between Hillary’s thighs until the beautiful blonde is screaming and bucking her hips to get more tongue action. Not wanting to be selfish, the returns the favor, proving that while her intelligence may be artificial, Celeste’s pleasure centers are all human. They finish up with legs intertwined as they rub clits and cum all over each other.

Charlotte Stokely & Lexi Belle

Lexi Belle gets hired to spy on Charlotte Stokely who is suspected of cheating. Showing up looking hot as hell in a dress that just barely fits, Lexi follows Charlotte around as she works out naked, gets cleaned up and then masturbates after talking to her lover on the phone. Lexi gets in the same room for up close observation and eventually reveals herself. Things go very wrong for the sexy investigator however and she has to do whatever Charlotte says to smooth things over. Charlotte, who has recently returned as a girl-only performer, is finally going to act out on her lesbian fantasies. Lexi is scared, but turned on enough to just go with the flow. Charlotte kisses Lexi and then helps her out of that tight little dress. Climbing up on top, she rides her new friend’s face and they both fall easily into their roles. This is some serious face sitting and it looks super-hot. Though she wasn’t really cheating before, Charlotte’s husband’s PI is making sure she is now. Since this is not Lexi’s first trip to the sushi bar, she dives right in and drives the thin blonde crazy in no time. They talk about making her husband watch as they get into 69 and continue the tongue assault.

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