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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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384 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: John Stagliano
THEMES: Vampires, Anal Sex, Group Sex, BDSM,
STARS: Brooklyn Lee, Lea Lexis, Sandra Romain, Zorah White, Bibi Nobel, Ivana Sugar, Alice Romain, Manuel Ferrara, Omar Galanti, Rocco Siffredi, Steve Holmes, David Perry, Ian Scott,


Every once in a while a XXX movie comes along that just hits it on the screws. Voracious is just such a movie. It is dark, moody, filthy, hot and incredibly well acted. John Stagliano’s episodic vampire flick features a well-written script and a whole lot of sex crammed into its six-plus hours of running time. Brooklyn Lee, Lea Lexis and Manuel Ferrara are all fantastic and with Rocco Siffredi providing a chilling supporting role, the cast is all award-worthy. Sexually the movie offers hard-as-gonzo sex including SMBD, Anal, Group and plenty of messy oral action. The movie follows a clan of vampires led by Omar Galanti across two continents. Brooklyn Lee is a vampire who longs for the simple joys or human life. She falls in love and risks it all to be with Manuel. On that level, it is a rather desperate love story. Brooklyn handles the dialog brilliantly and carries the movie sexually. She is put through her paces in a number of scenes including the finale with Manuel that is absolutely one of the hottest of 2012. Brooklyn is the star, but she is joined by Lea Lexis who is fantastic as well. She shows of her flexibility and do-anything attitude in a way that should have everyone watching her closely. Sandra Romain makes her return to porn and doesn’t disappoint. She is ready for anything and adds plenty of heat to the mix. The scenes are dark, gritty and more often than not a mixture of rough sex and hard gonzo action. If you are looking for something spectacular, sexy and that will take you a good weekend to get through, put Voracious on your porn wish list for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Episode One: Learn to Control Yourself

Brooklyn Lee, Lea Lexis & Manuel Ferrara

Manuel is looking at a house late at night. Brooklyn Lee is the real estate agent selling the property for the owner who has gone on to Europe. She looks stunning in her tight pants and seduces him rather easily. Lea Lexis is also there and while Manuel is distracted by Brooklyn’s hot bod, the sexy European gymnast takes Manuel down. She sits on his face, smothering him until he passes out. Then both women get to have their way with him. Brooklyn takes his huge cock in her mouth and savors every throbbing inch. Lea flips around so she is 69ing Manuel and pushes his cock to the back of her throat. There is a lot of face sitting going on here. Lea also gets to show off how flexible she is, throwing her feet behind her head while masturbating as Brooklyn fucks the handsome stranger. Things get really fun with the girls are sitting over his face in chairs, letting him enjoy everything. Manuel looks over at the mirror and finds that he is alone in his reflection. He doesn’t stop though, standing and sliding his dick right into Lea’s hot ass. Brooklyn also gets some anal, proving that she is going to be a sexual force to be reckoned with in this epic. When she is in RCA with her legs up in the air screaming for cock, it’s hard not to just fall right in lust with this hottie. Let us not forget Lea who proves to be as sexy as she is flexible while being slammed by Manuel’s monster cock. When she is on top of him taking it all, Brooklyn is there to do A2M whenever it comes out. As they get close to end, Lea is deep throating that huge cock, Brooklyn is licking his ass. He finally shoots a big load for them to share and then nearly gets eaten by an over-zealous Brooklyn.

Episode 2: Now You Are My Blood Slave

Zorah White & Steve Holmes

With vampires on a feeding frenzy, creepy priest Steve Holmes saves blonde hooker Zorah White. He saves her life and then whips out her cock to get some head. He cums in no time. This is more of an appetizer than a full scene. He pops on her face, then lets Sandra Romain bite her anyway.

Lea Lexis, Bibi Nobel & Omar Galanti

Lea returns from the hunt with quivering blonde Bibi Noel for her master, Omar Galanti. She whimpers as Lea and Omar lick her nipples and tongue their way down to her shaved pussy. Omar buries his face in Bibi’s big ass and makes her shake with his probing tongue. In addition to the hot ass eating, there is a lot of toe play. Lea eats their victim’s toes while Omar explores her body with his hands and tongue. While the scared hooker is on his face, Lea pulls out his cock and slobbers all over it. They place Bibi on her knees and she does what she does for money, but with a desperation in her eyes like she thinks it will save her life. The blondes take turns sucking his cock and eating his asshole. He flips them onto their back and fucks their pussies with deep hard strokes. Lea is incredibly sexy, but she sits back and lets Bibi do most of the work for a while. When Bibi is riding the dick, Lea spanks her hard and gives her a little dirty talk. The girls drain his cock, with Lea using both hands to pump the huge load from his meat. That doesn’t stop him though. He bends Lea over and fucks her ass for a while, making Bibi suck it clean. Check out the deep throat going on here. Great, great stuff. Lea drains another load from his dick and this time she eats most of it like a good girl.

Episode Three: Fucking White American Trash

Brooklyn Lee, Sandra Romain, David Perry, Ian Scott

With Manuel tracking down vampires, Brooklyn wanders into a dungeon to find Sandra Romain hung up on an X Frame by her nipples. The guys come in and everyone starts to play. Brooklyn holds a chain in her teeth that is attached Sandra’s nipple clamps. That makes for some interesting footage. For a while Brooklyn seems to be in charge, but Sandra takes over quickly. She sits on Brooklyn’s face and grinds her pussy while tugging on the clamps that now adorn our sexy star’s pert nipples. Don’t forget the guys. They come up behind Brooklyn and grab her by the throat. Her body is their plaything and they grope every inch. They face fuck her and move the clamps down to her pussy lips which get stretched. With Sandra as the ringleader the guys pound on her holes and make her really feel it. Of course Sandra also gets her fill of dick. This is rough sex at its finest. The guys pound away, Sandra slaps Brooklyn’s tits and everyone is working up a good sweat. This kind of action is why Brooklyn has been named Starlet of the Year and Performer of the Year in back to back years. She’s really fucking hot and plenty nasty. Her ass gets fucked good and hard and she even gets a solid round of DP to double stuff her slutty holes. They end up cumming all over her face. Wow, this is nasty and hot.

Episode IV: You Can Never Leave the Clan

Zorah White, Ivana Sugar, Rocco Siffredi, and Omar Galanti

Zorah and Ivana are on the streets looking quite delicious when Rocco rides up on a motorcycle. He tells Omar that he killed someone who tried to leave the clan. The girls apparently want to be vampires and are introduced to it in a stunningly hot four-way fuck. Rocco picks one girl up and starts thrashing her around while he eats her. She returns the favor by sucking his fat cock like it’s made of candy. These blonde babes look really good on their knees and the oral footage is fantastic all the way around. We get some great shots of reverse cowgirl as well. Love the leg and shaved pussy shots as they grind away on big hard dicks. Of course the pussy is not enough. Both babes get drilled in the ass as well. This is the kind of dark, moody scene that is filthy, sexy and ultimately perfect strokeable porn. Great facial shots here for these two pretty blonde sluts. Rocco takes them inside for a final round of hard fucking and a shared facial.

Episode V: I Want to See the Sun

Brooklyn Lee & Rocco Siffredi

Rocco wants to test the new girl. He has Brooklyn bound and puts clips all over her mouth until it is forced open. He stuffs his cock into her mouth and shoves his meat to the back of her throat. With the clips in the way, she can’t take it all, but he keeps pushing anyway. He lets her take them off and then really gets down to fucking her pretty throat. Brooklyn gets down and sucks his balls, drooling all over the place until her pretty face is all messy. While he’s busy fucking her face, Brooklyn cries out that she wants to see the sun. It makes the scene very intense and even a bit uncomfortable. He doesn’t grant her that, but does feed her a huge load of cock cream to make her happy.

Episode VI: You are Not a Man of God

Brooklyn Lee & Steve Holmes

Seeking a cure for her condition, Brooklyn turns to the corrupt priest. He offers her hope then forces her to knees in semi public. She cries and beg him for help which fits the story, but is a little bit of a sexual downer. The public nature of the head is super hot, but this one is not for the faint of heart. When Manuel arrives to seek help from the priest he is just in time to see the woman he loves creamed by the perverted priest.

Episode VII: You’re Going to Bring Another Whore Into This Clan?

Ivana Sugar, Lea Lexis, Sandra Romain, Alice and Omar Galanti

In a very cool looking scene, the three women are putting on a live show under a Black Light. The set and clothes glow as the girls go nuts on one another. They spread cheeks, tear pants and use toys. It’s not bad stuff sexually, but the way it’s shot is really quite impressive. Throw in some day glow paint and you really have something cool. Sandra ends up suspended in the air with the other two fucking her with toys. Omar comes in with Alice and the other women get pissed that he is brining another female when they want more cocks. He gets slapped a bit, but then shoves his dick into Alice’s throat. The action is still very hot The cool style of the scene kind of wears thin the longer it goes on. There is some hot anal sex going on, but the black light stuff kind of turns this into a style over substance sort of thing.

Episode VIII: It’s a Dangerous Game

Lea Lexis & Steve Holmes

Lea confronts the priest about the changes in her clan. She needs his help to change things. He can’t priest her incredible ass as she backs it onto his face and presses down. Spreading her cheeks she has him lick that asshole and tries to smother him. Pulling his cock to her mouth, she sucks him deep and strokes it with both hands. She sucks it rather deep and looks great getting her throat stuffed. Pulling out her tits, she wraps them around his cock and pumps. Her tight pussy swallows up his cock as she rolls her hips and invites him in deep. I love how flexible she is and the way her ass gapes for him as he gets ready to bury his meat into her butthole. Lean grabs his cock and jerks him off all over her pretty face.

Episode IX: Who is this Guy?

Sandra Romain, Ivana Sugar & Manuel Ferrara

Continuing with the very moody tone this movie has taken, Sandra and Ivana attack Manuel’s cock in a grainy black and white scene. The lighting changes a few moments into the action and it’s plenty hot. Manuel is really getting busy with Ivana while Sandra makes out with the pretty blonde. Sandra gets on top and shows us all that she’s still got an ass to dream about. Ivana pulls the dick out of her hot friend and sucks it clean. The sexy blonde mounts up and spreads her legs wide as she lowers her tight ass around his big dong. Great leg shots as she works her hips and rams his dick all the way up there. Not one to be outdone in an anal sex contest, Sandra uses her tight ass to really make his cock feel good. Both of these hot sluts get royally reamed in the ass. The girls hungrily drain him of every drop of cum just in time as Brooklyn bursts in to claim her man.

Episode X: Ist Vollbracht!

Brooklyn Lee & Manuel Ferrara

The final scene begins as a ritual to remove her curse. She has her ass high in the air ready to have anything inserted if it will help. They administer the medicine through her asshole and the whole thing feels very odd. Once the ritual part is over though, Brooklyn gets a chance to take us home in a big way. Not to give anything away, but she is finally able to make love in the sunlight. Manuel shoves his cock to the back of her throat and holds her face while she delivers a fantastic BJ. They get into 69 so he can taste her while she continues to devour his meat. This scene is visually stunning already and Brooklyn has the appropriate amount of passion to match the intensity of their pairing. Any time you have a feature that culminates with such a sexually appropriate scene, it is something to behold. Brooklyn sits on his face, shaking her sexy ass and sucking his cock like it could save her life. He pulls her on top and fucks her long and hard. Throwing her legs straight up in the air with his dick in her tight asshole. The anal action and the face sitting is super hot, but the way she sucks dick in this scene is really incredible. She works the load of cum from his cock, letting him shoot all over her pretty face. What a great finish to a truly fantastic flick.

Bonus: BTS Commentary, 2 Reels of Extra Sex, Photo Galleries, Trailers, Filmographies, Booklet & CD Soundtrack


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