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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Anal Hotties POV

198 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Mike Adriano
THEMES: Anal Sex, Gaping, Ass to Mouth, Swallowing
STARS: Roxy Rae, Chanel Preston, Keisha Grey, Teanna Trump, Abella Danger, Morgan Lee, Megan Rain,


Anal action is right up Mike Adriano’s alley. He loves fucking and eating asses and can get a bit extreme at times. That is certainly the case here. We are treated to some really good anal action, but also to some highly fetishized footage that may or may not send you running for the nearest bathroom. The best example of that comes in the first scene. We have gorgeous Chanel Preston sharing time with Roxy Rae. It’s a hot scene that features Roxy getting her ass opened up and filled with breakfast. Yep, it’s that kind of party. This one if followed by the curvy and adorable Keisha Grey getting plugged in the back door. Every time I see this girl I like her a little more. Everyone’s favorite rookie Abella Danger puts her incredible ass on the line with cute little Teanna Trump. Very hot three way here. The finale has Megan Rain and Morgan Lee sharing the meat. I have a huge crush on Morgan and can’t wait to see more of her. Lots of anal action makes this a must see for colon stretching fans everywhere.
Chanel Preston, Roxy Rae & Mike Adriano

Chanel Preston looks totally at home in front of the camera as she and Roxy Rae do their pre-fuck interview. Roxy is cute with kind of a hippie vibe thanks to the flower in her hair. She also has pierced nipples. Mike holds the camera while the girls take turns spreading their cheeks for butthole inspection. Liking what she sees, Roxy dives in and eats Chanel’s ass like it’s chocolate pudding. Mike jumps in and gives it a taste as well. Channel ups things a bit by licking Roxy’s ass and then sucking Mike’s cock in rapid succession. Pretty soon both women are sharing his cock and drooling all over the place. It becomes a bit of a contest between the two women who both try valiantly, but come up short of completely deep throating that dick. I love the eye contact and the way they tag-team the shaft and balls. Roxy goes for the ass again. This chick is a serious butt muncher. Mike rolls Roxy over and fucks her ass. There are really tight close up shots on her gape as she proves to be a worthy anal star. While he is fucking, Chanel adds her fingers to the mix. That’s a lot going in and out of a tight butthole, but Roxy seems to handle it just fine. There are such big gape shots that Chanel lands a glob of spit in there with absolute ease. He stays in that ass long enough to work up a good load that ends up in Chanel’s mouth. That doesn’t stop him of course and after the girls kiss, his dick goes right back into the well trained hole. After that, things just odd. They use a speculum for a super gape that allows him to fuck her as without touching the sides. I thought that the appeal of anal (in addition to the naughty factor) was the tight fit. How is playing a game of Operation with her abused colon sexy? And the end? Well let’s just say that watching Mike and Chanel eat fruity loopy cereal out of Roxy’s open colon has me seriously questioning my career path.

Keisha Grey & Mike Adriano

Keisha Grey is super hot. She is proud to show off her natural tits in a tight fishnet top. When she struts away from the camera she also reveals a lovely, juicy ass. The tease is good, but he just can’t keep talking when those perfect tits are there for the sucking. After very little play, he puts her on her side and sticks his dick right into her butthole. It looks great but she is rather low energy. Mike pulls out and lets her lick him off. Things pick up a bit as scene continues. By the time he puts his cock into her mouth during some close up BJ fun, she is sucking with a good deal of enthusiasm. This is followed by some full screen shots of her ass as it bounces up and down on his big dick. Pulling her thighs up, Mike stretches her ass in RCA while Keisha moans lustfully. The eye candy factor is high throughout the action and that carries things a long way. Then things get strange because Mike starts shoving stuff up her ass other than his cock. Butter this time. (What the fuck is up with anal feeding? Is this an episode of South Park?) After he bangs her buttery cheeks, she shoots a load onto her face. I like Keisha Grey enough to enjoy this scene despite some low energy moments and another trip down bizarre fetish lane.

Abella Danger, Teanna Trump & Mike Adriano

Both Abella Danger and Teanna Trump are hot nineteen year old girls who self-identify as “freaky sluts.” Teanna can’t wait to show us Abella’s ass. She spreads the cheeks and admires the shape before fingering it. Both girls taste the ass from her fingers and seem quite ready to get to the anal action straight away. First they need to deliver some sloppy head. Teanna attacks the cock like she knows she has to work extra hard to match Abella’s incredible ass. Once both girls get going full speed, they take deep strokes and things get a bit messy. They catch the spit in a champagne flute and then pour it all over each other. Fun for fans of fun with spit, but to me it just takes away from the fact that Teanna has a very cute face and Abella is a very skilled cocksucker, especially for her age. Abella gets ass fucked first, spreading her fantastic cheeks while Teanna puts her hungry mouth right in close to the action. Nice close up shots of the fun. That tight ass gets stretched and Abella is hot as always. I really enjoy the intensity here and the way adorable Teanna is so eager to please with her mouth. It is hard not to love Abella’s ass, especially when it is beautifully shot during super hot anal action. In the middle of the best action in the movie, Teanna starts dripping the goblet of spit all over the ass and licking it up again. Not even that can take all of the heat from this incredible anal scene. They share the cream before doing some side by side speculum play.

Megan Rain, Morgan Lee & Mike Adriano

The last two girls in the movie are both cute and enthusiastic. They lay out the plans. Morgan Lee is going to take it in the ass and Megan Rain is going to suck it right after. After a bit of showing off, Morgan spreads Megan’s legs and eats her asshole. The girls take turns sucking cock, making it messy and aggressively eating the dick. The low angle shots don’t show their faces, but does allow the spit to drip onto the camera so if that’s your thing, go nuts. The camera switches to POV as the girls dig in and lick his ass with tremendous energy. I really like watching Morgan Lee try to deep throat while Megan shoves her tongue deep into his ass. It is time for the pretty Asian to take it in the butt. She spreads her legs and with Megan there talking dirty, handles her end of the bargain perfectly. Mike goes back and forth between her holes while Megan licks his dick and her openings. The anal action is quite intense and Morgan Lee continues to shoot up my list of girls I have to see every time out. He pulls right out and shoots all over Megan Rain’s tongue. She swallows and then helps guide him right back into Morgan’s butt from behind. There are some great shots in RCA as well with Morgan driving her body down and Meagan licking up everything she can get her mouth on. He finishes with another shot in Megan’s mouth and the girls swap spit and ass juice and all kinds of liquids.

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