California Exotic Novelties Gets Down to Basics

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California Exotic Novelties Gets Down to Basics

New Basic Essentials Enhancers Now Available

Chino, CA – California Exotic Novelties releases four new enhancers to the Basic Essentials Collection. Comfortable and stretchy, the enhancers are durable and designed to please.

“The Basic Essentials Collection is comprised of affordable products in classic styles and designs,” explains Susan Colvin, President and CEO of California Exotic Novelties. “The new enhancers are the perfect addition to the line.”

The new Basic Essentials items include the Stretchy Vibrating Support Cage, the Stretchy Vibrating Bunny Enhancer, the Double Trouble Vibrating Support System, and the Triple Tickler Vibrating Dual Enhancer. Each includes a removable and reusable micro-stimulator, and the batteries are included.

“The new enhancers in the Basic Essentials Collection are the perfect grab-and-go products,” says Jackie White, Vice President of Sales for California Exotic Novelties. “I suggest merchandising them near the checkout counter, as well as on the Basic Essentials display and the enhancer section of the store.”

Basic Essentials is a collection that was made for merchandising. There is also a Basic Essentials plan-o-gram available. It is one of 39 plan-o-grams that are available to download from, under the Product Information section.

“The consistent packaging, the easily-defined brand identity, and the affordable price-point makes Basic Essentials easy to merchandise,” says Al Bloom, Director of Marketing for California Exotic Novelties.

The new enhancers from Basic Essentials are available now from California Exotic Novelties.

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