Evil Angels: Gianna

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Evil Angels: Gianna


MOVIE TYPE: Compilation
263 Mins
Evil Angel
THEMES: Gianna Michaels, Big Tits, Tit Fucking, Big cocks, Interracial Sex, Toy Play, Blow Bangs, Lesbian Sex, Rough Sex,
STARS: Gianna Michaels, Sarah James, Sara Stone, Belladonna, Jenna Haze


This is a movie I have been waiting for. Ever since Evil Angel started their hot compilation series “Evil Angels” I have been dying for a set featuring Gianna Michaels and her perfect set of gigantic globes. It’s an outstanding collection of Gianna at her best. It’s hard to believe she has done so much great porn and could probably fill another three sets. No matter what you like, you will probably see it here. (Except anal, she’s only done one of those so far.) The action opens with Gianna taking on Mandingo. It’s tough to top a scene like this. The clash of the titans is perfect and sets the stage. Getting down and dirty outside in a Rocco movie, Gianna shows off her slutty side by doing A2M from Sarah James’ freshly fucked butthole. Switching gears to girl on girl action Gianna teams with Sara Stone. Belladonna directs this scene and gets in there as two of the best natural racks of all time give us a scene that is amazing boob footage and super hot sex as well. Group action takes over as does a blow bang and then a hot three on one. Both show off her enthusiastic oral skills as well as her curvy perfection. Steve Holmes manages to match her great energy in a really hot one on one scene. The famous Fashionistas three-way between Gianna, Rocco and Jenna Haze is also included. It is still one of the hottest things ever shot. They probably should have ended with that one, but the Mick Blue finale is good as well. (Both are great, I just would have switched the order to end with the classic.) Overall this is a must-own if you are a Gianna fan. It shows her in some of her very best scenes and is a DVD that will provide hours of viewing pleasure.

Gianna Michaels & Mandingo (From Boob Bangers 2)

Leading things off with a true clash of the titans. Gianna takes out her perfectly huge knockers and shows them off while she waits to take on the insanely hung Mandingo. The tease here if fantastic and Gianna kneels and lets gravity play with her big boobs, drags them across the bed and looks at the camera like she knows damn well that we all want what she’s got. There is a little bit of toy play, but nothing beats the real thing. Gianna goes right after Mandingo’s cock, using both hands and her mouth to make it throb at full mast for her. As she sucks, the camera lingers on her boobs as they shake and sway perfectly. Moving to mish, she pulls her legs up high and takes his huge prick into her. Doggy provides some of the best boob shots as she manages to get him all the way in and rock that rack back and forth for us. They finish with a shot of Gianna on her knees taking a big love POV style. Awesome start.

Gianna Michaels, Sarah James, Kid Jamaica & Jazz Duro (From Rocco’s Furious Fuckers 1)

(From Original Review) Rocco hits Rome with Gianna in tow. This looks like a mainstream montage from a romantic comedy. He has Gianna checking out the racing gear he wants to use for his team. She looks great in it of course and hops on a motorcycle. Wow, that’ a body my friends. It doesn’t take her long to put Kid Jamaica to work between her legs. He has a good time licking that sweet box and whips out a hard cock for her to play with. Kid does a nice job fucking her face, but we all know that Gianna can take anything this guy can dish out. What I love about this scene is the great energy she brings to the table. It’s hard fucking, but she has a smile on her face like she’s having the time of her life. The hard ride ends with a great dismount as she sucks his load right out of his cock. Already this would be a totally strokeable scene, but Gianna isn’t finished yet. Jazz walks in and she goes right after his throbbing cock. Shoving to the back of her throat she gives a deep blowjob like she was born for this kind of thing. Already warmed up by the first fuck, Gianna is ready to ride with enough tit bounce to blacken her own eyes. Right in the middle of this action, Gianna spies Sarah nearby. She gets up and bring her into the mix without missing a beat. Jazz takes advantage of Sarah when she’s on all fours. His cock just slides right up her ass while Gianna licks pussy from behind. There is some extensive A2M action as Gianna sucks the cock fresh from Sarah’s butthole. The pop goes right into Gianna’s mouth. Damn this girl is hot.

Gianna Michaels, Sara Stone & Belladonna (From Fetish Fanatic 3)

With Belladonna watching, busty babes Gianna Michaels and Sara Stone put on a pole show. They can’t help but try out each other’s breasts and you can’t blame them. Sara has amazing knockers and Gianna is unbelievable in that department. Bella joins them on stage and has the girls bounce their tits. The tit play here is tremendous. Gianna appreciates Sara’s boobs every bit as much as we love hers. Bella helps guide the action as the girls suck and grope big natural boobs. They break out a double headed dong that looks more like a fire hose and have some naughty fun with that. Bella uses that toy to tit fuck both women at once. If that isn’t enough to get your attention then you have grabbed the wrong movie my friend. tight shots of her shaved pussy and nice face All warmed up from the toy, the girls get down and starts eating each other. Sara’s mouth gets very busy on Gianna’s wet pussy. With Gianna’s help, Sara does some hardcore blowjob action on a dildo on the stage. She gags on it while Bella uses a crop on that ass to make Sara suck even harder. Bella has the girls get on all fours side by side so she can work dildos into both of them. This is great tit play and lesbian action. It is also one of the more energetic Sara Stone scenes ever.

Gianna Michaels Blowbang (From Gobble the Goop 3)

(From Original Review) Wow. That’s the only way to describe Gianna as she struts up the street in her little brown dress. She teases a little bit, showing off that perfect body and then goes into the warehouse. The guys working in there have no idea just how much fun they are about to have. Attacking the first cock she sees, Gianna goes to work as only she can. After some single dick blowjob action she asks if everyone is going to stand around or put their cocks in her mouth. They are not totally insane so naturally they join in. Gianna gets her head going back and forth between dicks with enough body movement to keep her tits swaying the whole time. There is a bit more gagging in this scene, but we also get some tit fucking so it balances out. Gianna keeps up the hot talk while she sucks and then lets the guys shove her face to their hips as she takes them deep. Even with the gagging, the action is white hot in this scene. Gianna can take it and turns in a blistering scene. The guys line up for the pops and take their time giving her all the nut she can eat. She talks dirty until each guy has left a load in her mouth. Gianna walks out of that warehouse with a stomach full of sperm and another great scene under her belt.

Gianna Michaels, Tyler Knight, Lee Bang & Randy Rodman ( From Hellcats 9)

Sitting in her office dressed in a suit with her incredible rack barely contained, Gianna is ready for lunch. She strips to her bra and puts on a black “Bitch” necklace. Seconds later she is squatting in front of Lee Bang, spitting on his cock and making it grow in her mouth. She gets it wet and it throbs at full size as she talks dirty and shows the kind of energy that has made her a mega star. As she gives this expert BJ, two other guys are waiting nearby and jerking off in preparation. Wrapping her tits around his cock, she bounces them up and down with tremendous force. That pushes him over and Lee leaves his load right on Gianna’s tongue. Randy steps up next and gets a stunning titjob. While she is hard at work on that cock, Tyler Knight plays with Gianna’s wet pussy. He starts fucking her from behind, making those tits sway as she blows Randy. Great dirty talk as she mounts up for some furious fucking. I second load gets dumped onto her face before she is flipped over and power fucked by Tyler. Letting her get on top, Tyler holds her hips while Gianna fucks and makes her tits bounce for the camera. He pulls out in time for her to drop to the floor and eat his load.

Gianna Michaels & Steve Holmes (From Manhandled 3)

Gianna and Steve Holmes start out naked in bed. She mentions a boyfriend, but isn’t thinking about him when she gets his big cock in her mouth. All she can do is gag on it and make the most of the opportunity. They are very spirited in their fucking. Steve is supposed to be taking charge and Gianna challenges that with some hard hip action of her own. He pins her to the bed and fucks her big tits, filling her mouth as the head pops out from between her massive mams. I love watching these two together because they both offer up so much energy. Steve pumps her hard, slaps her tits and just owns that pussy. Gianna dirty talks her way through a scene that proves she can give as well as take. In between positions she sucks every inch he’s got, showing off deep throat skills that are super impressive. There are some shots in the middle of the fun where Gianna throws her legs up and grabs her feet to give him deep access. They do really great doggy and then Gianna gets into position to take a big load right in her mouth. Damn. She’s hot.

Gianna Michaels, Jenna Haze & Rocco Siffredi (From Fashionistas Saffado The Challenge)

(From the original review) Rocco finally gets to finish what he started with Jenna and Gianna. He begins by manhandling the busty babe and shoving her ass down on Jenna’s face. She might smother down there if she wasn’t so busy sucking up Gianna’s juices. There is great sexual energy here from both women. They share his cock and can’t get enough of each other either. Gianna is on fire as she sucks and strokes that huge pole. Jenna buries her face between the other girl’s thighs with more sexual abandon than we usually see. Not to be outdone, Jenna strokes Rocco like she’s trying to start a fire. We are used to seeing Gianna’s big tits on display, but Rocco makes sure that we see how flexible she is as he pins her knees back and fucks the living shit out of her pussy. Jenna provides additional eye candy, moral support and some hot talk to an already blistering scene. Just when it looks like the scene is as hot as possible, Jenna opens up her little ass for his cock. She struggles quite a bit to take it and is quite clear about the fact that she has never had anything so big in there. Once she gets used to it, Jenna kicks it into high gear and takes it all. When she takes a break for some A2M she holds those pretty cheeks open to show us just how well she opened up. They finish off with some serious doggy for Gianna and a massive load all over her gigantic tits. It took us an awful long time to get to this scene, but it’s worth the wait. Thanks to two amazing women and one of porn’s best meat slingers, this is one of the best scenes of 2006. (New Notes) Almost a decade later this scene still stands out. Gianna is perfectly built and so fucking hot. Jenna is at the top of her game and completely filthy. The dirty talk between the two women is spectacular. Plus, Jenna taking that huge cock in her tiny ass is just too fucking good for words. Great scene, still one of the best.

Gianna Michaels & Mick Blue (From Slutty & Sluttier 9)

The final scene kicks off with Gianna strutting around in Yoga pants and suspenders. She drops to her knees and crawls over to Mick who just lets the fun come to him. She dances for him, showing off her bush through the sheer pants and her tits as they spill out around the suspenders. Great tease here and it gets even better when she shakes her tits, smacking him in the face with those big, perfect knockers. She mounts his face and smother him with her big ass as well. Gianna moves to the shower where she puts on a killer show in that hot outfit. When she finally stops teasing, she wraps her lips around his cock and goes to work. She gives great head as always and with her big tits swaying under her body, things couldn’t look any hotter. He returns the favor with a little ass eating and then 69. They roll over and go face to face. The eye contact between the two of them is very hot. When they go into mish, she pulls her legs up to her chest and pulls him close with her thighs. The doggy gives us a final perfect shot of those tits before she spins around and takes another big load. Sucking out every last drop she proves to be the superstar we know her to be.

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