Lex is Too Big For Teens 10

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Roger T. Pipe

It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [9/12]
Female Looks [9/12]
Male Looks [10/12]
Picture Quality [10/12]
Extras [5/12]
Plot Acting [6/12]
Sex [9/12]

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Lex is Too Big For Teens 10
185 Mins
<img src="/rogimages/lexsteele.gif" border=0
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Teens, Babysitters
STARS: Ashlynn Leigh, Remy La Croix, Casey Cumz, Cindy Starfall, Jada Stevens, Lexington Steele


True to the title, Lexington Steele dishes out cock to these teens that is just a bit too big for their own good. Oddly enough, these cuties don’t mind at all. He trains them well though. I think it’s safe to say that they will be back for more. The set ups are cute, bringing sweet innocent teens together with Lex and his mighty tool. Some are babysitters, others are being tutored and one is a partner’s daughter. All of them are cute, curious and ready to take on the biggest in the biz. The action is very well shot and totally hot. Remy La Croix is already a star, but her fresh face and sexy body really helps carry the scene. She still keeps it plenty fresh as a snotty rich girl getting some big cock. Cindy Starfall is totally gorgeous. Her scene is the best of a really good lot. How her little body takes that much cock is beyond me, but this scene should help pad her credential as perhaps the hottest rookie of 2012. Casey Cummz stars of a little slow, but wins me over by the end. She takes plenty of meat and is very sexy. Ashlynn Leigh spills a drink on Lex to get him naked just as soon as her dad is out of the way. You have to applaud that kind of ingenuity from a teen. Her reward is a hard ride on the biggest dick she has ever dreamed of. Jada Stevens finishes the movie with a very hot fuck. She’s a star who plays shy, but eventually learns to love it big, really big. Great scenes featuring Lex and hot teens. If that kind of action turns you on, then this is a must-see from start to finish. Even if it isn’t, then you need to watch sexy Cindy Starfall as she gets properly impaled.

Remy La Croix & Lexington Steele

Rich bitch Remy orders her driver around to the front of the house and greets him with a snotty sneer. She invites him in, shoves him down on the couch and makes him watch her try on some clothes. The tease here is fantastic as she tries on stockings and shows him her body. This girl has more on her mind than a trip to the mall. Though she makes it clear she is the boss, one look at his huge cock and Remy just can’t help but melt. Popping it into her mouth, she quickly proves that he is in fact, too big for that orifice. Using her hands to hold base, she licks and drools all over the head to make it easier to slide to the back of her throat. Remy climbs into his lap and lowers her tight pussy down until her body is slapping loudly against his. The close up shots of her sexy little ass are tremendous as her pussy lips grip tightly on his cock every time she rises up. Flipping her over, Lex takes over for a bit, fucking her with long strokes and really stretching that tight teen twat. Remy handles the size really well and even pushes back hard when he has her in doggy. The fishnet stockings add some nice visuals to a scene with great energy, a cute teen and a massive black cock. She gets back on her knees, sucks his balls and let him cum all over her pretty face.

Cindy Starfall & Lexington Steele

Lex has been hired to tutor stunning Asian schoolgirl Cindy Starfall. They sit out by the pool going over anatomy books, but we soon find out why Cindy is struggling. She is easily distracted and would rather strip down and get into the pool. Lex gets a look at her hot body and decides that fucking is more fun that tutoring. One look at his cock and she starts sucking. Cindy looks gorgeous in her thong and glasses with that monster pole in her pretty mouth. Great looking BJ with some good ball sucking from the naughty cutie. Cindy bends over and takes his dick from behind. It bottoms out with several inches left to go, but she seems to love it. After some deep strokes, she spins around, licks her own juices off of his prick and then gets pounded again. Flipping her over, Lex slams it in deep and nearly gets it all in as they work up a sweat outside. They go inside and use a couch for some cowgirl. Even though Cindy can’t take it all, she gives her best effort and enjoys being stuffed to the max. The reverse cowgirl is gorgeous footage with her tight little body bouncing up and down on that long dark pole. In addition to the tremendous eye candy offered up here, Cindy’s enthusiasm for that huge cock makes this scene a must-own. She opens her mouth and lets him explode all over that pretty face. Don’t miss this one folks, it’s really fucking fantastic.

Casey Cumz & Lexington Steele

Lex is about to head out on a date, leaving Casey in charge of the house. Things don’t go well on the date so he comes home early and heads to bed. She follows him and tries to see if she can comfort him in his time of need. The dialog is pretty funny as he tries to be valiant and turn her away. The lead in takes a while as he takes his time undressing, resisting all the way. Casey doesn’t give up though and finally gets a look at that monster pole. The teen babysitter isn’t at all scared and puts it right into her hungry mouth. It barely fits into her mouth, but she uses her hands really well and flashes good eye contact to carry the day. Good skills from this babe as she gets him ready to penetrate her tight little pussy. She leans back and takes him. Casey is cute enough, but she isn’t Cindy in terms of eye candy or enthusiasm. I do love the way she sucks him clean and then mounts up for some really nicely shot reverse cowgirl. The big tattoo on her back says that this babysitter may not be as innocent as she seemed, but I doubt if she was planning on having her little pussy stretched this much. Her cowgirl work kind of wins me over and that ass is certainly something to enjoy. Lex finally flips her over and feeds her his cum. Yeah this one grew on me and is worth watching.

Ashlynn Leigh & Lexington Steele

Lex shows up for a business meeting with his new partner. He meets the guy’s sexy young daughter and sparks fly immediately. She knocks over a drink and ruins their documents. Dad has to rush to the office to get copies and Ashlynn insists on getting Lex’s pants off so she can throw them in the dryer. She gets a peek at his cock, is amazed and is sucking on it before you can say “gag reflex.” Ashlynn falls right into cock slave mode, worshipping his huge prick with pure joy in her pretty eyes. For such a shocked girl, Ashlynn sure takes to the size quickly. Lex puts her on the couch and fucks her from behind, working slowly, but eventually building up to some really deep strokes. She looks really good getting it from behind and though she clearly has to work hard to take it, the young girl is ready to spin around and take his load right on her pretty face.

Jada Stevens & Lexington Steele

Jada is house-sitting for Lex. He tells her no parties, but basically gives her the run of the house. She decides to relax with some topless sunbathing by the pool. He comes home and sees her that way. Jada is embarrassed and runs into the house. She has to scramble to save her job and though Lex is playful, he makes sure that Jada knows that she needs to do all she can to secure her job. Stunned by the size, she still happily sucks on it like it’s made of chocolate. The blowjob is good, but the scene really gets impressive when she is sitting on his cock and showing off a tremendous ass. Seriously, look at that thing folks. Jada spins around to show off the front of her body and lets Lex pull her legs up so she is just riding on that huge black pole. Flipping over, she rubs her clit and can’t stop singing his praises. Taking that thing takes some effort and Jada works up a pretty good sweat before she gets on all fours and gives him full access to her pretty pussy. Lex grabs her hips and lets her have it, filling the gorgeous young girl with dick and making her scream for more. He pulls out at the last minute and shoots his load all over her pussy and upturned ass. Great ending to a great movie.

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<img src="/rogimages/lexsteele.gif" border=0

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