Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning receives 5 out of 5 Stars from XCritic

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Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning receives 5 out of 5 Stars from XCritic

The highly anticipated XXX movie receives top mention from adult company XCritic.

(Hollywood, CA) The industry is stunned. Fans are singing it’s praises and critics are calling Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning the “most epic adult movie of the year.” Created by London Gunn Films and Miko Lee Productions and distributed by Wicked Pictures, Spartacus MMXII has brought something so new and exciting to the adult industry that many are saying it might spawn a new breed of XXX movies. And now, top adult company XCritic has released a review, and gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

Spartacus MMXII was created as a nod to the Spartacus series on Starz, though the director and star, Marcus London, went to great pains to differentiate his film from the lackluster parodies that are sometimes found in the library of adult movies. Not only did London Gunn Films and Miko Lee Productions achieve this, but they created a visual spectacle with stunning lighting, cinematography and special effects that resembled a high budget film found on the mainstream market today. Intricate sets and overall art direction is credited to Marcus London, Tommy Gunn and Tony D’sergio. Their exceptional visuals provide a new and exciting stage for the high concept XXX film. Something Don Houston, the reviewer from XCritic points out in his glowing review.

“Spartacus MMXII is truly one of the best features and dramatic parodies in recent times, a sure bet to garner lots of support for all the usual awards shows” reads Don Houston’s XCritic review. “The entertainment value of the feature elements showed tremendous amounts of care and it had the look of a mainstream production, the sexual aspects of the movie sure to fill the spank banks of many over the coming months. Unlike so many competitors, this one was driven in large part by the men due to the nature of the beast but it worked out quite well, setting up possible sequels should the masses agree.”

And it’s been confirmed: the masses want a sequel as soon as possible. The production team behind the hit film created Spartacus MMXII hoping a series of more Spartacus films would follow and they are ready to deliver. With it’s high praise and success thus far, Spartacus MMXII has set a standard for the sequel that Marcus London is more than determined to not only meet but surpass.

“I’m thrilled with the XCritic review” said Marcus. “We didn’t do this film with the backing or the budget of a large studio. This was created by a small group of passionate performers, and we’re ready for more. As we move forward and start working on pre production for the sequel, we will find ways to make our next Spartacus venture more exciting and sexier than the first. The fact that we’ve gotten such a positive response and the critics are recognizing the innovations we’ve brought to our adult film is very validating and we want to continue to operate with the high standard we’ve set for ourselves.”

As fans wait for the sequel, they can take comfort in knowing that the critically acclaimed Spartacus MMXII is so well shot and conceived, it’s easy to watch over and over again. As said by XCritic’s Don Houston: “With my assessment to find this one worthy of being an XCritic Pick.”

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