Fighters (Blu-Ray)

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Roger T. Pipe

It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Overall Rating [11/12]
Female Looks [10/12]
Male Looks [10/12]
Picture Quality [12/12]
Extras [7/12]
Plot Acting [11/12]
Sex [9/12]

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177 Mins
Digital Playground
THEMES: Drama, Blondes, Rich Girls, Athletic Sex
STARS: Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Stoya, Bibi Jones, Riley Steele, Vicki Chase, Erik Everhard, Tommy Gunn, Scott Nails, Charles Dera, Manuel Ferrara, Toni Ribas, Ramon Nomar, Marco Rivera


At this time of year we expect companies to release their big award-caliber movies. It’s just part of the seasons changing out here in SoCal. So when Digital Playground held “Fighters” until now, expectations were understandably high. It’s got a huge cast, plenty of hype and the DP girls have been trumpeting it for a while now. With the bar set this high, it would be easy for a movie to come up short. I am pleased to say that Fighters not only doesn’t fall short, it actually exceeds expectations on every level. It is brilliant shot by Robby D. The sex scenes are tight and well lit of course. The training and fight scenes are well done also. Even the dialog scenes are spot on, gritty, emotionally taught and perfect. The story, revolving around two troubled young women from different sides of the tracks, is emotionally engaging, very well acted and honestly one of the better XXX scripts in recent memory. So if you like story-driven adult movies you can stop here and just grab your copy. Those of you who also happen to like hot chicks and great sex may want to stick around to see how that end measure up. In a word, just fucking fine. The DP girls help assure the eye candy factor is hard. Leads Jesse Jane and Kayden Kross are fantastic. They are stunning to look at and both handle their roles perfectly. Best Actress nods for both women would not be out of the question. They also shine sexually. Kayden gets pounded hard by Manuel Ferrara and then has an energetic workout with Charles Dera. Jesse’s romp with Scott Nails proves that she can take big cock as well as anyone in the business. Stoya gets busy twice, showing off her lovely body and sexual energy. She also plays a complex character who is incredibly kind to Kayden, but ruthless when it suits her. Bibi Jones drops in for one quick scene and Vicki Chase is very hot in her effort. The sex scenes are well shot and hot though they still fall into the “OK for couples” category. No double anal or bukkake scenes to get in the way. I liked the sex and loved the script. I know that this is the time for award bait, but right now “Fighters” is as good an adult feature as I have seen in 2011.

Bibi Jones & Tommy Gunn

Tommy is unhappy that Bibi Jones is late and sneaks her into his apartment hurriedly. No time for small talk as he goes down on her. To say she looks good enough to eat is an understatement and that is exactly what Tommy does, working his tongue on her lower lips until the juices are really flowing. Bibi knows what to do next, kneeling and taking his cock into her mouth. When it won’t quite fit, she licks him up and down to get a good lather going before jerking him off. Tommy rolls her onto her side Tommy rolls her into spoon and lets the young blonde show off her awesome body. Love the leg shots here as Tommy grabs one of her feet and just keeps on pounding. He pulls out and shoots all over her belly.

Riley Steele & Ramon Nomar

Somewhere across town Riley Steele is keeping busy with Ramon. He bends her over and licks her beautiful little pussy from behind. Riley is so fucking hot. Nice close ups here. In return Riley uses her pretty mouth on his cock. When it’s too big to fit, she uses both hands to keep the spit working all sides of his meat. He lifts her up and slides her body down over his cock in some face to face standing fucking that will surely get your heart pumping. Bending over the bed, the pretty blonde looks back over her shoulder and encourages him to take what he needs. Riley gets on top and shows off her ass. She loves fucking and every few minutes stops to taste her pussy on his lucky dick. He ends up leaving his load all over her pretty little pussy before kicking her out.

Kayden Kross & Manuel Ferrara

Celebrating her birthday, Kayden decides to take Manuel into a back bedroom for some private time. They argue over her choice of physical activities. Apparently boxing doesn’t fit in with the country club lifestyle he has envisioned for them. IT isn’t entirely clear who wins the argument, but he gets to fuck her and that makes Manuel the winner in my book. Kayden straddles him naked and rubs his cock on her before sliding down to take it in her mouth. The look on her face is priceless as she teases and licks the cock in between rather deep strokes. Manuel doesn’t waste any time when he is in control, rolling Kayden into spoon and power fucking her pussy. I love Kayden’s legs so the reverse cowgirl shots really work for me. She spreads those long stems and squats on him like she can’t wait to milk every drop from his balls. Turning over she enjoys his fingers in her asshole as his big dick mercilessly pounds her tight hole. Returning to his crotch, she sucks his sack while Manuel jerks off. This sets the stage for a nice big load all over that pretty face. Kayden is pretty damn and this scene proves that in a big way.

Stoya & Erik Everhard

Finding another private room at the party, Stoya gets her turn with a boy toy. Erik quickly helps her out of her black dress, exposing her pale skin as he eats her furry love box. She clearly enjoys his skills and creams all over his tongue and cumming on his fingers. Erik slides right into her pussy from there, giving her a couple of warm up strokes before going full force into her waiting hole. He chokes her while fucking in spoon, pistoning away while she squeals with delight. They are well into the scene before she stops long enough to stuff his throbbing prick into her mouth and suck it clean. The BJ is short, but energetic. Even better is the way Erik mounts up behind her and fucks Stoya doggy style. The shots here are perfect and he ends up spraying her back and ass with his load.

Vicki Chase & Erik Everhard

Vicki Chase‘s aunt works for Kayden’s family. That puts her in the house to help Kayden find her way and also lands her right in the middle of some kinky play. Stoya catches her checking out Erik and insists that the sexy young Latina get a taste. After he warms her up, Erik introduces Vicki to his cock. She loves sucking it so much that she gets wet even as his balls bounce against her chin. I love her energy here. Erik rubs her pussy to make sure it’s wet before he slides it in. Once he is inside all bets are off and he goes for the full speed ahead approach. He flips her over and drills her from behind. Vicki is very cute with a hot little ass. In between positions she tastes herself to keep things fun. Erik grabs her throat a big during the reverse cowgirl, but spends most of his effort holding her legs straight up for some really hot camera angles. They finish up with a great shot all over her face.

Jesse Jane & Scott Nails

This is an edgy film so you would expect there to be some less than cherry set ups for the sex. That said, watching Jesse go from a tearful confrontation with her father (Tommy Gunn) straight into a full on fuck session with Scott Nails is a big jarring. They make use of the ring after a long passionate kiss. Jesse spreads her thighs and grabs the ropes as Scott works his tongue deep into her folds. She gets wet quickly and he is able to slide right in for a few strokes. Following the pattern we have seen throughout the movie, Jesse pulls his cock from her pussy and sucks it clean. Great BJ as always from Jesse. She turns around and gets rammed really hard from behind before once again polishing his dick with her mouth. There is some really good reverse cowgirl footage with Jesse riding hard and bouncing up and down. They finish up with a big load shot all over her pretty face. Emotional roller coaster aside, this is a very hot scene with a fantastic finish.

Kayden Kross & Charles Dera

Things aren’t any cheerier on the other side of the tracks. Kayden has her own tears to sex moment with her trainer. She cries, they kiss and then she goes after his cock with her mouth. She is beautiful and uses her hands perfectly. Great looking BJ here that includes some really long shots of her entire body as she bobs up and down. He reaches down and fingers her pussy, making sure that the juices are flowing. They get into spoon where we once again get to see Kayden’s lovely legs and beautiful tits. Charles bends her over and makes sure she gets a serious doggy workout. I don’t know what kind of a fighter Kayden will turn out to be, but she is a very high energy fuck here. Charles enjoys it and then pulls out just in time to shoot his load on her hips and pussy. Great eye candy, but a whole lot more.

Stoya & Toni Ribas

Stoya meets Vicki’s boyfriend and wants a piece. Reminding the poor young thing of her tryst with Erik and threatening to expose it if Vicki doesn’t send her man back to the locker room for some fun. Stoya gets her mouth on Toni’s cock and enjoys every throbbing inch. He gets her going with finger play and then lets Stoya mount up and ride. Is it possible that Stoya is even paler these days? She works her pussy all the way down his cock. Toni gets a little rough with her, dragging her into doggy on the bench and spanking her ass until we can see his handprint in pink on her milky white butt. They go for standing doggy and then he pushes her down to the ground to finish what she started. Stoya sucks and jerks until he explodes right into her mouth. Not letting a drop escape she smiles, swallows and then cleans off his still throbbing cock.

Bonus: BTS, Bloopers, Deleted Scenes, Gallery, Slide Show

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