North Pole 86

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [7/12]
Female Looks [7/12]
Male Looks [8/12]
Picture Quality [9/12]
Extras [5/12]
Sex [7/12]

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North Pole 86

North Pole
DIRECTOR: Craven Moorhead
THEMES: Bit Tits
STARS: Aletta Ocean, Alexia Rae, Rhylee Richardson, Lacy Lee, Dakota Brooks, Rocco Reed, Peter North, Jordan Ash,


In this episode of Peter North’s North Pole series, Peter appears in two scenes. He also has other capable dudes fucking the hell out of some hot chicks. The hottest girl of the bunch is Aletta Ocean. She’s head to two tight and hot. Watching her get fucked hard is always a good time. Peter fucks busty blonde Alexia Rae and manages to help her pick things up. Lacy Lee is a really cute girl. That’s probably why Peter gets back into ring for a three way with her. That scene really works well as the pretty girl deftly handles two cocks at once. Cute little Dakota Brooks finishes the movie. All of the sex scenes are well shot, perfectly lit and technically solid. The energy levels are pretty good and there is plenty of eye candy. It’s a solid DVD from a very good line.

Aletta Ocean & Rocco Reed

Without a word, pretty Aletta Ocean strips out of her bikini and puts Rocco to work eating her hot little pussy. She likes what he does there, but quickly gets down on her knees where she is even more comfortable. Getting sloppy she drools all over his meat and really looks good with her lips stretched around it. Once his cock is set and heard, Aletta gets on all fours, rubs her pussy and invites him to have a go from behind. Rocco grabs her hips and pumps her in doggy. Aletta is gorgeous and quite enthusiastic. Rocco pulls her up onto top of him and we get some very eye pleasing reverse cowgirl. Good energy here, but the highlight of the scene is the way her body looks in any position. They finish up with a really nice shot on her face. I like this girl a lot.

Alexia Rae & Peter North

Blonde Alexia Rae comes into bed with Peter showing off her sexy little lingerie. He likes what he sees and pulls her tits out of her top to get a taste. Peter wants her pussy and she is happy to spread her legs and let his tongue do some exploring. She returns the favor by wrapping her hands around his cock and pumping it up and down. It’s a rather low key BJ and that opens the door for standard fucking. Alexia is not overflowing with energy, but she does have great tits and picks up the pace a little near the end. Peter mounts her chest and makes good use of those big beautiful knockers before pulling her on top for reverse cowgirl. Peter rewards her with a big blast of ball batter that gets all over her chest and face.

Rhylee Richardson & Jordan Ash

The tease leading into the next scene is great for guys who like busty blondes. Rhylee has a great set of headlights that steal the spotlight as she shakes her hips and strips. When she stops teasing, she drops right down to the ground and starts sucking. This cock looks huge in her mouth as she just opens wide and lets him fuck her face for a while. When she isn’t sucking dick, Rhylee likes telling us how much she loves being fucked in the pussy. While riding his dick, she keeps screaming as he teases her asshole and slaps her big firm cheeks. In between positions she sucks the juices from his cock and damn near deep throats him this time. After getting fucked until she is out of breath, Rhylee drops back to her knees and takes a load on her face like a good slut.

Lacy Lee, Billy & Peter North

Lacy Lee is exceptionally pretty and looks great in jeans. Of course the jeans come off quickly so we have to suffer through (insert sarcasm font) the sight of her naked. She is easier to eat while nude of course and appreciates her boyfriend’s oral attention. This girl is really pretty, but it looks like her boobs are so brand spanking new that the scaring hasn’t even faded yet. Working her lips down his body, she opens wide and takes his cock into her mouth. Lacy is quite attractive with a dick in her mouth and makes great eye contact to boot. Right in the middle of the fun, Peter shows up and decides that three is even better than two when it comes to sex. Lacy now bobs her head from cock to cock, stroking each one as she makes them slide down her throat. There are some really great shots of her kneeling between the two dicks and sucking like she can’t get enough. Moving to the couch they get her going at both ends. Peter keeps her mouth full with the other guy fucks her from behind. Once they get going she stays buys pounding her hips back to take every inch. When she spreads wide and squat fucks in reverse cowgirl we get a great view of her hot body. Peter’s sizeable tool really makes her scream. The big double facial is the perfect way to finish things off. I think this might just be the hottest scene of the movie.

Dakota Brooks & Sergio

Sexy Dakota Brooks is making the most of her referee outfit. She insists on showing her boyfriend how to properly play with balls. She looks super cute with a dick in her mouth and locks her eyes on the camera for white hot POV fun. Letting the BJ go on forever wouldn’t be a bad idea. But he wants her on his lap and she seems to like a dick in her pussy. She spins around, showing off her shaved pussy and body art. Even without the ref uniform on, this girl looks like the sort that would make you follow rules. He bangs her hard from behind and she keeps looking back at the camera. As she is getting pounded she prepares herself for the big facial finish. Dakota is cute and finishes the movie on a high note.

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