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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Overall Rating [11/12]
Female Looks [11/12]
Male Looks [10/12]
Picture Quality [11/12]
Extras [7/12]
Sex [11/12]

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149 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Jonni Darkko
THEMES: Asian Girls, Dirty Talk, Sloppy Head, Deep Throat, Blowbang, Gang Bang, Star Showcase
STARS: Cindy Starfall, Marica Hase


Are you a fan of Cindy Starfall? Then go to your favorite online retailer and buy this movie. You can read the review while you wait for it to download or arrive in the mail. Cindy stars in every scene and she shines brightly. Her good looks and tight body are easy to love. Her filthy talk and high energy fucking are also on display. It’s just about the most perfect Cindy Starfall movie I can think of. It features POV, a blow bang, a gang bang and plenty of sexy Cindy. Obviously, I loved it, but will you? That depends. How do you feel about super cute, petite Asian girls with hyper hot sex drives? How do you feel about dirty talk and sloppy blowjobs? If you like any of the above you are going to love this (almost) as much as I did. The POV footage is fantastic and Cindy plays to the camera perfectly. Her dirty talk alone makes this movie worth watching. When she talks to the camera, it’s super, super hot. The oral sex throughout the movie sort of sets up the epic blowbang. She has been sucking great dick throughout the whole movie and all of a sudden gets a bunch at once. The result is a fantastic group oral scene that is award worthy for sure. Her three-way with Marica Hase is outstanding. Both women look great and take dick like true fantasy girls. This is a scene worth watching a few times. With all this praise, what do I think of the gang bang? It’s great of course. It’s the blowjob with more openings on the menu. Cindy looks great and all by itself this would be a great scene to own. Start to finish, this is a perfect Cindy Starfall star vehicle. It is well shot, totally hot and a great example of just how fantastic this babe is. Add this to your collection, it’s worth it.

Cindy Starfall

The opening scene kicks off with Cindy in some black heels, stockings and lacy lingerie. It’s a high-gloss tease sequence that shows off her pretty face and petite, tight body quite nicely. Cindy bends over and spreads her pretty little lips to show us those tight pink folds. There are some really lovely shots from above when she spreads her legs, licks her fingers and lets them explore her quickly moistening slit. She is all warmed up and wants some cock. She gets on, a big one that chokes her immediately. That doesn’t slow Cindy down. This girl is a sloppy blowjob expert and we can expect a whole lot of it this kind of action throughout the movie. As she plays with the spot, Cindy moans and talks dirty. Her dirty talk is very nasty with a lot of “Asian slut” dialog in-between wet gagging. With her pretty face still a mess, Cindy throws her legs back and lets him slide his cock into her pussy. She rubs her pussy and lets out a stream of dirty talk as the big cock pushes into her. She spins around and sticks her ass in the air. It gets some finger play while her hot little pussy get slammed ever harder. I love the way she stops and starts sucking it in between positions. They finish up with a big shot on her face. Cindy takes enough into her mouth to play with it for a long while. If this is how much heat we can expect then this going to be a ton of fun.

Cindy Starfall

For the second scene, Cindy is dolled up with some vibrant red lipstick and an adorable little pinup looking lingerie set. She looks right into the camera, points into her mouth and tells us where she wants cock. Since that is where she wants it, he pulls his meat out and lets her go. Cindy talks dirty with a dick growing in her mouth. That’s some hot POV shit right there. I love the way she talks dirty with her mouth totally full. Cindy really shines when she is deep sucking a throbbing pole. Great eye contact and some really good handjob action along the way. If you like loud, energetic BJs by pretty girls in stunning POV angles then you are going to loop this scene and jerk yourself silly. Lots of great ball sucking from Cindy in this scene. Turning upside down, she begs to be face fucked, talking dirty whenever she isn’t choking on hard meat. This one ends with not one, but two big loads of hot ball batter fired at her super cute face. Cindy just keeps impressing the fuck out of me and we have barely even begun.

Cindy Starfall, Marica Hase & Mick Blue

Cindy shows that loves playing with Asian sluts just as much as she enjoys being one. (Hey, her words don’t shoot the messenger.) Teaming with the lovely Marica Hase, Cindy kicks off a super hot make out session. Bending her new friend over, Cindy finger fucks Marica’s tight pussy while eating that hot Japanese ass. Breaking out a clear plug, Cindy fucks her friend’s ass while Marica keeps busy rubbing her pussy. The girls are joined by Mick Blue who is thrilled to have two such lovely ladies to play with. He slides right into Cindy from the back while she continues to eat Marica like a woman possessed. They take his throbbing cock out of their mouths and share it. Lovely shots of these two babes passing it back and forth. Cindy keeps it messy, but also locks her pretty eyes right onto the camera while she rams that meat to the back of her throat. Marica waits her turn, but then turns up the heat with some intense sucking of her own. The double BJ footage is super hot. Marica goes into doggy next, eating pussy and curling her toes as Mick pounds that tight little hole. He keeps Marica bent over and plays with her ass. Cindy sucks his fingers for some A2M and then she licks the shaft as it goes in and out of her friend’s tight backdoor. The girls get into 60 and Cindy licks his cock while his balls batter her pretty face. She’s going all out for this scene and is really pretty amazing. They switch back with Cindy riding the cock and Marica sucking it clean every chance she gets. The girls share a big load of cum, swapping it back and forth multiple times until it’s just a big mess of spit. Damn this scene is hot.

Cindy Starfall (Blowbang)

Pretty Cindy takes on eight cocks in the next scene. They start with three huge black dicks that test her throat out. Cindy grabs two in her hands and works the other with her mouth. They rub the meat into the spitty mess she has on her lips and in between gagging, Cindy fills the air with the sweet sound of filthy talk. Those long cocks keep her plenty busy as she sucks, strokes and chokes her way around the room. Cindy continues to play to the camera as she pretty face gets all messy and more cocks join the fun. Two at a time seems to be how Cindy likes it best. She can suck one and jerk the other while using her free hand to play with big heavy balls. This blowbang features non-stop action with Cindy never even slowing down as she services all of them with equal pleasure. When the cumshots start flowing, she looks into the camera and talks dirty as one load after another covers her skin. The facials are so good that they shot them again in slow motion. I just reviewed a Kaylani Lei scene for another Darkko movie and called it my early favorite for oral sex scene of the year. Add this blowbang to that list.

Cindy Starfall &

Disc two kicks off with Cindy shaking her ass in a little purple lingerie set. The tease footage includes Cindy pumping her hips while grabbing her heels. Her pussy looks so pink and wet. This really is exquisite hardcore tease footage. The guys show up and start smacking her tits. For a little thing, Cindy sure does like it rough. Spreading her legs, she shows off her slit while sucking a big cock and stroking two more. This looks a like a continuation of the blowbang action we saw on the first DVD. That pink pussy is too inviting and soon Cindy is being slammed there as well. They have her on all fours and she arches her back to take as much as she can into her tight folds. Leaning her back the guys fill her pussy with two cocks at once. It’s a tight fight, but not even that can slow her down. The doggy is incredibly hard and she responds like she has never felt anything so perfect in all of her life. She is so lout that they cover her mouth a while as her tight little pussy gets stuffed. I really love the way Cindy looks with her feet up over her head and that pretty little slit stretched with big cock. The shots start and once again her adorable mug gets bathed in baby batter. She scoops some off of her nose and eats it while waiting for even more jizz. The cumshots are so filthy and hot that they run them all in slow motion. I don’t know if I like this recap or not. It’s really long and the real time stuff was plenty hot. Either way, this is a great high-energy gang bang to close out a movie that is sure to be on the Star Showcase nominees list. Cindy is hot and this final scene is perfect.

Bonus: Bonus scene with Cindy Starfall (Deep throat, sloppy head and facial), Cumshot Recap, Filmographies, Trailers, Web Site

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