Home Is Where the Hard Is: Layla Sin’s Dirty New Role

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Home Is Where the Hard Is: Layla Sin’s Dirty New Role

Stars in Penthouse’s ‘Sisters From Another Mister’

VENICE, CA – Layla Sin loves to roleplay and a new movie from Penthouse gave her the opportunity to step into a super-forbidden zone.

In Sisters From Another Mister (Penthouse) director Skye Blue tackles taboo relations and in Layla’s case she is the stepsister to Jay Smooth, and they form a bond that can never be broken.

“It’s always interesting to take on roles that would never happen in real life,” Layla said. “Jay and I are extremely comfortable, so we can go anywhere and get off on it. This is just another hot boy/girl scene with a kink!”

In a release from the DVD’s distributor, Bizarre Video, the girls are said to have gone into a “feeding frenzy” at the theme.

“This sexy reunion between faux-sibs becomes a potluck of sex,” they said. “Just the idea of being related gets these girls in a feeding frenzy. Pumping iron fuels the fantasy for his buff cock and his cardio-tastic tongue.”

The Penthouse contract performer and brand ambassador stars in many other recent releases for the company, including Wet Panty Fantasies, Seduction, Downtown and Dirty and Sex Rules. She can also be seen in Hustler’s Grade A Teen Pussy.

Go to http://bizarrevideocorp.com/corporate/sisters-from-another-mister/ for more info on Sisters From Another Mister.

For more information on Layla Sin and to see her Penthouse videos and galleries go to http://www.penthouse.com/models/layla-sin.

To contact her about a directing a scene email laylasin@hotmail.com. Her Twitter is @realLaylaSin.

Follow her on Twitter (@realLaylaSin) and Instagram (laylasin). Write her at laylasin@hotmail.com. For everything Layla go to http://risingstarpr.com/clients/layla-sin/.


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