Nikki Benz’ Jungle Fever

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Female Looks [9/12]
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Sex [11/12]

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Nikki Benz’ Jungle Fever

180 Mins
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Blondes, Big Tits, Big Cocks, Big Black Cocks, Hip Hop Sluts, Bondage, Three Ways, Anal Sex, Facials, BBC, Brides
STARS: Nikki Benz, Lexington Steele, Sean Michaels, Wesley Pipes, Jovan Jordan, Flash Brown, Jason Brown , Rob Piper


Nikki Benz stars in her own interracial star vehicle with Jules Jordan behind the camera. It’s a winning combination for sure. With six scenes featuring Nikki, her long legs and huge tits, fans get a lot of their favorite blonde. The guys are big, black and ready to drop the hammer. Nikki takes the big dicks very well. She also throws in a lot of IR themed dirty talk in each scene. Nikki takes on Lexington Steele in an award-worthy opening scene. She looks great, gives just enough tease and then takes that big cock like she was built for it. They have great chemistry and the scene definitely lives up to the superstar billing. Adding a little costume fantasy to the next scene, Nikki appears as a blushing bride. Jovan Jordan is her well hung new husband. He takes full advantage of his sexy blonde wife by drilling her raw. Great scene with bonus points for the super hot wedding theme. Disc one ends with Sean Michaels getting his rocks off with Nikki after a romp at poolside. She really works hard to take him on and gives us another memorable boff. Disc two starts with a light bondage themed three way. The two on one action is fantastic in this scene. Flash Brown gets her next. Nikki is dressed conservatively for this one, but lets her freak flag fly seriously when she gets near that big cock. The finale is another BBC three way. This time Sean and Wes pound on Nikki after some hip hop tease. From start to finish this is a star vehicle in every sense of the word. Nikki’s star shines bright here. She looks ready for anything and uses all of her charms to put on a great show. The interracial action is really well shot. The cocks are huge and so is her sexual energy. This is a must see movie for all Nikki fans and a sure fire award nominee.

Nikki Benz & Lexington Steele

Starting off with the heavy hitters, Jules opens the movie by pairing Nikki with Lexington Steele. She shows up in a tight silver outfit that displays her camel toe nicely. It also gives us some great ass shots as she sways her hips while sauntering through the house. Great tease, but Nikki really wants to get her lips around that monster cock. Her hand works the shaft while she takes as many inches as she can in her mouth. It seems to fit even better between her giant tits so Nikki squeezes those puppies together while he thrusts away. Squatting in front of him, she rubs the front of her outfit in time with her hot oral strokes. Lex bends her over the counter, pulls her shorts aside and fills that pussy. Nikki gives some nice hot talk during this scene and loses her clothes to properly mount up and ride hard. After a few strokes to get set, she pounds her hips down hard and works every inch into her wet slit. In addition to long leg shots and bouncing big tit action, this scene features some booth footage that is bound to make some people extra happy. They finally finish up with Nikki holding her giant knockers as Lex unloads his big dick all over her face. Very hot opening scene that sets the bar high.

Nikki Benz & Jovan Jordan

Arriving at the house in a limo and wearing bridal lingerie, Nikki would appear to be a very bodacious blonde bride. She and Jovan walk into the house, stopping to kiss along the way. It is going to be a very good wedding day for both of them. Nikki can’t wait to get his cock out of his pants and dutifully sucks it while using a gloved hand to gently caress the shaft. She enjoys having him slap his dick against her face and takes some gentle face fucking. Slipping that wet meat between her big tits, she slides them up and down to keep him good and hard. Lying back on the bed she asks for his “big, black cock” in her pussy. From the first stroke she seems almost overwhelmed by the girth. The dirty talk is fantastic here and that white lingerie adds to the fantasy aspect. Nikki shows off her legs in spoon, throwing one way up high and taking that this dark dick right in her tight pink twat. Hopping off, she sucks and strokes it with great joy. Putting his new bride on all fours, he slides his fat prick into that tight pussy. She grinds back in it beautifully, really showing off her butt. Mounting up in reverse cowgirl, Nikki takes advantage of every inch of cock he has for her, bouncing and screaming her way to a hard climax, Her hair ends up a mess as she kneels and takes his hot load right on her newlywed face. Nikki doesn’t stop until she has eaten every last drop.

Nikki Benz & Sean Michaels

While Sean is enjoying the pool, Nikki struts around in a big floppy hat and tiny bikini. The best ass shots of the movie come during this tease as she sets herself up for some poolside interracial action. Sean comes over with his dick already hard. Nikki takes off the hat, leaves on her sunglasses and rams his prick to the back of her throat. Her bikini can barely hold her tits in as he uses her mouth and then bends her over for a spanking. Sean loves that pretty white flesh with his tongue, getting her pussy dripping wet. Spreading her legs, Sean slides that long cock right into Nikki while she puts her hands behind her head and just enjoys the long stiff strokes. Flipping over she puts one leg up on the counter and lets him drive it home. Nikki is doing quite a bit of hot talk here and looks fantastic. They go inside where she gets on all fours to take it deep again from behind. Nikki squats over that long prick and grinds down for a very intimate lap dance. Flipping over, she opens her cheeks and asks for that big dick in her ass. It takes a few strokes to get her going, but her dirty talk helps inspire him to bang Nikki is really getting drilled deep and shows off her legs again during some white hot RCA. They finish the great anal scene with Nikki on a barstool with her butt sticking out while he drives it deep between her cheeks. He pulls out and shoots a big load on her face. This is a really great way to close disc one.

Nikki Benz, Jason Brown & Rob Piper

Getting into a little B & D to start disc 2, Nikki is bound and blindfolded on the bed. The guys come in and free her tits from her bra, sucking them until the nipples stand at attention. They drop their cocks into her mouth and she starts sucking on them both with great energy. Dropping to her knees, she loses the blindfold and adores those huge cocks with her eyes while sucking and stroking them. Nikki gags herself repeatedly trying to devour more and more meat. They throw her on the bed and fuck her at both ends, spreading her legs wide to make sure her pussy is stuffed while she keeps the second cock ready to rock her with more hot oral action. The doggy footage is very hot as she bobs her head and pushes her ass back to let her pussy swallow cock. When she flips over and gets on top, the pussy shots are pretty hot. That big cock stretches her out as she creams all over him. They stand over her and jerk off until they unload their big dicks all over her face.

Nikki Benz, & Flash Brown

Nikki is nicely dressed and going over some blueprints at the start of the next scene. She’s all prim and proper but has a secret. Her pussy is wet and needs to be rubbed all the time. When that doesn’t solve her problem, she goes upstairs where Flash Brown is just finishing up a shower. His freshly washed cock is just too good for her to pass up. Fully clothed, Nikki kneels and uses both hands to stroke it into her horny mouth. Moving to the bed she loses her top to show him that her big tits match his monstrous cock. Her legs spread nice and wide while he rams hi cock all the way in, bouncing his balls against her ass. While riding hard on the full length of that monster, Nikki loudly proclaims her love for that big “black cock” over and over. Of course she also enjoys sucking her juices form it in between positions. She may not look so prim and proper at this point, but she is getting filled up quite nicely. He finishes with a load on her face and she really works hard to milk every last drop from him.

Nikki Benz, Sean Michaels & Wesley Pipes

Nikki closes the movie in a tight little shirt, hat and plenty of bling. She has the whole hip hop video slut look down perfectly and knows how to use her assets to create some wickedly hot tease footage. Strutting her stuff in tight shorts, she bends over to make sure we know that her ass is just as hot as her big titties. There is a little of teasing with the garden hose and then she goes inside to get a double dose of real hose. Sean and Wes get their hands all over her, freeing her tits from her bikini top and rubbing her pussy through those tiny shorts. Wes takes them off so she can lick her pussy while Nikki gets her hands and mouth around enough of Sean’s meat to make her gag repeatedly. The guys switch places and she moans lustily around Wes’ long hog. Getting on all fours, she arches her back and bobs her head while they nail her at both ends. By the time she gets into reverse cowgirl, she is grinding her hips, talking dirty and showing off her rack. There is some really hot footage of Nikki getting pounded by Wes and his balls slapping her pink pussy as he penetrates those wet pink folds. They finish up on either side of her jerking loads onto her waiting tongue. Nikki gets creamed and covered in goo.

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  1. Ace says:

    Great movie 10 out of 10 best scene is Nikki Benz with Lex Steele just fucking amazing.

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