I Love Big Toys 35

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Roger T. Pipe

It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [7/12]
Female Looks [8/12]
Male Looks [0/12]
Picture Quality [10/12]
Extras [6/12]
Sex [7/12]

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I Love Big Toys 35


182 Mins
Digital Sin
DIRECTOR: Mario Rossi
THEMES: Solo Sex, Dildos, Huge Toys, Shaved Pussies
STARS: Cindy Starfall, Ashli Ames, Whitney Grace, Lola James, Laura Crystal, Katie St. Ives


She’s cute, tight and looks great trying to handle those huge toys. Her scene isn’t the best for super sized solo action though. Laura Crystal opens up the movie with a great scene. She stuffs herself full of rubber and loves to way they stretch her. Whitney Grace is a lot of fun and talks up a storm as she takes the big toys. Lola James is really cute and I want to see a lot more of her. If you love the idea of women playing with monstrous toys, then you already know how good this series is. It is well shot, features great chicks who talk dirty and take the biggest toys they can. I grabbed it for Cindy Starfall, but there are plenty of reasons to enjoy the volume.

Laura Crystal

Stunning blonde Euro babe Laura Crystal is up first. She is in stockings and a corset as she shakes her hips and teases us. Bending over she rubs her shaved pussy and gets the juices flowing in preparation for the toys. The first is a fat dildo that is too big or her mouth. She lovingly plays with the head while looking into the camera. It’s huge, but with some lube it fits nicely into her pussy, stretching the lips and she uses two hands to ram it in there. Going even bigger, she takes a massive black cock and strokes it with her tiny hand. She throws her legs up in the air and rams it in there, getting several inches in her hot twat. She still makes great eye contact with the camera and smiles as this toy pummels her insides. There is an even bigger one waiting for her. This one is clear and so big she can barely hold it as she fucks herself with her legs up in the air. The dirty talk really gets good at this point. Going even thicker she squats over a black toy that looks like it might be an actual horse cock. As Laura rolls back and fucks herself with this thing, she is out of breath and still talking dirty.

Katie St. Ives

Cute little Katie is back and hotter than ever. She starts out in a bra and panty set that is rather adorable. Can she handle the size? Of course she can. Starts out with a long cock between her legs as she drools down on it to make it wet. It is so tight that it seems ready to pop out the second she slides the head into her pussy. When she gets used to it, she sticks the cock to the mirror and lets it hang there invitingly. It’s super hot watching her push back on it, but she gives up after a few strokes, choosing instead to lie in bed and ram it into her hole. Katie can take it and puts on a good show, especially when sucking the monster dong. There are great close up shots here that really show how tightly wrapped her lips are around this big toy. She even turns around and back up on it right into the camera. I liked the first scene better, but this one has some highlights.

Whitney Grace

Blonde Whitney Grace is up next. She gets rid of her clothes quickly and holds her legs wide open while trying to shove the first fat toy in there. Whitney grabs an even bigger one and talks about what it would be like to be a guy carrying around such a huge cock. That part is interesting, but the close up shots dominate the action for a long time. By the time Whitney gets to the huge clear cock se is ready to stretch herself beyond what she thought possible. She gives up talking dirty for some loud moaning as she rams the big lifelike cock deep into her folds.

Lola James

Little Lola James is built for fun, but has a sweet face that seems to defy what we know she is about to do. Can the girl next door really take huge toys? She pulls out her big perfect tits and licks them while gently fingering her waiting slit. Taking the first long cock and slipping a few inches in, she pumps her wet pussy until the juices flow. She is a little slower on the strokes than some of the other girls, but shows off her ass beautifully as she rides in cowgirl. By the time she gets to the next toy, she is opened up more and uses both hands to stuff her pretty slit. She breaks out a massive black tool that barely fits into her pussy. Squatting over it, she takes as much as she can. Lola looks really hot riding that big thing. Even it is too big for her, you have to give her bonus points for a great try.

Cindy Starfall

Sexy Cindy Starfall is one of my current favorites. She has a gorgeous face and a tight little body that just begs to be stuffed full of hard cock. (Preferably mine.) As she slowly teases and shows off her tight little hole one has to wonder just how she is going to stretch enough to take these massive toys. Taking the first one in her hand, she smack her face with it. Adding hot dirty talk about how much she loves “big dick” Cindy has already put herself at the top of the class. If finally slides in and as expected, her hole is just too tight. Even with some vibrator help to keep things wet Cindy is just too snug for the first toy to go very deep. Moving to the floor she manages to use her body weight to push down a little. Don’t worry about the lack of monster toys action because Cindy is perfect eye candy. When she squats over the toy and rubs her clit, every guy watching will be more than ready to bust a load for this perfect little slut. She grabs a bigger one and gives a little POV oral action that leaves her with drool all over her pretty face. She gives the huge one another try, this time getting the head in with much effort. Cindy just needs more practice taking big things. Come on over to my place and we get on that Ms. Starfall.

Ashli Ames

Last up is Ashli Ames. She has a big smile on her face as she rubs her pussy. (She also reminds me of a young Debi Diamond). Taking the first cock in her hand she sucks and strokes the long shaft until it glistens with her ship. In no time at all, she slips it right up her twat and starts riding. Check out the piles of huge toys all around her. It looks like she might just kill herself with these things. (Death by dildo, the female version? Don’t ask, horrible video to go along with that.) With her legs up in the air, she pushes as much dick as she can into her waiting slit. She grabs a bigger one and gives that a try, working about half of it into her before it bottoms out. The Kong dong really works her over and this one is for the guys who love size queen fantasy play because she seems to be struggling quite a bit now. Her dirty talk is pretty good and so is the eye candy, but we have seen better scenes in this movie.

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