Score Presents Mia Khalifa

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Score Presents Mia Khalifa

101 Mins
THEMES: Big Tits, Deep Throat, Lebanese Girls, Schoolgirl, Toy Play
STARS: Mia Khalifa


Score has got the first hard core scenes for stunning beauty Mia Khalifa. Everyone knows that Score is the world-leader in busty erotica, but this Lebanese hottie has a lot more going on for her than just an incredible chest. She has a gorgeous face and a body that is every bit as smoking as the specific part that undoubtedly caught the attention of the folks at Score. Mia’s nationality has also made some headlines of late. I’m not sure if she is the first XXX performer of Lebanese descent, but there certainly aren’t many. While that makes for interesting stories, Mia is just hot. She is perfect in this collection. A beauty who is at ease in front of the camera. A woman with a fantastic body and an even hotter face. The action starts out slowly with a long interview and tease. It allows us to get to know Mia which I enjoyed. If she is half as naughty as her interview indicates, then she is perfect for this business. The solo play is very well shot. There is a lot of focus on her breasts of course. Score fans expect it and let’s face it, Mia has truly terrific tits. We also get to watch her give a BJ demonstration on a toy that is a joy to watch. Moving on to actual sex, Mia gives us two really good scenes. The first one is probably my favorite. The beautiful girl is paired with Karlo Karrera who gives her a chance to show off the deep throat skills she has been bragging about. He pushes her a bit, but she manages to take it like a champ. The BJ in this scene is fantastic. The sex is pretty fucking hot as well. Don’t miss this one, you will instantly be a Mia fan, I promise. The finale is very good as well. Mia dresses as a schoolgirl to fix her grade. Her outfit and glasses add some fantasy appeal to a scene that already has plenty of heat. I love this collection and consider it the first of many Mia Khalifa DVDs I will have in my library. Big thumbs up to Mia and Score for this one.

Mia Khalifa

We start out the movie with a long interview with Mia. She tells her story of going from behind the counter serving burgers to showing off her 34DD rack for the camera. It isn’t every day the hot girl serving you lunch makes that leap and the guys at Score really lucked into something. Mia is charming and when her tits come out she goes to amazing in no time flat. As she tells her story, she says that she was happy to hear that Score does hardcore, because getting fucked is her hobby. We also learn that she was a slutty girl in high school and has some serious deep throat skills. It gets hard to follow her interview when she loses the panties and rubs her shaved pussy. It’s a long interview followed by some hot solo action to get us warmed up.

Mia Khalifa

Before the next scene, Mia discusses her love of giving head. You have to dig a chick who loves to suck and please. She whips out her big tits and plays with them for a while. Mia gets on her back and rubs her pussy, moaning loudly, but stopping herself before she cums. Turning over, she sticks her ass high in the air and goes back to playing. The finger play here is awesome/ When she gets herself off the camera lingers on her lovely pink pussy. Mia already knows how to play for the camera beautifully.

Mia Khalifa & Toy

It is time for Mia to demonstrate proper blowjob technique. She has a little toy and playfully gives lessons. She uses her hands and mouth to suck it. We also get to hear her describe in detail how she works a cut cock differently from one that is uncircumcised. Getting on her knees, she keeps sucking and tells us that she likes cum either on her tits or in her mouth. I’m ready to see the real thing now.

Mia Khalifa & Karlo Karrera

Finally ready to play with real dick, Mia wastes little time, Karlo feels her up and rubs her slit through her pants, but this babe wants the dick in her mouth and she wants it now. Flashing her eyes to the camera she starts to deep throat almost immediately. No small task to be sure, but she does it. After all that talking about her skills, this gorgeous creature backs it up and them some. While her mouth stays full of hard meat. Great looking head from this sexy girl. Karlo peels off her pants and teases that beautiful little pussy while she continues to expertly devour his meat. He flips her around for 69, eating that hot slit while she continues to dazzle. He slips that big cock right into her pussy and Mia takes every inch. Mia turns over and shows us the she is way more than just a great set of boobs. Her ass looks amazing as she pushes her hips back to take him deep. Her energy is really fantastic and that body is just crazy hot. It really doesn’t matter what position she is in, Mia’s body is a thing of beauty. Reverse cowgirl gives us another chance to admire her perfect tits and I know that will make a lot of people super happy. Karlo pulls out and shoot on her chest. Mia smiles and licks it up. Perfect my friends, simply perfect.

Mia Khalifa

On a lovely day in Miami, Mia just can’t help but oil herself up. We get to watch as she rubs the oil into her chest and lets it drip beautifully down between her legs. This is great tease, but the scene actually takes place inside with Mia dressed in a sexy schoolgirl/coed outfit. She is looking for her professor because she is failing. Finding his TA instead she wants to keep her attempted academic fraud a secret. With a simple line “I may not be good at math, but I can suck really good dick,” she wins him over and we get to watch her drops to her knees for this lucky guy. But first he wants a shot at those amazing tits. Can’t really blame him can we? He licks the nipples before letting her do her thing. Mia is wearing glasses which only adds to the already great eye candy. With her perfect tits on display she easily deep throats his throbbing cock like she could keep going another ten inches. She works it with both hands and loudly lets the meat pop out of her mouth with every stroke. He has leave her stockings and glasses on as they sit in a chair and she mounts his prick. Taking it in both hands she guides her as her pistons up into that tight, wet hole. Great ass shots as they pick up the base. When she turns around he picks up her legs so that her feet are dangling as he works her. (Cute stockings and shoe shots for those of you keeping score at home.) She turns around to give him a good view of her ass as she grinds back and works that dick. They time the cumshot perfectly. Mia drops to her knees and takes it right into her mouth. She sucks out every drop and swallows it.
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