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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [8/12]
Female Looks [9/12]
Male Looks [0/12]
Picture Quality [10/12]
Extras [5/12]
Sex [8/12]

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200 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Bobbi Star
THEMES: POV, Lesbian Sex, Hairy Pussy
STARS: Bobbi Starr, Lexi Belle, Dylan Ryan, London Keyes, Ash Hollywood, Jiz Lee, Kimberly Kane, Rozen Debowe, Skin Diamond, Aiden Ashley,


This is a very interesting movie. It’s an all-girl POV flick directed by Bobbi Starr. She is everyone’s favorite performer turned director and clearly makes her co-stars happy they showed up for work. The POV camerawork is good and quite interesting. It does offer us very similar action in every scene, so keep that in mind. The cast is hot and somewhat eclectic. Every kid of girl wants to with Bobbi and we get a chance to see big stars like Lexi Bell and London Keyes mixed in with girls like Jiz Lee and Rozen Debowe. Bobbi tries to vary the action, playing with feet, using toys and doing what she can to play into the desires of her co-stars. Given the fact that the movie is three hours long with an all-girl cast. I think Bobbi did a great job to keep me interested for the whole thing. That alone should tell you how good things are here. I really loved watching Bobbi with Kimberly Kane. Their energy is great. My favorite scene is probably the one with London Keyes. She looks beautiful here and Bobbi works her over pretty hard with toys. If you love girl/girl porn this is a fresh look (literally) at the genre and a must-see for Bobbi Starr fans.

It’s time again for two of porn’s hottes

Skin Diamond & Bobbi Starr

Pretty Skin Diamond is up first. She does an interview with Bobbi talking about things that turn her (Things she has never done before) and her excitement at the idea of getting fisted. Bobbi grabs the camera and lets Skin crawl in between her legs and start licking, Skin works her way up from Bobbi’s legs starting with her shoes. Tearing the panty hose away from Bobbi’s pussy, she licks the slit and buries her nose against her clit. The dark makeup around Skin’s eyes give this kind of a punk feel as she expertly licks her way around Bobbi’s hole. The POV angle really gives us a chance to see the look of lust in Skin’s eyes as she eats Bobbi.

Dylan Ryan & Bobbi Starr

Next up is blonde Dylan Ryan. She tells us that she does anything and loves having sex on camera because she likes to have people watching her. This is not her first girl/girl POV so she knows just what to do. Starting with Bobbi’s feet she puts her mouth to good use on the heels, then stocking-covered toes. Once she really starts eating pussy, Dylan doesn’t stop, dropping her tongue down to get Bobbi’s asshole as well. This one features some serious muff diving from the enthusiastic blonde. Bobbi spends some time on Dylan as well; toe fucking her with a stocking-covered foot and then baring the same for some horny fetish times. If you dig foot sex, this will light a fire under you.

Ash Hollywood & Bobbi Starr

Ashy Hollywood is a very pretty girl how considers herself bisexual with a strong preference for women. Even during the interview we can see just how beautiful she is. The POV fun starts with Ash licking Bobbi’s shoes. Using long strokes he goes up and down until it is time to try the next bit of fun. Pulling aside some red panties, Ash gets in there and licks slit. The blonde loves the taste so much that she ends up stuffing Bobbi’s wet panties into her mouth. I really like the angles here because they focus on Ash’s pretty face. From underneath Ash gets in some ass licking which really makes Bobbi happy. The pussy play is great and Ash also loves sucking toes. Bobbi is so pleased that she gives Ash a little fun too. The angle is pretty cool as Ash puts her legs up over her head and lets Bobbi lick that sweet box. Bobbi breaks out a glass toy and gives us some really hot action.

Jiz Lee & Bobbi Starr

Jiz Lee has a very unique look and seems quite ready to show Bobbi what happens when a woman who really loves women gets ahold of her naughty bits. We get a long look at her red Mohawk as she kisses Bobbi’s thighs and nuzzles up against her furry slit. An enthusiastic tongue is all she needs to prove how good she is. She looks up with a smile on her face and fingers Bobbi’s to a sticky climax. Bobbi turns her around and enjoys Jiz’s sweet little body. Bobbi pulls down her panties and uses a fat glass toy to send Jiz over the edge. This is an interesting pairing and will score quite highly with fans of butch looking chicks.

Kimberly Kane & Bobbi Starr

There is something about Kimberly Kane. Just watching her interview had me glued to my set. Bobbi fluffs out her muff and Kimberly dutifully kneels to lick it. The POV stuff really gets hot here. Great eye contact and totally hot overall sexual action. Kimberly uses a finger and rubs on her clit until Bobbi decides to lean back and spread her pussy. The pretty pink gets stuffed with toes. Her fishnets and harsh makeup give this scene a great tone. When two of porn’s sexiest women get together, great things are bound to happen and this is hot proof of that.

Lexi Belle & Bobbi Starr

The star power stays high when Lexi Belle joins Bobbi. She is super cute and has that wholesome girl next door thing going for her, but beneath that sweet exterior beats the heat of a true sexual animal. The camera focuses on the look in Lexi’s eyes as she gently explores Bobbi’s hairy wet spot with her tongue. The longer shots show off their bodies and we can still see how willingly Lexi throws herself into the task at hand. Bobbi just kind of leans back and enjoys the way Lexi eats her. She has a glass dildo that takes things to the next level. Finally the blonde turns around and Bobbi is able to focus on giving for a bit. We get something really original, some lesbian lap dancing with tribbing shot from Bobbi’s POV. Damn, that’s pretty sexy.

Rozen DeBowe & Bobbi Starr

Tattooed babe Rozen DeBowe is a little thicker than most porn girls and adds to the eclectic nature of this movie. (She’s very cute so hold off on the flames guys, I’m just pointing out that she’s not built like your average XXX star.) She gets her fingers wet by sucking on them and then sliding them into Bobbi. Returning the favor, Bobbi works four fingers inside of her friend and makes the juices flow. Rozen has a nice big ass that gets displayed beautifully as she bends over and gets played with. Bobbi gets a little rough and that really makes Rozen rise to the occasion.

London Keyes & Bobbi Starr

Lovely London Keyes is up next. Her interview is interesting. By now we know the drill, but London is so pretty and starts eating even before Bobbi has her stockings off. That’s a nice added wrinkle that emphasizes London’s gorgeous eyes. Bobbi breaks out a big black strap on and fucks London with it. Every few strokes she pulls it out and sucks it. London treats the dildo like a real cock, fucking it with a great deal of energy. I love the toy play here, including the anal action that Bobbi gives her pretty friend. In a lot of ways, this is my favorite scene. London knows just how to play to the camera and the result is stunning.

Aiden Ashley & Bobbi Starr

The final scene features Aiden Ashley. By now the sheer length of the movie has me a little burned out. It’s the same sort of thing. An interesting interview and then Bobbi having her way with a pretty girl. Nothing wrong with it, but not a whole lot to cheer about either. Bobbi starts out doing the eating so we get some extreme close up shots of her pretty face as she sucks on Aiden’s lips. There is some foot play as well, with stocking clad and bare feet getting into play. Holding the camera while eating pussy isn’t easy I’m sure, but Bobbi does a nice job.

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  1. Dolf Worth says:

    I must admit this is one of the best porn film I have stored for life. It’s very original as a film, and natural (naturally hairy pussy). Would anyone have a similar porn film with the same characteristics?

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