Asa Akira is Insatiable 2

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Asa Akira is Insatiable 2
219 Mins
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Anal Sex, Gang Bang, DP, Double Anal, Facials, Rough Sex, Choking, Spitting, Bondage, Interracial Sex, Anal Sex, Huge Cocks,
STARS: Asa Akira, Katsuni, Lexington Steele, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Nacho Vidal


Last year Asa Akira turned up the heat with Asa Akira is Insatiable. The blistering hot gonzo title elevated her from top ten performer right to the top of the mountain. It featured a number of firsts and showed off the petite Asian beauty in a whole new light. Returning to the scene of the crime Asa is back for a second run with Mason and Elegant Angel. In Asa Akira is Insatiable 2 we get nearly four hours of the hottest girl in all of porn. It features the hardest sex of Asa’s career and some of the best scenes of 2011. The movie also includes interesting interview footage with Asa exploring her sexual fantasies, her experiences and her thoughts on each scenes. (From both movies.) Nacho Vidal fucks her in the opening scene. With strong B&D themes, slapping and easily her roughest anal to date, this one pushes the limits. It’s a really long scene with some incredible action. Lexington Steele is up next and he pounds the hell out of all of Asa’s tight holes. One of the best scenes of the year here. A pair of three-ways follow. First Asa takes two cocks at once for some ass gaping DP action. Then she shares Manuel Ferrara with Katsuni. The pleasant surprise in the latter is the way Katsuni‘s’ energy level is so high. It seems that they have brought out the best in her. The gang bang finale is fantastic. It’s a totally different vibe than her bang in the first movie. This one is pure hardcore gonzo nastiness with slapping, spitting, DP, double anal and one of the best rounds of face painting I have seen in a long time. Asa shines throughout this movie. She is beautiful, built for sex and has some much energy that I could go on and on. (Too late.) Look, you guys already know that I think she is the hottest performer in porn. But honestly, if this movie doesn’t push her over the top and into the winners’ circle then there is something seriously wrong. Asa Akira is Insatiable 2 is one of the best gonzo movies of 2011 and is a must-own for any Asa or hard core sex fan.

Asa Akira & Nacho Vidal

After changing into a sexy black color and some serious slutty make up, Asa is ready to be royally fucked. She stares at herself in the mirror, fastens the bit into her mouth and is the picture of submissive perfection. Nacho comes up behind her and tease her with his fingers. Her pussy creams all over her his and he feeds the juices to her. The action is intense and she is completely submissive to his desires. He shoves his cock down her throat until she can’t take any more. That doesn’t stop her from just holding it there with her pretty eyes staring into the camera. Moving her to the floor he spanks her pretty ass and then gives her a solid fucking from behind. To further show her obedience she sucks his foot while helping take off his pants. Her reward? Being gagged with his cocks and slam fucked from behind. The intensity picks up even more when he bangs her asshole, spanking her pretty cheeks while she stuffs her backdoor full of throbbing hard meat. The best looking footage comes when he gets her an anal full nelson, but they can only hold that position briefly. We have seen Asa do anal before, but I don’t think I have ever seen her so brutally butt banged before. (As always, she responds like she’s totally in love.) He finger fucks the hell out of her ass, driving her crazy and then slaps her around a bit. Things are a little too rough at times for my taste, but Asa seems to love it. The scene also goes on for nearly fifty minutes which is just too long for just about anyone. They finish with a great facial, but then he spits in her face to end things. The post-scene interview is very interesting. Asa talks about crying on camera, how submissive she is on camera and offers her insights into what makes her tick.

Asa Akira & Lexington Steele

The tease in this next scene is pure gonzo glamour. Beautifully shot and edited nicely to the music, it shows off every inch of Asa’s perfect body and makes us all want to spend the day licking peanut butter from her amazing ass. (Too specific? Maybe that’s just me.) Lex shows up with out any peanut butter, but with plenty of cock for Asa to enjoy. She drops to her knees and tries sucking that thing all the way to base. Even though she comes up a few inches short, Asa treats us to one hell of great looking BJ. Her hand action on the shaft is perfect and her face is so beautiful it hurts. Lex lifts her up and drops her down onto his long shaft. Asa holds on for dear life as she is impaled on his dark pole. Using more of that hand action she keeps him throbbing with her mouth in between positions. She mounts up in RCA and puts that tiny ass down onto his massive prick. Watching her take it is pretty amazing. It is just as snug in her hot little pussy. Nice ass shots here as she goes for cowgirl. Asa always provides the perfect combination of eye candy and awesome sexual intensity. When his cock isn’t in her ass, Asa stuffs her fingers back there to help fill both holes. She starts to work up a sweat and rams him back into her mouth on a position change. The last scene was rougher, but to me this one looks hotter and the energy is every bit as intense. Asa in doggy is always hot, but watching Lex slam her ass from behind while spanking her really is about as perfect as porn gets. He rolls her over for mish until he is ready to pull out and blow a huge load all over her face. Asa scoops the jizz up from her body and saves the flavor while rubbing her thoroughly fucked pussy.

Asa Akira, Toni Ribas & Mick Blue

For the next round of tease, Asa shows off her dance moves. She really knows how to move her body and once again the footage is beautifully shot and edited together perfectly. Asa ends up alone in a warehouse half naked. That sets her up for some three-way face fucking when Mick and Toni come in to do their worst. On her knees between the two men she sucks one and then the other. They make her crawl around, dragging her by the hair and spanking her pretty little ass. They split up, fucking her pussy and her mouth at the same time until her ass is ready. Toni moves around and fucks her ass, giving us a hard and enthusiastic DP. She sticks her ass high in the air to have it fucked solo for a while. This is even better looking footage because there is less in the way. Her ass is gaping huge after the continuous pounding these guys give her. Showing off her flexibility as well as her sexual energy, Asa takes a standing DP in a position that I don’t think I have ever seen before. As usual, my favorite shots of Asa come in RCA. She has her ass stuffed and those sexy legs up in the air so that she is totally on display. She gets down for some ass eating while being fucked but mounts right back up. This time she rams as many fingers into her pussy (from both hands) as it will take. They fuck her good and hard up against the wall, leaving her panting and waiting for the next cock. There is also a lot of slapping going on, but how can you are ague with a scene that ends with Asa’s pretty face getting decorated by two big loads of cum. She has it dribbling down her chin as she rubs off one last time.

Asa Akira, Katsuni & Manuel Ferrara

Asa and Katsuni arrive at a warehouse in lingerie, slip Manual a wad of cash and go to work. They have apparently enlisted his professional services and want to get their money’s worth. He chokes the girls while they kiss each other. With Asa on a makeshift leash (make from his belt) Katsuni tries to swallow the cock. An equal opportunity face fucker, Manuel moves from mouth to mouth with a smile. Katsuni is fucked first, taking it hard from behind while simultaneously slapping Asa across the face. The girls do a really nice job of sharing the dick with Katsuni shoving Asa’s pretty face down to make sure that enough meat is devoured. There is some really nice action here as Katsuni is about as hot and active as I have seen her in years. Watching her get pounded right next to Asa is truly a treat. Of course Asa is the star and she shines during cowgirl with Manuel finger fucking her ass and giving Katsuni some hand delivered A2M. The girls put their faces together for the popshot and then share a very sticky kiss.

Asa Akira Gang Bang

After last time, Asa is going to have to really do something special to top her gang bang. The tease on top of the building is pretty good, but that’s nothing compared to what waits for her inside. She gets started immediately, dropping to her knees while she is surrounded by cock. We have been watching her for nearly three hours and yet there is still something fresh and hot about this little bundle of perfection as she moves from dick to dick. The guys smack her face with their meat and she treats each one of them like they are her favorite. When she isn’t choking on cock, Asa lets the guys know just how much she loves every inch that they give her. The guys work every hole she has and it doesn’t seem to matter at all to her which one they pick. There is some fantastic DP footage, but honestly I like it better when there is one cock in her ass so we can see her pretty pussy and ore of her body. (RCA anyone? Fuck yeah!) When one dick just isn’t enough, the guys give her two in the ass at the same time. Double anal in on the menu, so is choking done by Toni Ribas’ feet. They throw everything at her but the kitchen sink and Asa just keeps rolling along. She takes three at a time, gets throat fucked, slapped and fucked raw in every hole. It’s exhausting just watching her. The cumshots start and Asa fingers herself like crazy as load after load gets dumped onto her face. She is covered and still has her mouth wide open for more. The cum flows for several minutes and she just plays with it savoring the flavor while waiting for more. I truly believe she could have kept going for a long time after this.

Bonus: Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Web Site Info

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One Response to “Asa Akira is Insatiable 2”

  1. Jim says:

    Rog: I appreciate your reviews and share your assessment of Asa Akira as the hottest girl in porn. I find her stunning if not stupifying – from her eyes to her smile to her perfect body, skin tone and pear shaped ass combined with her sexual appetite she is porn perfection. Having been a regular porn consumer since the advent of VCR’s she is held to a standard with a high baseline. Asa, however is not flawless. She has serious acne that is well concealed with proper makeup and lighting so that when properly photographed she is as stunning as any cover model.

    Being that all porn is based on the fantasy of the consumer I am disturbed by a growing trend of what I call – F’ng to Failure or FTF. That is the point at which a porn scene no longer entertains the fantasy and some ugliness shines through. When the performers are spat upon and their makeup is smeared or removed entirely and their cosmetic failings are exposed the scene becomes less appealing for my money so I stop watching scenes shot by those shooters, e.g. Rob Black, Mason and others who seem to think that they are portraying sexual energy by stripping down the performs to some degrading level of barrenness. If they are going to portray the performer in that light why use makeup at all? Why not just show the performer during the tease, set up and boxcover shots sans makeup?

    And why in your reviews do you relate that Asa is taking a shot on her “Beautiful Face” when she has her mascara running down her face and a raw case of acne and welts on her chin and lumps on her forehead in glaring macro focus? Do you really enjoy this?

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