Samantha Saint Is Completely Wicked

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Samantha Saint Is Completely Wicked

118 Mins
Wicked Pictures
DIRECTOR: Jonathan Morgan
THEMES: Blondes, Big Tits, Solo, Lesbian Sex, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Glory Hole, Rough Sex
STARS: Samantha Saint, Dani Daniels, Anikka Albrite, Jon Jon, Lexington Steele, Mick Blue, Tony Martinez, Will Powers, Tommy Gunn


Wicked Girl Samantha Saint is quickly becoming a top flight contract star. It’s easy to see why. She is beautiful, tall, built for fun and a really good performer. This star vehicle shows her off wonderfully. The movie includes some great eye candy and hot sex. It also features the first Interracial sex for the lovely Ms. Saint. That should grab your attention a bit. Before we get there though, there are other hot scenes to enjoy. After a sexy opening solo scene, Dani Daniels joins the fun. Their girl/girl scene is great eye candy and features some genuine sexual heat. I’m not a big lesbian sex fan, but this scene rocks. Lexington Steele is the guy who gets to break Samantha’s on screen IR cherry. They do a great scene. Samantha takes that big dick and proves that she is ready for anything. Don’t miss this scene, because I know you guys have been waiting for it. She sneaks in a little IR in the next scene as well. It’s a big room with lots of glory holes. Samantha works her way around, sucking and fucking them all. Great shots of her body as she acrobatically takes them all and ends up covered in jizz. The finale is a hot and hard three way between Samantha, Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite. It’s rather rough with Samantha serving as a slave to the horny couple. She proves that she can be just as nasty as Anikka and that’s saying a lot. The scene gets pretty rough, but it’s still filled with eye candy and rounds things out nicely. Overall this is a great star vehicle showcasing Samantha’s beauty and sexual energy.

Samantha Saint

A bikini clad Samantha starts things out with a really nicely shot tease sequence. She is outside showing off her hot curves in a little suit that just barely covers her naughty bits. The parts that are covered don’t stay that way for long as she lets her tits out and soon has her fingers buried in her wet, waiting pussy. Her long legs look really great as she focuses on getting herself off for the camera. With the juices flowing she breaks out a glass dildo and uses it to penetrate her tight folds. Trying out a variety of toys, Samantha never loses sight of the fact that her body is great eye candy, posing as she pleases herself and finally gushes out a squirting finish.

Samantha Saint & Dani Daniels

Taking it up a notch, Samantha struts around the backyard looking for the equally lovely Dani Daniels. They join one another for a long, bikini clad kiss. The waterfall is a lovely backdrop, but it is hard to notice much of anything with Samantha’s beautiful big ass right there on full display. She spins around and parts those long legs. Dani knows exactly what to do with her talented tongue, eating the beautiful blonde who really can’t seem to get enough at this point. Dani bends her over and uses a small toy on her ass while still working that pussy with busy fingers and probing tongue. Dani pops that buttplug out of Samantha and slides it into her own backdoor for safe keeping. The eye candy here is tremendous. There is more than enough girl/girl heat as well, but with the setting and these two lovely ladies, it is hard not to just love the visuals. I love the way Dani sweeps Sam into the water, fingers her off one more time and plants a deep, passionate kiss on her beautiful lips. I’m not even into lesbian scenes, but this one left me quite satisfied.

Samantha Saint & Lexington Steele

For her first on camera IR scene, Samantha has selected Lexington Steele. Nothing like starting right at the top, right? Dressed in a skin tight dress she crawls up to him and kisses his face before lifting her dress and grinding her pussy down on his lap. Lex kicks it off by grabbing her thighs, spreading them and making a meal out of that pretty pink twat. She drops to her knees and grabs that huge tool in both hands, sucking it until the head pushes at the back of her throat. The shiny tip slips between her tits and bangs against her neck while she looks up adoringly at him. Rolling her over, he slips on a condom and then goes into her. Samantha holds on for dear life as that long shaft rocks her world. In between positions she sucks him clean and then bends over. It’s really hard for me to decide if her lovely ass is more impressive than her amazing legs. How about we just say that Samantha really has the whole package and enjoy it shall we? They get into cowgirl and she rides hard, making sure that her hips slam down to get it all. Lex bends her over, allowing her to show off those great legs while he pounds her from behind. Lovely Samantha finishes off her first IR scene by stroking him off with both hands until he explodes right into her waiting mouth. Very hot scene.

Samantha Saint

For the next scene Samantha finds her surrounded by hard cocks. They are poking through a series of glory holes that allowing her to enjoy them anonymously. Those big throbbing things are just too inviting and she moves from one to another with a wide open and hungry mouth. After sucking three white dicks, she backs her pussy up on a condom covered black on that is poking out at just the right height for her. She gets very creative with how she sucks and sucks the various dicks coming through the holes. It takes some athletic skill to get to them all. Samantha also keeps her dress on which is kind of hot. She’s just a horny girl getting what she can from the meat poking through the holes. The rubbers come off so she can suck them off. (How long before OSHA and the rest come after this sort of thing?) She uses her hands and mouth to help them blow all over her t its and face.

Samantha Saint, Anikka Albrite & Mick Blue

Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue arrive at a house and find Samantha inside. He looks pissed about something. Anikka drags Samantha downstairs, ignoring her ripped fishnets and smeared make up and checks the pussy to see if she is ready. Anikka spanks and then licks Samantha from behind. Using the captive girl as his personal slave, Mick has her lick her way up his body starting at the feet. Anikka grabs her by the head and helps force her mouth down around his cock. WE have seen Samantha be the center of great eye candy throughout this movie, but this scene proves that even when she’s a mess, she is smoking hot. With a butt plug already in, Samantha is ready for some ass play. Anikka provides it with fingers and a tongue. Mick fucks Anikka while she reaches over and bangs Samantha with a dildo. Finally getting her shot at real dick, the leggy blonde squat over Mick and takes him to the root. After Anikka gets a turn, they make Samantha do some clean up. Mick gets behind the girls and puts them on top of one another so he can go from pussy to mouth with ease. There is some great footage when Anikka turns back around and they both suck it at once. Mick and Anikka share her toes while Samantha gets fucked. This is down and dirty and still manages to provide plenty of hot eye candy. Bending the hot contract star over, he fucks that ass at full speed while Anikka lends a helping hand. For the big finish, Anikka holds Samantha’s mouth open while Mick unloads his balls right on her tongue. Big time home run for the finale.

Bonus: Trailers, 3 Bonus scenes (Samantha Saint, Dani Daniels, Anikka Albrite), Photo Gallery, Promo Reel

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