Black Anal Love 2

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Roger T. Pipe

It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [8/12]
Female Looks [8/12]
Male Looks [7/12]
Picture Quality [7/12]
Extras [8/12]
Sex [8/12]

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Black Anal Love 2

162 Mins.
West Coast Productions
THEMES: All Black, Anal Sex,
STARS: Bethany Benz, Charlie Baltimore, Jade Nacole, Leilani Leeane, Sierra Banxxx, Prince Yashua, Mr. Marcus, Nat Turnher, Jon Jon, Jon Q


This collection of hot girls is bound to make you stand up and take notice. They are all black, all cute and all take it in the ass. What more do you need? There are short lead ins to each scene. Most are interviews about romance and keeping things special with a little booty sex. We get some solo play in some of the scenes and that stuff is pretty damn hot. Bethany Benz is the headliner here. She is one of the prettiest girls in porn and always worth a look. Her energy level starts out low, but ends up pretty good. Charlie Baltimore knows that in order to keep her man happy she needs to offer up the back door once in a while. I like this girl’s ass and her great smile. Leilani Leeane is a very cute little thing. Her man gives her romance and she begs for cock in the ass. That’s romance, porn style and it’s a great scene. The last two girls are new to me and quite sexy. Jade Nacole gives the most energetic blowjob of the movie and provides lots of great anal fun. Sierra Banxxx closes things out with a very hot scene. She’s cute, loves it in the ass and is well worth sticking around to the end for. Overall this is a very hot movie with a great cast and good anal action. The camerawork is a little shaky at times, but doesn’t get in the way enough to miss the hot booty-fucking fun.

Bethany Benz & Mr. Marcus

Beautiful Bethany Benz has been with her boyfriend just long enough to know exactly what he likes. It’s hard to hear what she says, but it has something to with panties. To drive home that point, she sneaks up on him when he is sleeping by the pool and sticks her new thong into his mouth. Marcus takes her in and uses his fingers on her pussy to make her purr. Bethany is super hot and looks even better as she creams all over him. He stands up and lets her mouth take over for a while. That cock grows quickly between her lips. The blowjob is so good looking that I am really disappointed to see it cut so short. Bethany stops sucking and climbs onto his dick to get her fill. Her big ass fills the camera while her big tits fill his mouth and hands. Picking up the energy, he flips her over and pounds away on that pretty shaved slit for a good long while. They move into reverse cowgirl and slide his dick right into her butt. Bethany is a little cool at this point, riding with more eye candy than enthusiasm. After some good ass shots in cowgirl, Marcus bends her over and really gives it to her. The energy level picks up a bit finishing strong, the pretty girl drops to her knees and starts sucking until she nearly gags on his prick, He shoots a really big load all over that pretty face. Bethany is gorgeous and just naughty enough in this scene to make this one work.

Charlie Baltimore & John Q

Tall and sexy Charlie Baltimore knows that a woman has to do all she can to keep her man interested. Today that includes the full body experience including her tight back door. Before she does that, she gets on the stairs and shows us her lovely ass. As she crawls up the stairs one can’t help but think that he is in for the ride of his life. John is waiting at the top of the stairs and already has his big hard cock ready for her wet mouth. She takes it pretty well, but doesn’t want to wait long before bending over to let him slip it into her pussy. The standing doggy looks great and she seems to really enjoy the way his balls slap against her clit. Squatting on the dick, she shows off her tight pussy lips and those big round cheeks. They move to a couch so she can comfortably ride with her ass for a few strokes. Once she is used it, the pretty girl throws her legs up over her head and lets him pound that booty super hard. The doggy is pure anal eye candy goodness. Charlie has the booty and she knows how to use it. He holds her hips while fucking her face down and leaves his load all over her stretched asshole.

Leilani Leeane & Prince Yashua

Prince sets the mood for a night with his girl Leilani Leeane. He lights candles, leaves rose pedals in a trail down the stairs and waits for to follow. She comes running down in her bra and panties and falls into his arms. It’s her birthday and though she appreciates the romantic gesture what she really wants it his big cock in her holes. She licks him rather gently but then turns to put her ass in the air. Apparently she is saving all of her energy for the doggy style fuck that follows. He turns her over, holds one leg up and fucks that pussy. Leilani is wearing fishnets rolled down to her knees at this point because they are having too much fun to adjust them. He is nailing her hard in one hole and has to slow it down to get her ass ready. She turns her cheeks up to the sky and lets him go balls deep though. Nice shots from over his shoulder as he splits her cheeks and tests that super tight hole. Of all the girls in this movie, Leilani seems the most anally inclined and is moaning as loudly as he is when he pulls out and leaves it all over her cheeks.

Jade Nacole & Nat Turnher

Jade Nacole is another hot chick who loves the romance her boyfriend provides, but just needs a little something extra. She wants a dick up the ass. Thankfully she has a really nicely shaped backside and probably won’t have to ask him twice. She teases for the camera while waiting for him, showing off perky natural boobs and a shaved, very pink pussy. Using a big dildo, she gets her pussy all juicy and ready for action. By the time Nat rolls in, half of his job is done. Jade drops to her knees to make that dick nice and wet. She has a big smile on her face as she feels it throb between her lips and grow against her tongue. This may be the best most enthusiastic BJ of the whole movie. He bends her over and takes that pussy with long hard strokes. She seems really tight, but also rather enjoys what he’s doing. There is some good standing sex here with nice leg shots. They bend her over for anal and Jade keeps up the boisterous fucking. Her dirty talk is great and adds a lot to the mix. Moving into cowgirl they give us some really great ass shots as she squats over him and gets her butthole pounded. If you like close up anal sex and a girl who isn’t afraid to be loud ad her butthole gets filled with cum then this is your scene and Jade is your girl.

Sierra Banxxx & Jon Jon

Sierra Banxxx is the last black beauty to put her booty to the test in this movie. She warms herself up with a glass dildo. There are some odd edits during the solo action, but it all looks pretty good in the end. After getting herself off she gets all dolled up in lingerie and invites Jon Jon over. He walks in, bends her over and starts smacking her pretty ass. He rolls her over, eats her pussy until she is nearly begging for his cock. The finger play is well shot and pushes her right over the edge. His big cock is hard and ready to go when he spins her back around. Sierra looks really good sucking that cock and also likes playing with herself as she does. (That’s always hot.) Jon Jon bends her over and goes back to smacking her ass she he fucks her. She responds by working her ass back on his prick really hard. Check out the way this girl goes totally wild with her hip movements. Sierra rolls over and shows off her sexy body while he bangs her even harder than before. She is in the perfect position for some hot anal penetration and takes every inch he’s got to give her. Great looking anal action here as this little cutie rubs her clit, screams for more and takes like she loves it. Moving her onto her knees, Jon Jon shows her how it feels to have balls pressed against her lips while being ass fucked. She likes it on top and talks a bit as she bounces up and down. They finish up with some standing face the face and then a big shot right in her asshole. Watch out for this girl, she’s a naughty cutie.

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